He mumbled in his mouth for a long time and then gulped down I won’t

I smiled. You can’t compete with strength?
He put the wine bowl straight up that can be
I greeted Pang Gan and asked him to prepare a rope to introduce the simple rules of the game to everyone before taking it out. This is a purely physical exercise. I call it tug of war …
Zhang Benqi said, Isn’t this called a hook in Jingxiang?
Gan Ning also nodded I have heard of it.
I touched my nose. Who knew there would be a tugofwar at this time …
However, I quickly recovered and pointed to Dian Wei. This is my life for the warrior Dian Wei. From now on, I will be a guard. Today, this hook is not only for everyone to entertain after dinner, but also for everyone to know Dian Wei’s strength. I looked around and smiled. Does anyone want to try their hand?
I’ll go first! A teenager jumped out of the crowd, but it was Jia Mu.
Hey, hey, Jia Xu couldn’t help but drink. You don’t weigh yourself!
I ha ha smiled the key is to participate! Dian Wei, don’t hurt him. This is my little brother Jia Mu.
Oh! Dian Wei nodded his head and held the rope in his right arm. His left hand motioned for Jia Mu to get ready.
Jia Mu was so angry that he pulled the rope in his arm and shouted, Please!
Two people at the same time!
See Dian Wei’s right hand jerked back Jia Mu directly became a gourd ladle loud gurgling rolled to the soles of Jia Xu’s feet.
Jia Xu hurriedly bent over to pull his own son up to check the injury. Fortunately, I told Dian Wei to show mercy.
It’s terrible! Jia Mu grinned while rubbing his shoulders. Brotherinlaw, you have great strength, but it’s never so terrible!
I already admitted it in my heart …
The second challenger of Learning One in Ganning jumped into the ring.
I probably feel that Gan Ning exudes temperament. Dian Wei’s eyes seem to have become sharp. Please!
Two people at the same time power rope in half tight tight up unexpectedly deadlocked for a moment.
However, everyone can see the advantages and disadvantages. Gan Ning’s face is flushed, and the blue veins on his forehead and neck are exposed, while Dian Wei gives people a feeling that he can exert strength at any time in his leisure.
Dian Wei turned to ask me, Do I have to leave my hand?
I was taken aback. Gan Ning over there can hum from his nose, and there is no room for his mouth.
So I immediately announced the result, The outcome has been divided. Let both sides let go.
Dian Wei obediently let go of the rope. Gan Ning moved with a red seal. His hands grew a sigh and bowed to Dian Wei. A strong man is better than Gan Ning!
Dian Wei nodded. Who else?
The words sound just fell and two people jumped off the field at the same time.
Qin Zhen!
Tuoba Ye!’
Two warriors covered in alien blood cast a glance at each other. Tuoba Ye took a step back. Brother Bohu, come first?
No need! Dian Wei smiled heroically, Let’s go together!
Qin array and Tuoba Ye eyes suddenly lit up like a fire.
62 days first melee Jia
Qin array Tuoba Ye is very tacitly formed. Qin array is in front and Tuoba Ye is behind.
Two people will rope firmly wrapped around the right arm pad in the rear Tuoba Ye even wrapped around the waist for two turns.
Dian Wei, on the other hand, is as restless as before, but it gives people a feeling of calm as a towering mountain.
Please! Three people almost different mouth.
The rope leaps in an instant and stretches straight like a javelin.
Qin Tuoba Ye already knows that Dian Wei’s divine power is far from being comparable, so at first hand, he is trying to go without reservation.
These two men have come to be outstanding brave men. At this time, two enemies are making another effort. Even though they are conceited, Dian Wei has to put aside his contempt and show an extremely concentrated attitude
The rope moved unsteadily after a brief stalemate.
One is to move Dian Wei in the direction of Qin array and Tuoba Ye, and his feet are pulled forward to move half a step.
Then Dian Wei sank the rope and was slowly pulled back by him.
Then ….. Three people deadlocked in situ again.
Dian Wei’s face has turned purple and the two opponents opposite are even more embarrassed.
桑拿Good … I coughed and was about to persuade three people to stop at the right time.
Boom in the hall froze in half a rope, and there was no sign of interruption!
Three contestants, who were still nursing one second ago, were suddenly thrown by great inertia and fell to their respective rear.
Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye, two sworn brothers, huddled together and rolled slowly.
Dian Wei was influenced by his weight and even retreated a dozen paces, and finally sat down heavily on the ground.
All right, all right! I waved my hand and patted the dust off and coughed and walked over. Has Dian Wei’s bravery been proved enough?
Cheng Yu nodded, General Tuoba of Qin joined hands to tie the score, showing his extraordinary courage.
Really brave Lu Bu gave a rare praise.
Dian Wei eyes immediately fixed on his body no longer wavered, but also stuffy way dare to ask for advice.
Lyu3 bu4 hum a look actually want to get up and anger beat Dian Wei.
Lu Lingqi hurriedly took Torre and explained to Dian Wei that my father is seriously injured and it is inconvenient to start work at present.
Dian Wei, do you know who he is? I asked with a smile at the corner of my mouth
I don’t know Dian Wei shook his head.
He is Wuyuan Lu Bu! I wonder how he will react.
Seeing that Dian Wei’s face showed a very disdainful expression, he left the pie mouth. He is not a competent defender.
Although I was surprised, I immediately grabbed Lu Bu’s anger and explained, Dong Zhuo is undoubtedly a chaotic tyrant. Can anyone blame him for his death? To kill him first is to comply with destiny, and to protect him is to help.
Dian Wei didn’t speak but Lu Bu’s face didn’t develop in a more ugly direction.
I smiled. If you think there is no difference between Dong Zhuo and me later, you can stab me with a knife, but … I hope not behind my back.
Dian Wei finally had a reaction, and he nodded.
Hey, hey … I raised my eyebrows. That’s all I’m saying. You’re going to be a real headache!
He still nodded.