Once hit hard, I’m likely to turn back my hopesYuan Shao of Jizhou will never miss this great opportunity to expand his power.

I turned to look at the uncle Cheng Yu, who pursed her lips and seemed to laugh.
There has been a great chaos for a long time, and the people have suffered from the disaster of war. Now it has to be decided. I plagiarized Zhao Yun’s original words without blushing. Once dispatch troops is bound to die, I can’t bear to start fighting again! Can the brothers understand?
Zhang Liao said, Who can achieve great things …
I cut him off. Can I ruin the lives of thousands of people because of my own selfishness? !”
His expression tells me that he is not interested in this reason.
I waved my hand and said to the crowd, After this, don’t let Ma Chao never dominate the country, but let the brothers try their best to have peace and the people. That’s why we fight today! I righteously said this sentence without feeling hot in my face.
My Lord’s forgiveness is a tribute! Chen to a face moved respectfully kneel gift a worship.
Master, big public and private! Seibel take a step back and kneel again.
Zhao Yun took a deep breath and knelt down with everyone. Your master is very lucky to have the people!
Taishi Ci lifted his robe and put Zhao Yun on his knees side by side. Fu Jun’s benevolence and righteousness should lead the contemporary heroes!
Pang Gan looked at Wu Shi. When two people were preparing to prostrate themselves, I held one hand directly and shouted, Get old! Our army has already ordered a military salute. Don’t kneel down easily!
品茶See others nothing happened I added, you can’t afford to kneel don’t want me to pick up one by one? !”
Then get up. Cheng Yu, who has been standing for a long time, said lightly, Don’t embarrass the master.
Zhang Liao sighed heavily and sat back at the table directly.
Seibel patted his trouser leg and gave me a fist.
Two battalion commanders led other brigadelevel cadres to climb from the ground one after another.
Let’s agree on the meritorious military service. I clapped my hands as a sign to continue my previous work.
Every one of them returned to their places, and the sound of cable gradually sounded again.
Today, Master … it’s really chilling! Qin array a butt to sit down.
I looked at him deeply. I can’t see through the Qin array today!
He hey hey smiled eyes wandering to both sides of the mouth but insisted, I’m telling the truth to master Qin array must be the first person to rush into Luoyang city. This time he was not tall.
I cock my mouth and gently shake my head.
Cheng Yu suddenly sighed.
Mr. Zhong, I turned to him and asked with a smile, What do you mean?
Yes, he admitted frankly.
meaning? I frowned slightly.
Let you see the morale.
The morale of the army … I hesitated and asked, Does Mr. Yi also want to be in dispatch troops, Liaodong?
No, he said, stroking his beard, Liaodong is not the origin of the uprising … Zhao is a good choice, but the timing is too bad.
That’s true. Zhao has fertile land and strategic resources. Iron miners have a large population of 200 thousand, but it’s not as scattered as Liaodong, not to mention the alien intrusion. If you want to destroy Lombardi, you can do it once and for all
Strange to say, I don’t have any psychological pressure to kill Yuan Shao, and I’m not as worried as I am about Wu Huan …
I want to show the master what the soldiers in the army really care about, he added. In fact, the big man’s court is like a facetoface … who will care? He said this sentence very lightly, and I’m afraid Pang Gan couldn’t hear it clearly behind me.
I’m in a hurry. I just buckled the case a few times. You’re simply forcing me to make a statement.
Cheng Yu explained, I’m sorry, but … I’m afraid your master’s ambition will gradually disappear!
I’m a little silent
He said that there was nothing wrong with me. Since I was a child, I clamored for the liberation of mankind and the reunification of China. After the elimination of Han Sui and the removal of Dong Zhuo, this idea was even stronger to cover up, otherwise I would not have been taught a lesson by Martenyi in Luoyang.
Of course, at that time, I didn’t think it was a big mistake to dominate the sky. The idea that we rescued the Han court with our own hands in the past two years has revived, and this idea has become something that should not be there.
Now … But Cheng Yu clearly told me …
This ambition should be kept up! He said with a thud, I followed my master because I saw his confidence at that time!
I held my chin in my hand and recalled the scene at that time … I advised Cheng Yu three times, but tears crossed my eyes. How could I be confident? !
eh? I also noticed that all the brigadelevel cadres present were holding their breath and pretending to be writing. In fact, they pricked up their ears and listened to the dialogue here and immediately shouted, Write well!
A bunch of young people rushed to the table, but they were all smirked and scared.
Zhao Yun’s face is getting more and more ugly. He can’t help but bow his hand. The general is here to discuss something important. He immediately pushed the case and strode out of the main hall.
The atmosphere at the scene was cold, and Qin Zhen was angry and cursed, What the hell is his mother!
Master, calm down, brothers! Chu Yan hurried out that Zhao Brigadier’s mother died in a bad mood, and then he lost his mind before the court. Don’t care about him!
Mother died …
When this reason comes out, everyone looks a little relieved.
Although I have doubts in my heart, I can’t ask again at this time. I nodded, You continue to agree that Mr. Zhong and Brother Chu should go to the side room for a cup of tea first.
Cheng Yu and Chu Yan came to the side room with me, and I asked directly, What is Zhao Yun?
I dare not hide it. Chu Yan bowed to the ground. Zhao Yun’s mother has just passed away.
really? I frowned and said
September 10th, he nodded. But he … did intend to leave.
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