The Emperor of Heaven didn’t abandon us!

God, come and save the world!
Knowing the thief soldiers shouted to the sky.
In the face of strange changes in the sky, everyone stopped attacking
The yellow clouds slowly reveal a glimmer of light, which makes people blink.
Then the light source at the root and center of the light slowly expands, and the light becomes more and more blazing like the sun.
Cheers broke out in the crowd.
What the fuck is this natural wonder? !” I growled in my mind, doesn’t this affect our morale? Seeing that they have all been defeated, they can die if they chase them casually. God suddenly plays a trick and makes them full of energy to die!
I can’t look directly at the light source in such strong light.
Everyone can choose to bow their heads.
I feel hot all over, and my chest and abdomen are boiling.
The light finally faded, and I covered my eyes with my hands and raised my head.
The clouds seem to have broken a big hole, and the light shines from the hole to people.
Public, public! Jia Mu cried in fear, Something has come out! The crimson color in his eyes has long since faded, replaced by anxiety in his eyes.
I’m speechless.
There are strange things sticking out of the big hole. Two thick columns, one on the left and one on the right, slowly hang down to look illusory and trance, which makes people feel like clouds and smoke, but they are not scattered.
The clouds seem to have moved.
Master … Pang Gan trembled. I just saw …
Day to pressure … I nodded my head.
The yellow clouds suddenly split!
Out of it rushed a huge golden head!
Fuck! I suddenly scolded it.
The head shook wildly, and it finally burst through the hole and burst out of the clouds!
Its head held high and its horns stood upright, so it circled over the heads of 100 thousand people.
Long body flashing dazzling scales in the half.
Claws paddle vigorously as if they were swimming.
The earth was silent, and no one knew how to react.
Hey! With a thunderous roar, it heaved a sigh of relief.
There was a buzz in my head.
See it straight in the nasal cavity to vacate a mass of yellow clouds slowly rising.
This cloud condensed in high school and actually showed a big word.
Heaven is dead!
All the thieves cheered at the same time.
They picked up their weapons again and launched a fierce attack on butch riding and state troops.
They were possessed by the gods at this time, and I saw pieces of state troops fall on the ninetoothed rake.
Caught in the enemy, the horse suddenly failed to move four hooves and was heavily surrounded by the other side
Damn it! I was furious and urged to pursue my life and finally launched a charge.
Flying star swung around and I ruthlessly stabbed a naked pawn across the street.
夜网论坛I heard a crunchy ding.
Then the flying star breaks from it!
He swung his right fist and hit him headon in the face.
I was overturned with a scream of death
Huanglong once again gave a deafening chant.
In the process of being overturned, I saw the flags of the state army falling down one after another
Pang Gan and Jia Mu don’t know where they are.
Suddenly, there was not a friendly soldier left with a ferocious face.
The tide is gone? !
6 ask heaven
It’s a dry, thin, disorderly people, and suddenly it becomes extremely magnificent, burly, naked and stiff, like a rock with two iron claws and ten fingers, and it seems that it can tear people apart.
I took a deep breath and condensed my true qi in my arms. I jumped up and waved a broken flying star and swept over his head!
Although I lost my sharp gun tip, with my sixth magical power, even if I had a wooden stick in my hand, it would be enough to blow his skull to pieces!
I suddenly lost my intellectual man fit in my hand but I couldn’t help falling.
The mob actually blocked me from sweeping with one hand, and he even directly broke the magic gun cast by the meteorite from outer space!
The strong momentum ran through the flying star, leaving only half of the gun to sell, and I fell to the ground violently.
There was a tingling in the coccyx, and I struggled for two times, but I got up.
The other side stepped back and bent down to gently pick up the flying star from the ground and then looked at me.
His dark face smiled, and two rows of yellow teeth stood out.
I suddenly feel creepy.
He nodded his head and seemed quite satisfied with the weight of the gun, then stopped three feet away from me and gestured to me.
a strong man! Dare to ask your name! I shouted, Ma doesn’t want to die in the hands of a famous pawn!
He shook his head, laughed and danced wildly behind his head.