Everyone is ha ha a smile.

Does your master want to directly recall your generals? Taishi Ci seems to have something to say.
When I raise my eyebrows, it seems that this is the first time he has called me Master?
If possible, I certainly hope that they will return to our camp. Is this a matter of course?
Its recall is not as good as letting you stay around, Taishi Ci said primly
Oh? I rubbed it.
First, it is really inappropriate for our army to change again just after it has been determined.
This is really a headache for me. The frequent changes of battalion cadres have affected the strength of the army to a certain extent, although they are not ignorant of soldiers and generals.
Second, it is better to let the generals raise their subordinates on the spot to accumulate strength. Taishi Ci continued to analyze, Wouldn’t it be twice the result with half the effort if we could seize several counties and countries?
I slapped my thigh again. Just do as you say!
44 Xi dadi
After listening to Taishi Ci’s advice, I conceived some letters half a night later.
I can’t find anyone who can modify my grammar because the law department is stationed around meTaishi Ci’s cultural level is not high enough to give me advice
I had to settle for the second best, and I asked Jia Yu, who is farreaching in family studies, to do this job.
An hour later Jia Yu returned the draft intact.
I’ve read a few, but what I write is impeccable, right? I frowned and looked at Jane.
It’s not picky, but … Jia Yu rolled up her long hair and revealed a weak smile. Your letter has always been written at will. I’m afraid I can rewrite it if I really modify it.
I rubbed my hands and asked, Is the meaning clear?
She nodded gently. It’s clear and … you pay attention to treating everyone slightly differently.
That’s don’t want your husband to be a jerk who doesn’t understand people’s hearts. I hey hey boasted.
Jia Yu microyerba chuckled, I never thought of it that way. Suddenly, she frowned, and her waist was slightly bent, and her hands could not help but cover her lips.
I quickly reached out and held her. Is this … want to throw up?
Recently, I often feel dizzy and become more and more frequent … Jia Yu patted his chest and took a breath.
pregnant? I have a strong feeling.
How can people know if they haven’t been pregnant! She blushed with anger.
I’m going to be a father again! I reached out and gently rubbed her still flat belly and sighed, God, let Zhang Ben take a pulse?
Jia Yu responded lightly.
By the way … I thought of another hand. Let White Hair decide whether it’s a man or a woman?
The charming body in her arms froze slightly. You … Her voice was inaudible. Do you want children so much?
Actually, I prefer my daughter. I shrugged.
really? Jia Yuyin was filled with joy at once.
桑拿论坛Er … I meditated, but I can’t do it without a son.
She let off steam.
I held her thin shoulder a little hard and said softly, If there is no son, who will protect my horse’s future?
Well, Jia Yu gently put his head in my arms.
The nasal cavity is faint and fragrant.

The next morning, nearly ten fast riders rushed off with their own personal letters written by me overnight.
In addition to giving Cheng Yu, Jia Xu and other cronies, I also deliberately weighed the words and extended an olive branch to Wang Yi, the chief of Hedong County, who still bears the burden. The best result I expected was to obtain a rich county once again without a knife.
Then I took a break in hongnong county.
It turns out that the satrap doesn’t like the standing forces of Wuxian County, but there are only less than 500 cavalry units in the early 3 thousand, and they have been neglected in training for many yearsthe satrap Liu Yu is also a great scholar of the lawand its poor combat effectiveness is really unimaginable
The first thing I want to do is to gather blacksmiths and cavalry to make stirrups; At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that these three thousand people can achieve the most basic hit rate by strengthening the archery of troops.
Because of the low combat power of the Hongnong soldiers, I didn’t intend to incorporate them into the people from the beginning, so I just let them continue to be local garrison troops, which saves both worry and effort.
And this force with insufficient combat power is temporarily handed over to Cheng Wu for training.
At the same time, I sprinkled more than 1,500 cavalry belonging to Sun Wen, Zulie, shang huang, Sun Qing, Du Chang and Wang Dang in all directions. One was to spy on local intelligence, and the other was to draw mountains and rivers for the future.
For me, Chu Yan was very pleased to say that my team finally had a place to fight.
Then I repeated doing things in Sanfu and called the county officials to directly eliminate the displeasure.
Hongnong is a big county, but it looks very big from the map, but six of the nine counties are located in the south bank of the Yellow River, which is relatively dense. The southcentral part of the map seems to be a stretch of mountains, of which two seem to have heard of Xiong ‘er Mountain and Funiu Mountain.
However, after searching in my mind for a long time, I still can’t remember what historical allusions these two mountains have.
Er General Liangshan is also a learned man. After understanding my thoughts, he told me that Xiong ‘er Mountain and Funiu Mountain are both famous Taoist mountains …
A famous Taoist mountain? I was ordered to predict Jia Yu’s divination, and I immediately became interested. I wonder if I’m going to visit you?
How far is it from here? I looked at the crude map and asked
Liang Shanwei replied after thinking, Xiong ‘er Mountain is 400 miles away from here, and Funiu Mountain is 700 miles away.
Oh, I nodded. It’s not too far, so go.