Hum, I’ve had enough, Xu Rong, but I’ll chop it up! Qin Zhen came to show off to us again.

Well, if I hadn’t been an infantryman, you wouldn’t have hacked people! Zhao cheng is indignant.
Jia Mu nodded. If I hadn’t been in the former army, it would have been me!
Qin array hey hey say with smile if this master said I can barely believe you this kid? Xu Rong can’t treat you as two pieces with one knife from Woodenhead!
Jia Mu blushed and couldn’t speak.
Feed Qin Zhen I accused him of what did you say just now? Barely believable? ! Have you forgotten who shot Guo Si to death? !”
Qin Zhen didn’t care. That’s an underestimation. These days, I have been practicing knife skills day and night. Guo Si has long been ignored! Nonsense. Guo Si has been dead for half a year.
Ma Dai looked at our nonsense and suddenly got up and sighed.
Master Dai, what’s wrong with you? Zhao Cheng cuts it.
Are you sick? It’s normal for me to touch his forehead.
After I go back … do I have to be the guardian of Bei Gong? He asked in a low voice
Do you want to change your job? It’s really annoying for me to let a fifteenyearold do such a chat for nothing.
Well, maybe … He nodded. Can I be a riding captain in Tiger and Leopard Camp?
Er … come on, ride a surname. I’m arranging it for Qin array. I rubbed myself.
What is riding a captain? Qin array stared
Is to lead the cavalry I looked at him.
Thank you, young master! He was beaming and then glared at Xiao Dai. Although you are a young master and brother, you can’t take my place!
Small dai nai wry smile anyway, I don’t want to take a few people all day in the swing around the palace in the mind suppress panic! Even if you stay at home and practice your sword, it is more comfortable than this broken job …
I thought for a moment and then nodded, Then you can give Mr. Wen He a hand.
Look at the gate? Small dai immediately shook his head it is better to guard! And the salary is only three hundred stones!
I can’t help but sigh. What do you know about following Mr. Wenhe to cultivate your sentiment, so that you can get an ear for it all the time day and night, and you can improve your cultural quality unconsciously … Do you still need to go to the gate every day when Mr. Wenhe is in charge of business? !”
Ma Dai this just to react eldest brother a word younger brother such as blow deeply impressed! But … I remember you let Sun Jian hand Zhu Zhi do this job …
There seems to be such a thing as I’ll let him change the gate when I get back. Anyway, there is always a gate for him to guard at the palace gate.
Well, he has no doubt.
So you agreed? I smiled. Of course, butch riding will also have a place for you. After all, I can’t practice with them every day, and I have to let you and Qin Zhen contribute.
Qin array see Ma Dai sniffling or want to grab a seat with me …..
Master … you see … Zhao Cheng watched me make arrangements for Ma Dai and Qin Zhen’s positions. You see … how do you have to give some rewards for being loyal and following you on the battlefield?
You’re right I patted him on the shoulder.
品茶论坛His face lit up.
In view of your outstanding performance, I cleared my throat and pulled you out as the first general manager of Weiwei House.
Master xie … He zheng This … What’s the difference with me now? Are there other housekeeper in our house?
I blinked. Are you right?
He plopped down and grabbed my trouser leg. Young master, you can’t do this to me!
So … let you take the place of Xiao Dai to be the guardian of Bei Gong?
Xiao Zheng is preparing to marry a daughterinlaw and not visit such a big palace for so long! He confessed.
I laughed. Are you still picky about six hundred stone important positions?
Ma Dai and Qin array are laughing.
I still want to spend time with my daughterinlaw. Can I find a small official at leisure? He is full of expectation that it is enough to eat snacks and not die of hunger.
It’s not easy to have a bite to eat? I laughed. You can just hang a name in Weiwei Temple and get some money for a month.
How much is it? He looked up at me.
Who knows? I said it very easily, If it’s a big deal, you’ll get one more person. Anyway, what’s lacking is also lacking.
Zhao Cheng quickly knocked at my head. I can’t repay the young master for being a cow and a horse in the afterlife.
Sun Wen suddenly burst in. General Lu is coming soon. Will you go out of the city to meet him immediately?
Nonsense I stamped my foot with gratitude. Zhao Cheng informed a general at all levels to send two hundred cavalry to rush out.
Chapter 30 Move troops back to the DPRK
However, Lu Zhi did not make the army move forward, but ordered it not to move.