Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang also have parents.

Section 93
My heart used to feel like hell, but now I feel suddenly enlightened rather than ashamed. It’s her fault that he didn’t cheat or play with women. It’s her petty heart.
Well, the ancients said that knowing mistakes can improve a great deal.
"Go, don’t lose him, don’t lose your child." Cheng Qingyang said lightly that there was a flash of grief in his eyes, but Jiang Junyue was lonely for five years and three years, and now he will occasionally come to meet him. He is knowledgeable.
Maybe he will be relieved when he is happy and happy.
Five years ago, he always had something he couldn’t get away from.
Chapter 162 Who is cruel
Five years ago, he always had something he couldn’t get away from.
Lan Jingyi picked up Xiao Qinqin and went outside the boxing hall. Looking at her eagerly, she still felt that women were the most troublesome creatures in the world. But this time, both of them were at fault, but he didn’t know that the real reason why Jiang Junyue wanted Lan Jingyi to separate was not because of the red mark, but because of it.
With a snap of his fingers, a hand came to him and "sent a car to send Miss Lan to the small apartment in LaCrosse"
When Lan Jingyi went out, the Land Rover car that had saved her had stopped at the intersection. "Miss Lan Chengge asks you to drive and we will take you to the place where you want to go."
"That my friend …" LanJingYi this time to remember the little silkworm them.
"It has already been sent back to the small supermarket."
Lan Jingyi just breathed a sigh of relief, holding Xiao Qinqin in the car, and she began to turn from sweet to uneasy again. This time, she was narrow-minded and jealous. I don’t know if Jiang Junyue would forgive her. She really didn’t want him to separate for more than a year before leaving, which was enough to let her know the bitterness of acacia.
But the more I think about it in the car, the more awkward it is. At least she gave birth to two children for him. He said that he would leave without caring about her feelings.
The car stopped in a small apartment building, and Lan Jingyi went downstairs with Qinqin in her arms. Without knocking at the door, she gently pressed the password and entered the door. She went to the small apartment quietly. He didn’t pick her up, so she came back by herself. She was really embarrassed, but it was her fault, so she admitted her mistake and could not take her life happiness as collateral.
Is that man in the living room like that?
Pushing open the bedroom door, the dim light made her see the bed clearly. Is Lan Qing the mother, the man Jiang Junyue?
Did he go to Jiang’s house?
Put Xiao Qin Qin in a small bed. Lan Qing has woken up in a daze and whispered, "Smelly girl, do you know how to quarrel with your man when you come back? LaCrosse is angry with you."
"Where did he go?"
"I don’t know." Lan Qingyi turned over and ignored Lan Jingyi directly. Lan Jingyi knew that she was indefensible and leaned forward. "Mom, I was wrong. Can’t I be wrong?" She apologized seriously. Although she was thin-skinned, she still apologized.
"Yi Yi, tell me what you have to tell LaCrosse yourself. He just came back and packed his things and left. He never came back to this small apartment again."
"He didn’t move out today? Have you lived here before? "
"Well, everyone will be angry if you don’t come back after waiting for you for so many days. If you know you’re wrong, call LaCrosse quickly. What a good boy! You didn’t pick Yi for you or your mother. You should know how to be satisfied."
"Who let him not know the explanation? Can one more word kill people?" Lan Jingyi got angry, but it happened that there was no way to quarrel with Jiang Junyue. There must always be someone to talk first, or it would be a cold war generation.
She quickly dialed the number of Jiang Junyue. She listened to the familiar bell, and her heart beat faster in vain. She heard the "plop plop" quietly ringing in the quiet night.
"Tick-tock …" Jiang Junyue didn’t answer her words when the blind tone was cut off.
Lan Jingyi was not discouraged and dialed back to respond, but she directly became a mechanical woman.’ The number you dialed is already available, please dial later.’
"Bang" slammed the bed and gave him some color, so he opened the dyeing room. Now he doesn’t even answer her words. Is this going to die of old age from now on?
I thought at the beginning, but he kept pestering her to pursue her more than she wanted. When she remembered those past days, she felt that Jiang Junyue had become another person today, which seemed incomprehensible to her.
How do you say "Iraq lacrosse? When will he come back? " Lan Qing looked at her nervously. She really liked Jiang Junyue.
"Mom, you started helping me take Xiao Qinqin to my company class." Jiang Junyue didn’t answer the words and naturally wouldn’t say when he would come back. If he didn’t come back, she would go to him. Didn’t she say she wanted her to be his secret? She went to help him.
"Mom will help you take you and LaCrosse to have a good couple. How can you not quarrel? You can hardly see me and your dad …" Lanqing said, her eyes were wet and she could never say no more.
"Mom and dad will definitely find me. I have a feeling that he is looking for you to find my mom. Don’t worry, LaCrosse is also helping to find it."
"It’s been many years, even if I die, I have to have a body. I’m really unwilling."
"Mom, go to sleep. Dad will come back." Gently coaxed her mother. Lan Jingyi was also sad about the brooch. She never put on her chest, no matter what clothes she wore, hoping to meet her father one day and have a family reunion. But dad, are you really looking for your daughter and mother?
Time is the best. Mom is right. It’s best to cherish the present.
Lying in bed, Lan Jingyi misses Jiang Junyue.
But this must not be told to him. If the man knows that she misses him, he may bully her even more after he shows off in an ostentatious manner. Now he won’t even answer her words.
I woke up early, and she couldn’t sleep. She found a professional suit and looked at the place where Jiang Junyue’s clothes used to be on the other side of the cabinet. If so, did he really move away and didn’t want to see her?
She still doesn’t believe that the man who has always spoiled her and always surprised her will change his mind.
约茶She didn’t eat breakfast either. No, since she learned from Cheng Qingyang that she misunderstood him, she has added to her heart.
"Yi Yi, eat something before you go."
"No, mom, I’ll go to work, and I’ll leave it to you."