l, Hatano momentum instantly shorter half.

  Jiang Rou hum, sample, quarrel with me?
  Her hands ring chest, jaw jutted: “Anyway, you obediently listen to the words of his wife, sister pain you have had a chance blanket.”
  She said, fell on the grin, it is natural to reach out and pull her 北京夜网arms Hatano.
  After all, in modern and sister were buddies, but this habit again.
  Who knows, Qin Ye reaction was great jump back open, so pull up empty ginger Rou.
  Gangster angry: “a good talk, do hands and feet!”
  Then he has a guilty conscience to the study looked outside, I looked at did not have a little rest assured foreign talent.
  Jiang Rou down-hearted, she will stick close up households, and that letter from the instruments is in front of the burned face Hatano.
  Hatano thin lips moved, amber phoenix eye and swayed Zhuoliang Spark, ginger Rou as if lit from more than instruments and, along with his heart some hidden, secretly pleased, ineffable little idea ignited together.
  Spark a touch, then start a prairie fire.
  Finally, heavy rain are not extinguished, out of control.
  ”you.”Young pointed ears inexplicable bit hot, he unconsciously reached for cover the next, watching the sparkling ginger Rou eye,” tube tube east west, annoying!”
  Mouth that is “annoying”, but the tone is cheerful and so how are not hidden.
  Even quietly brought back the mouth also pressure does not go.
  Jiang Rou looked at him, full of happy teenage Yanshao hav淡水桑拿e overflowed, like honey water bubbling grunt, sip a little bit, it is sweet.
  Her eyes slowly softened, croon or two, a few days ago that a twisted foot stretched it out to him: “My feet hurt.”
  Hatano Xiangyebuxiang to say: “I went to the doctor!”
  Rou ginger rub the paper group hit him: “No, and I want you to give me rub.”
  Such a thing, it is difficult Gangster.
  In the past we do not know how to get along with other people’s Shusao, unbridled close it when.
  But now I know that he is in any case not dare to go beyond the rules.
  Ginger c

e living room watching a file, renowned for his son to teach in, opening asked.

  ”Ah, back, Dad, how do you come back so early today?”Pei杭州桑拿 Naochun strange mind, he made a big effort in Peizheng Xiong who is attentive serve, vexatious, Shaoyang have jointly carried out multiple operations with Bo, from the other side managed to become a workaholic work and rest combined, but this is also a top day weekend a good rest, do not care, or often working overtime, had only seven or eight points after a home.
  Peizheng Xiong did not answer, for the question: “You do not play it together today and Lao Zheng?”
  Pei Naochun suspiciously looked at his father, trying to get it implies insignificance from Bo: “Just not seen for a long time, find a place to talk, so much on the back.”
  Pei Zhengxiong drink some water, and asked: “how not come back out to eat?”
  ”I want to eat home-cooked meals.”Pei Naochun answered carefully, always feel that there is a trap.
  ”that.You us都市夜网ed to do those Nightlife?Always time to go home now, is not too boring?This is a long time to eat at home, eat a good meal out.”
  ”Noon, when I do not eat out all right?”Pei Naochun doubts.
  Pei Zhengxiong sent did not blurt out by midday why he hold back, then continued interest Xiaohe: “Dad this is not it concern you?Afraid you come back every day to take care of my old man bored.”
  ”.”The most terrible soft knife grinding meat, rare are caring face of his father, Pei Naochun is uncomfortable, he stepped back two steps, guard looked at his father,” Dad, you have something to say.”
  He added: “I’m not with you, I was called back and Shaoyang.”That point also with components of gas Peizheng Xiong, who return home on time from work and other daily Peizheng Xiong, the other party was also worried about overtime forgot to tim深圳桑拿网e, just to deal with trouble dinner.
  ”I do not care about you.?”Pei Zhengxiong choking heartless son, then glowered at a glance.
  ”.I would not be concerned not.”But, you can also come as a surpr

ating in the share of households and paste from the book 佛山桑拿网and put in front of him.

  Hatano Yaran, followed by second thoughts and a Ming Wu.
  And from instruments and household paste, are they been in the hands of Jiang Rou!
  Gangster was silent for a while, his eyes fell on and off the instrument, and whispered: “Tomorrow I personally brought the town hall to find Yasi.”
  ”Popping” Jiang Rou a slap shot from the instruments and on: “give you the opportunity you gave me to withdraw the word go!”
  Qin Ye Min Zhaochun, distinguished from the head, like a stubborn cow.
  Jiang Rou fan start, kept muttering: “No gas, no gas, I’m not angry, I might it not strange gas!”
  She fried, these days she has been cold with him, since he is to make a wish to understand the results of this dog Gangster does not hit the south wall of the back!
  Aggressive girl stood in front of wild Qin: “Look at me!Hatano I tell you clearly white, I even told you poured out a!”
  Hearing this, Qin Ye turned to go.
  Rou Jiang grabbed his right hand and would not let him go.
  Gangster ran out, the little girl squatting on the ground was dragged, it looks like the two are both funny and childish.
  Hatano blushed, he stared ginger Rou, su杭州桑拿论坛ddenly stood that no more.
  Jiang Rou wheezing sound stand up, rely on Hatano: “I do not care what people say, I do not care how others look, I’m your sister, like sister your mother, your mother even went to the same tube with your sister!”
  She who is not high, only to Hatano shoulder a bit too much momentum drop, ginger Rou literally tiptoe, he flicked his neck, spared the trappings of majesty.
  Qin Ye look askance at her, and it lasts it is angry, and sneered: “I have no control over my mother!”
  Jiang Rou him is true, take the little finger poked his chest, said: “I was in charge of!Do you dare cross and from instruments that matter, tonight I went to your brother grave cry!I can not cry for you, you take the chain lock me cry, cry you bite my neck!”
  Caught a pigtai

one scattered, and so next time.

  Wen nine also stood up, stretched.
  She finished this action, to react, he was landing surface when the beam o北京夜网论坛f the children to do, the action seems to have some indecent.
  Wen nine was going to say something, this time, I saw the counter next to, there was a commotion.Read the latest chapter please pay attention to micro signal: rdww444

  433 future boss

  It turned out just when Lu Liang Wen nine with two people dialogue, the door came a pair of master and servant.
  The host family is a Father, wearing a dark brown cloud brocade robe child, left a leaflet on crutches Tan do, probably sixty or seventy years, of medium height, slightly fat, white hair and beard, face looks very nice, but eyes actually slightly revealing a little dignity, the people who exudes a noble temperament.
  Father followed around servants, also wearing extraordinary temperament.
  County there are few such figures, Wang treasurer is understand the times, look都市兔兔 at this unfamiliar Father, you see the momentum of his unusual, he felt he should be out of town, perhaps the capital to the big shot or perhaps, dare neglect, quickly stepped forward to personally greet.
  It turned out that Father is to blindly buy medicine, called Salvia pill.
  This medicine is the treatment of cardiovascular disease, the store just out of stock.
  Wang dispensers do not want to offend the Father, thinking about whether to recommend a similar role to give him medicine.
  ”Keguan, Salvia pill just sold out, but we have blindly store musk ginseng pills, is almost the same effect.”
  After that Father listened, he shook his head: “No.”
  His followers in the side explained: “My lord eat Salvia pill easy to use.”
  Since it is so, then treasurer king can only say sorry, then the.
  Father ne

even in acid rain, will not consider Nguyen plum fruit to spit it out, otherwise it is a disgrace.

  Bai Qi Chen’s funny to see, obviously all sour little face are wrinkled together, but still that is not fooling acid.
  He suddenly got up a little teasing mind, “acid it?”
  ”No sour!”Nguyen rain teeth are chattering, stubborn says.
  In fact, red plum really is not sour, but at noon, when she ate too many green plum fruit, has teeth on edge,
  This will eat plum fruit when natural or sour, but she forgot the self Erque.
  Bai Qi Chen’s eyes with a smile, he did not hesitate to put in the hands of plum fruit stuffed into the mouth and face, click, bang, chew, Nguyen rain was shocked, she quickly explained, “Do not ah!You eat the red fruit, green is very sour!”Looked at it looks, Chen wished for white from the inside of the mouth to spit plum fruit.
  Bai Qi Chen, but rarely shook his head, “not sour!”He’s been a long time did not taste深圳桑拿 reaction, but rare in the green plum fruit into the mouth of that moment, felt a hint of very light sour Italy, but for the white from Chen, this is already a great surprise.
  Nguyen rain eyes wide open, some do not believe, “Really???”
  Chen ranging from white answer, she said to herself, “a lie!”
  She noon to eat so much green plum fruit, which teeth on edge, and know that this is a natural acid is not plum acid.
  But looking at chewing, breathing white plum fruit from Chen, his face no trace of reluctance, Nguyen felt rain seemed unkind, she said seriously, “not ripe plum fruit, now a little sour, if you are like to eat then, my family and other fruit trees are ripe plum later, I send you red plum fruit can be sweet!”
  Bai Qi Chen eyebrows, and from there to pick up a basket out, “I like this kind astringent fruit!”Ripe杭州桑拿洗浴 sweet fruit, he ate not be able to feel the taste, but added that sour fruit just right.
  He said the word went behind a man wearing a flowered shirt, pimps, like Kaka Lo laugh out, “White Nine, which you taste some stran

burning breath, he asked: “Do you want to kiss me?”

Chapter 64
  White qu上海419论坛ilt thin, light transmitted through the sheets, Don Crisp clearly see the dark side of Yanjing Yang with eyes in longing, I looked at her eyes very bright.
  Don Crisp hand slightly against his chest, he too close, covered with hot breath, hot days, also wrapped in the quilt, she was unbearably hot.
  ”Your head will hurt, a good rest.”Fingers slightly curved forward, do not know the reasons for not too stuffy, she felt a little heavy breathing.
  Rare girl has promised with him, and Yanjing Yang’s hot heart was not, and now the whole body reveals a sparse cool effort, where Guan Dele problem by not injured, he just wanted to exercise power boyfriend of the moment, straining to kiss her!
  Before each kiss her, he is to play games, but only so a few times, he found his heart and liver are too rare pain.Now he is her boyfriend,广州桑拿 he was eager to kiss her.
  Damn, he could not take the initiative to pro-Tang cakes, she can only beg, cajole lured her own pro.
  ”I just want you to kiss me now.”
  Yanjing Yang honest was not, “Don Crisp, you kiss me, or I can not sleep tonight.”
  She’s such a tender life and life, lying with him, in his arms, but also soft soft, he Gouz苏州桑拿论坛hao.Smell the aroma of her warm, he was a little weak, but increasingly taut body hard.
  Yanjing Yang Sentimental handsome face to her getting in the way, a little shy Don Crisp.
  ”kiss Me?”His voice was hoarse unique juvenile developmental stages.
  Alice dense black long eyelashes quivering, Don crisp reached over and cupped over his handsome face, he looked Sentimental looks, she sip Min Chun, a little nervously, facing his thin lips kissed.
  ”not enough.”
  Amid the girl’s palm is soft, lips are gently touched a little, Yanjing Yang felt his heart would burst the cakes too.
  Very satisfied, but not satisfied, he feels he has not tasted the sweet flavor of Don Crisp, there is no.
  Don crisp shiny Heimou was stained a bit shy, she kissed.

the cigarette to extinguish it, took her and sat beside her, pointing to her left leg calf, “really hurt, really thought lie to you, just to the point of manufacture atmosphere, let you in building The next encounter reporter, can show more real.”

  Shen Yu:.
  Du assistant quickly stepped上海夜网 forward added: “Miss downstairs did very well, crying my heart pulling up.”
  Shen Xiao around her, smiled and asked: “I cried?I see the eyes are not red yet?”
  Shen Yu pushed him very close to the face, said: “I think it looks Du assistant, you guess nothing serious, just a little free play.”
  Shen Xiao whispered with a smile, he boasts: “Awesome, two years show no white school.”
  Uncle Li heard at a loss in the side, waited a long time to figure out the situation, but still worried and asked: “You’re all right, Mr.?Let me see your leg.”
  Shen Xiao said: “Nothing, just minor injuries.”Then, he opened his legs, I saw his whole leg are wrapped up in gauze.
  Shen Yu:.
  Uncle Li:.
  Shen Yu angrily said: “all wrapped into the case, said that it was a small injury?Is not fracture?”
  Uncle Li shook his head, “Sir, you can not take the pa南宁桑拿ce ah!”
  Du assistant in the side of her mouth laughing.
  Shen Xiao awkwardly cleared his throat, hands went to the demolition of gauze, put Shen Yu surprised, “do not touch ah!How do encounter wounds?”
  Shen Xiao said: “do not split out to see you, how to make you believe I’m fine?”
  Shen Yu agile action to see him, even if his feet bent up, brow did not frown, this skeptical to see if he removed the gauze.
  Shen Xiao white gauze around the calf around and around, dressing very delicate, so the solution down to is trouble, the anti-around for a long time, just like the women of ancient bindings like.
  When he finally removed the gauze, with Uncle Li Shen Yu quickly went closer inspection, he simply position the next point on the knee, straight and close to another small piece of gauze.
  Shen Xiao small gauze decisively opened, allow杭州夜网论坛ing two people to see i

gate, rusty edge, the sound of branches issued when forced open, open that moment, inside is a black Pei Naochun react, I am sorry to the right hand side of the master control gate, a gate to control power up a push and saw all the lights, give all open in a few seconds, just yet dark, badly warehouse, suddenly brightened up, “Welcome, you are the first person to visit this museum.”

  Huang Pei Shaoyang just some of the light of God, can not help but blinked, then see the whole picture in front of his fairly well-informed, can be seen in the collection of their father, can not help but mouth open.
  Warehouse choices are simi南宁桑拿lar exhibition spotlight, each position of top, all around the special lights, lamps in the car, can be clearly shown that the color, detail, each vehicle is placed on the circular base, Pei Shaoyang I guess it should be able to rotate, outside the car comes with a pretty extravagant transparent cover, is too 杭州龙凤论坛close to the glass or plastic material, inside the car looks very new, no dust.
  Put each vehicle position is also very particular about the middle of the distance seem to have been measured before, not much, but a lot of OCD patients were friendly, Pei Shaoyang Wang Litou looked to see the individual as well as the surrounding car around the fence, seems worried about being near.
  Pei Naochun back of the hand behind his back, facing his son, raised an eyebrow: “how, your dad’s collection also good?”He waited for his son’s praise.
  ”not bad.”Pei Shaoyang do not know why, see Dad like this can not help but want to pour a bucket of cold water, in fact, far more than is good, this warehouse has been like a rough version of the museum.
  Pei Naochun did not get praise, first, and the memory of the original body of the car is very clear, 广州桑拿网talking about automobile knowledge, clearly and logically.
  He pointed to the left of the bike: “It was when I did not get the license, secretly use the money to buy, the price is not high, that is, ordinary cars

n water, do not grunt cooling down.

  Brush in his hand, because of Muqing Yao and waving exceptionally hard.
  Jiang Rou sight and move back to the Qin Ye who, careless teenager, there did not look forward to what point.
  Kim Yu Ming and compared, got the idea that he was actually not the slightest appeara杭州夜网论坛nce.
  Behind his ginger Rou, she is not too high expectations for Gangster?
  In fact, big brother simply was a lack of love of two teenagers?!
  Author has to say: Gangster: Keke, I can teach you to write every word again!
  Ginger Rou:.

Chapter 61 you give me a squeeze
  In the past few days two chiefs repeated scrutiny, to send his wife back to the village Qiluo do plan another plan, be sure to do without flaws, must not allow the villagers joke ginger Rou is repudiation back!
  So Gangster want a few nights, decorative Rou Jiang from the carriage to the head, face costumes, one by one would like to have it again!
  We must be the best!
  You must be the most beautiful!
  Qiluo go wandering around the village, let everyone take a look at his wife he was sent back respectfully!
  Then put people back to the floor flowers, Meteors 北京风月网indentured servant in his hands, people give sister, she used to use the.
  Feng Qing is do not fly, he had to put his wife to pack up living room!
  Gangster thought for a talk, suddenly react on the fourth day, the town hall of Yasi over there and did not even send the instrument back from!
  Gangster anxiety, and a Trustee of深圳桑拿网 the town hall to ask, get back is, the last few days and did not require approval from the instrument goes off India.
  So, his share from the instruments and gone?
  Gangster absent most of the day, wondering otherwise lost himself to write a?But his wife’s family posted missing was the key!
  Jiang Rou sit and watch big brother irritability, trance to see him carrying on when the ink stone tea to her mouth, she had just let him continue to eat the rest of the lessons of mind.
  That evening, she called the man a small study, flo

strenuous exercise, therefore, will be leaving so much blood, and flow more.Want to see the latest chapter of the book can not be found?Keke Well, this is not the thing, recommended a public number, here you have a little sister to help find the latest chapter, embarrassed to talk with you!Micro-channel heat network search [text] or rdww444

  606 I believe you

  Xiao Yu’s blood running down his arm, all the way down the stream, and soon, IX and warm handshake part Hsiao horseman, was to soak up blood.
  Blood was wet and sticky, slippery, so that two people had clasped hands began to loosen up.
  Nine have been so warm, one arm hanging by one arm strength, propped her whole body.
  Although she was not a weak woman prettily, after all, you can physically overpower a man, her weight plus cloth南宁夜网es, there are a hundred pounds, a hundred kilos this whole one arm hanging against her, warm nine already exhausted, and now she and Xiao Yu hands of two people, but more and more loose, did not hold.
  To be honest, warm nine and want to die, alive and well, who would die of it?
  But something to this point, as if God were not willing to let her live like.
  ”Xiao Marshal, you let go of it!”Wen nine felt, now is God to take her life, she did not want to hurt Xiao Yu.
  She knew now that Xiao Yu also clenched teeth off in supporting.
  Torn wounds on the shoulder blade, was painful!
  His wound has been bleeding!
  ”No, I will not let go!Wen Nine, you pay close attention to this handsome!”Xiao Yu deep voice, warm in the head nine rings, at the same time, he tightly gripped hands warm nine, although two people were covered with palm blood viscosity, but did not intend to Xiao Yu to let go of meaning.
  And he spoke of nine warm, even with the co杭州龙凤网mmand weekdays from soldiers talking to