Passengers and friends, Jinling, the end of the train, is coming. Please take your carryon luggage with you …

When the train announcer sounded like a stereo for thousands of years, Lu Zhan brought Xia Lingyao’s luggage home and put it in front of him. He told a few people who had just put away their playing cards to prepare the car.
He didn’t know that there were many people rushing to his train at the same time and on the same day.
A group of young people left the airport shuttle bus. The biggest one among the first few people seemed to be twentyfourfive, but except for the third one, everyone else packed a lot of things, which seemed to be going on a voyage.
These people are wearing a unified green team with the letter ZG printed on it. If anyone likes to watch lpl league, you can recognize these two letters here as the ZG team logo.
And the color of the team can also show what the top teams in China are, the ghost black team RG red team Huoyun purple team and ZG is green.
This is the expedition to the United States. After the wg, the ZG team members rushed to fly abroad without much time to rest. Before adapting to foreign life, they wanted to adjust to ls North America a few months before the start of the game, and this trip probably won’t come back for the New Year.
The leader of the team is naturally Meng Changjun. He took the lead and walked into Terminal 2 of Pudong Airport. Compared with others packing in the team, he didn’t carry anything. He felt that it was enough to bring his own hands.
After changing the boarding pass, Meng Changjun took out his mobile phone and looked at it. There was still an hour before the flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles started. They still had some time to clean up. He looked back at his teammates and two team managers.
Mr. Yue and Mr. Li are almost here! Meng Changjun said deeply
General Yue nodded, knowing that this time these children would cross the ocean for a journey that they had never had in their lives.
This is the first time that the national sports team has sent lpl players abroad for gold plating. He doesn’t know whether this decision is correct or not, but he hopes that this precious experience will bring something new when Meng Changjun and others come back.
We will come back after half a year! Meng Changjun said again that after saying this sentence, he walked to the security line without looking back, and his teammates looked back and took their things and followed his footsteps.
They didn’t notice that one of them moved quietly when they entered the security team.
The man had long hair and smelled like a ruffian. When he saw Meng Changjun, he frowned and immediately came out of his team and ran to another team.
This is the special security channel for international flights. The man is holding a ticket and it says Go to Seoul, South Korea, while the name of his ticket ID card is Zhou Changye.
Many people don’t know the name of Zhou Changye, but he has a famous game ID in League of Legends called Night Wandering God!
After falling out with the Huoyun team, the night watchman finally chose his own path, not to stay in the country and continue to develop, but to go to South Korea. He received an invitation from a team of ogn in the Korean League to take the lead in ad.
The night watchman blew some long hair on his forehead and also looked back at the airport. The crowds were busy walking and doing their own things. No one came to see him off. He had one of his own, just like when he joined the Huoyun team.
After a long time, when he wants to go to the team to contact the national team, maybe he will bear the accusation of treason, but he is not afraid.
I’ll go where whoever gives me more money. I told you that his things are not so important. The night watchman said to himself, but his eyes were unwilling to betray him.
Sooner or later, I will come back to my country, said the night watchman, clutching the ticket in his hand.
At the same time, LAe officials, teams and candidates are all looking for new methods. After two major competitions failed in a year, most people have not given up.
Chapter 233 Send people away
Where are you going? At this time, Lu Zhan, they have walked out of the Jinling train Lu Zhan and asked Xia Lingyao later. It is already evening. Su Yueran is naturally going back to Jinling University, but Xia Lingyao has not yet decided where to go.
Go back to my home! My suburb Xia Lingyao wanted to mean to say.
Then I’ll send you back. Lu Zhan nodded Xia Lingyao and two pieces of luggage for him to take. Anyway, Jinling University didn’t seal the dormitory until eleven o’clock in the evening. He still has time to come back after sending Xia Lingyao.
He had heard Xia Lingyao talk about her family’s situation before. Xia Lingyao’s parents are both old Jinling people. Jinling has had a suite in their suburbs for decades. In addition, Xia Lingyao has a younger brother who is studying. It is time to take the college entrance examination this year.
Well, I’ll send you back. Lu Zhan said while greeting Xiao Chengjiang and told them that he would not go back.
Oh ~ XiaoChengJiang staring at what two people like white immediately input way
Xia Lingyao white his meaning face a red but didn’t speak.
If you don’t believe it or not, there will be another game, and you will never have a chance to wander again! Lu Zhan see Xia Lingyao expression and said with a smile
Ahem, then let’s go. You have fun tonight! When it comes to this matter, Xiao Shengjiang seems to have been caught in the soft spot and is ready to leave immediately.
Hey brother! Just as Lu Zhan was sorting out all the things in Xia Lingyao, Yang suddenly secretly pulled Lu Zhan over and whispered, I’m not saying that you and I have experienced people, so we must be temperate at night or we may not even have classes the next day …
get out! Lu Zhan raised his fist and raised Yang Yang. He is really not afraid of God, and his opponents are afraid of pigs. When his teammates meet these wonderful teammates, it is really his practice.
At this time, when he looked back, Xia Lingyao fiddled with his bag and didn’t know if he heard Ayang dialect.
Okay, Ayang finished this sentence and didn’t go on.
This time, Lu Zhan watched the four of them go away before pulling Xia Lingyao to leave, but let Lu Zhan’s atmosphere be that he heard Bloom’s sound far away. I didn’t understand your meaning until my Mandarin was poor. It turned out that they were going to get a room!
… This time, Lu Zhantou seems to have raised a string of black lines. If it weren’t for the concern about Xia Lingyao to maintain the image, he would let these animals know what Lu Zhan is.
It’s been a few days since the real ghost team Xiao Chengqiang. They already know that Lu Zhan is Liu Hong’s younger brother and it was the man who replaced Liu Hong in the war some time ago.
However, apart from being surprised by this matter, they were more impressed, especially when they knew that Lu Zhan had played League of Legends for more than ten days and went against professional players. The three people were even more impressed, and their worship of Lu Zhan rose to a higher level.
In addition to lamenting Lu Zhan’s good luck, Lu Zhan can feel the support of his teammates, but when he is with Xia Lingyao, he feels that Su Yueran always deliberately avoids them and doesn’t know if this is the case.
Lu Zhan and Xia Lingyao went to her house by subway, and waited for the subway. The two of them took another bus to reach Xia Lingyao’s house.
Although Xia Lingyao’s family has a house in Jinling, the suburbs are really far away, which makes Lu Zhan secretly relieved. His own family conditions are average, and he is afraid that Xia Lingyao’s family is too good to make him feel pressure.
If you don’t compete for the major of Luzhan School, you can find a good data analyst award, and you will have a decent life. He believes that with his efforts, you will be able to gain a foothold in a place.
But the world is sometimes realistic, and he doesn’t know whether Xia Lingyao’s parents will accept him. After all, he doesn’t have much now.
But he knows that Xia Lingyao likes him, and no matter what her parents think of Lu Zhan, Xia Lingyao will always love him.
品茶论坛  title=Finally, she arrived at Xia Lingyao’s building. She looked up at the building and said, My parents should be at home when the light is on.
Lu Zhan nodded. He waited for Xia Lingyao. I don’t know if I should go to the building. It’s better to listen to the woman’s opinion at this time.
Let’s stop here! Xia Lingyao blushed at Lu Zhan’s meaning and said, I can take these things myself. My parents don’t know I’m in love yet.
Lu Zhan looked at the bag in his hand. It wasn’t very heavy. Xia Lingyao was able to carry it by himself. He was a little disappointed with Xia Lingyao’s words. Men always hoped that something would happen at this party, but this time Xia Lingyao went to his parents’ house. He was not ready for the embarrassment of meeting his parentsinlaw.
Lu Zhan glanced at Xia Lingyao again. This time, Xia Lingyao didn’t wear that black dress and high heels, nor did she wear a ghost team worker. Instead, she wore a white down and a tight jeans.
Without jeans, Lu Zhan didn’t know that this time he discovered that Xia Lingyao’s long legs were thin and soft, which was in harmony with her overall figure.
Then I’m leaving! Lu Zhan some reluctant to say
Lu Zhan’s heart is quiet, and love always comes step by step. The woman in front of her is herself sooner or later, and her eyes are flashing, and she still shines in the early night of December.
hmm! Xia Lingyao’s lovely head nodded and took her luggage from Lu Zhanshen.
They always talk nonsense, so don’t worry. Lu Zhan said to Xia Lingyao before he left that they here are naturally worthy of being several livestock teammates of win team.
It’s okay, I’m not so stingy. Xia Lingyao smiled and blossomed. She took her things and was ready to leave.
However, when Lu Zhan was about to leave, Xia Lingyao suddenly said, You almost forgot to give it to you when you wait!