It’s about half an hour’s journey. The car stops firmly at a gentle 360degree turn.

Section 316
Wow, there are hundreds of white warships and warships parked on the vast sea near the wide embankment, and there are nearly 20 giant aircraft carriers. The red flags are flying everywhere, and the scene in front of us is magnificent!
In front of me, wait for a while smiled and looked blindsided. Wow, it’s amazing! The strength of this country is really good!
She looked at the place where the ships on the bank were opposite, and the buildings, large and small, were whole and orderly. The area was very vast, and white military uniforms were everywhere. Sure enough, the troops were also very sufficient.
It turns out that this is the main force department of the East China Sea Navy.
Because Che Xiaoxiao was not a soldier, Guteng did not continue to go inside.
When someone’s mood gradually subsided after a shock, the white patrol car returned along the original road.
Che Xiaoxiao took back the sight of falling into the sea and landed on his feet
The new shoes are very beautiful. The face of the shoes is dark blue and brown with dark yellow dragonflies tightly attached to the vamp, which is delicate and charming.
It fits well, is comfortable and satisfied. This is the man around him with his deep love.
For a moment, my head was hot, my lips were light and my eyes were shining. Uncle, I love you.
Well, you must! Slight hook with dark lip angle at the bottom of eyes
That handsome face born with majesty and strong momentum is very attractive.
The car smiled and twisted its neck back and forth, left and right, and looked at it. It happened that this embankment was in a state of being around them.
So the slender body leans towards the man’s body, and the pink mouth suddenly leans towards the beautiful lip angle
Looking at the road ahead, a great god has a heart, and the four lips on one side of that cold handsome face are right!
So soft and sweet!
夜生活The car stopped and smiled, but there was no reaction. Guten had leaned over her body, and her big hands had tightly held her slender and soft waist posture and gradually tightened it.
Come on, the warm atmosphere has become hot because of this kiss!
Thought stagnates, gorgeous fireworks explode in the vast sea of hearts, and like passing by, the stars collide gently and excite stars
Originally, I was going to steal a kiss from the car, but I was a little caught off guard. No, she just wanted to kiss her lips, but she was caught by a man in front of her.
Uncle is bad … From pink to crimson, the goose egg face is a little bitter at the moment. Is this selfinflicted? !
However, she felt that a familiar happiness flooded her facial features and created her moodcool! Sweet!
Uncle doesn’t laugh and doesn’t love …
Khan, the famous coldfaced army god has changed its taste again.
The sea breeze gently brushed the adultery and spread everywhere
Just as two people’s body temperature rose, there was a movement in the pocket of the white military uniform, and there was a slight ringing of the mobile phone, which ended this kissing feast.
The white patrol car started slowly again.
I haven’t driven my car yet. I took a careful look at my smile. I was interrupted by words. Good things made my face a little black. The domineering man couldn’t help but bow his head and steal a smile.
Because of this, the speed of the car was much faster than when it came just now. After twenty minutes, it returned to the East Gate and went straight into a tall and active fivestory activity building and stopped.
Little girl ….. With thick spoil in the dark voice.
Guteng took the lead in striding to the other side and smiled at the car and handed it a big hand
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Che Xiao smiled, and the delicate little hand was tied with a thin cocoon, and the big hand took advantage of the situation and knocked down to earth!
When they entered the activity building, the car smiled and the eyes were wide and cheerful
It turns out that this is a huge room basketball court with five venues in a row, but at the moment there are many tall figures in white and red basketball suits because of that venue.
Snowwhite lights illuminate the whole building as if it were day.
The terraced seats around are almost full of soldiers. Most of them are in white navy uniforms, and many of them are in camouflage. There is a little less blue. Look at the epaulettes. They are all officers.
Che Xiaoxiao opened her blue eyes with high eyesight. In a closer look, there was a heroic figure of a female soldier. Look at that level. Hey, the rank is not low.
Now she also guessed the meaning of that sentence. It turned out that someone called to urge his man to come back and play basketball.
All eyes were on the field, and no one noticed that two people passed by in the dark.
Tall, straight, white figure, straight, smiling with the car, went to the seat closest to the sideline, where the twopole Samsung White Naval Academy sat.
Shit! Stand up neatly and greet Big School!
Well, GuTeng lightly should look from their face and glanced at it solemnly, then pointed to one of them and motioned for the car to sit with a smile.
Someone has always been very thickskinned, but at the moment, he is a little tense. This group of handsome and highranking military uniform uncles have been hiding for a long time, but their shyness can’t help but come out. The whole person is a little cute, but the two pieces of ass are like sitting on a fishing boat.
Thin face and thick ass