However, the war is over. Ye Kailong is dead

However, the war is over. Ye Kailong is dead, and the broken sun dome is seriously injured and unconscious. No one can threaten him anymore.
A few steps forward, Fang Yun wants to seal the "broken sun dome". Suddenly, with a bang, the sky shook and a terrible sense of crisis surged from my heart.
Fang Yun body flash, almost want to also don’t want to. A lift "break the sun dome", at the same time display "hundreds of millions of space hiding" solution, lightning to the left side, fly past.
As if witnessing some incredible slow motion, Fang Yun clearly saw the void where he stood before. The flow of time suddenly became extremely slow, and then an external force fell from the sky, smashing that space into dust. The divine power of underground space was banned and completely destroyed. A huge, even the life of the strong, but also as small as the smell of ants, radiation. Like a prehistoric beast, it lurks above the void and blocks the whole "ancient small world".
"the hall of all demons!"
Fang Yun mind crazy shock. He is too familiar with this smell.
The emperor’s magic prince and his party have finally made their moves!

Chapter 680 Escape
Wanmo Temple, a top-level three-image instrument, was sent by the ancient emperor Magic Sect. The power is unparalleled!
Just a blow, this magic hallows, will be the altar breakdown, even the underground underground palace, was also broken down. The divine power that imprisoned the space here was defeated in an instant. Showed an unparalleled power of terror.
This magic hallows fully shows its power, which means that the emperor’s magic prince officially began to imprison this place and encircle all the strong people in the ancient small world.
Fang Yun’s face instantly sank.
"Champion hou, really worthily champion hou. Even our royal highness, the prince, is very admired. Think of it as a future rival. Of course, if you can survive. "
An old voice floated down from the sky, and at the same time, a powerful qi machine locked his body. It seems that as long as he moves wildly, it will attract a thunderbolt.
Fang Yun looked up. I saw a huge, well-like fissure in the underground palace. Through the crack, you can see the dark clouds rolling in the sky, lightning and thunder, like a doomsday.
And in the gap, Fang Yun had seen the emperor of the elders, slowly floating down. Behind him, followed by two young men.
"So it’s you two."
Fang Yun looked at the old man behind two people sneer at.
"Hey hey, it’s us! Aren’t you great? In the temple of all demons, everyone dares to show off and kill the night without worry! You are very capable! Hey, I can’t believe it, there is today. "
Li Zhixiao, a descendant of the ancient devil-eater, smiled: "The wind and water have turned, come to my house this year. Fang Yun, this small ancient world, is your burial place. Today next year, if you are in a good mood. I’ll put incense on you. " Beside Li Zhixiao, Zhao Weiyang stood with a negative hand and looked at Fang Yun coldly. That look is like looking at a dead man.
"With you two? Hum, I want to kill you, as easy as blowing off dust! "
Fang Yun swept Li Zhixiao one eye, eyes cold light.
Li Zhixiao was glanced at by Fang Yun, and he felt relieved. It’s also the time for Fang Yun to kill the night without worry. He was so overbearing that he was so impressed that there was a shadow in his heart.
However, after all, he reacted and immediately sneered, "Fang Yun, do you still dare to bluff me? Prince Di Mo has long said that your realm is not high, and you only have five products. Now it’s a real waste of strength, and it’s already a game of death. We are here to collect the body for you. "
Fang Yun shook his head: "In ancient times, Devil-eaters and The Hunger Sect were also big schools in ancient times. Unfortunately, I took you two losers. If you really want to avenge that guy, I’m always welcome. Unfortunately, you two don’t have the guts. Only dare to fight with the emperor’s prince, Smith. What a bunch of rubbish! "