After the evacuation of Wu Bing and Qing Yu, the rest of the people were quickly overwhelmed by the crowd. At this time, players from the rear also saw that the war was coming to an end, and they wondered why there was even a battle here.

The soldiers looked at the front full of players holding up Pharaoh’s staff and secretly greeted a black shadow. As soon as the black shadow appeared, it immediately turned into a lion eagle beast. The soldiers jumped over the ice sheet hill.
Chase after the player and shout "Don’t run!" "The demo can fly!" Wait for words. Unfortunately, the enemy has gone far.
And it was also at this time that the blue cloud raced with one of its own people to catch up with Xuexian City. Locke also took one of his own people to catch up with Xuexian City. Two groups of people saw each other and were all stunned. First of all, he kindly said to Locke, "What a coincidence is President Locke?" Where to go in such a hurry? Still with so many people, I am afraid that there will be ten thousand people? "
Locke also smiled and said, "President Lan, you are not bad either. You have more people than me. I wonder where you are going?"
The two looked at each other and laughed together, and then went back to their teams without saying a word. The two men thought it was the same thing, regardless of the other party’s signs for the time being.
And there are two groups of people behind them who are also rushing here. One of them is the big shots behind the blue cloud, and the leader is a beautiful woman with a short suit. The girls behind her count the number to be 5,000, while the other person is very strange. In Wonderland, wearing uniform knight armor and toucan, I know that this group of ten thousand people are knights, and at least half of them have changed their jobs to three-turn knight lords. What are the trainers doing? And both sides don’t seem to know each other very well. At that time, both sides were caught in a stalemate.
Or the beauty first said, "We’re going to Syracuse. Are you going there, too?"
桑拿会所At the front of the Cavaliers, it seems that the officer replied, "You are really right. We are also going to Syracuse. I wonder what the lady is doing there?"
The beauty glanced at the knight and said, "Why do you care if I go there? Anyway, it’s none of your business. Let’s go our separate ways. Let’s stay out of it. "
"Let’s go our separate ways."
There are still four forces behind these players rushing to Xuexian City. What is waiting for them?
The fifth chapter sentiment cast place
The new "One Ant" has been supported by everyone in the past!
The fifth chapter sentiment cast place
The Snow Queen in Xuefu City is interested in making a model high. This model looks like a creature called dragon in ancient China. Although the Snow Queen is very eager to do it, her skills are really poor. The dragon is not like a dragon snake and can’t look past it. Zhang Xian has made a lifelike dragon instead of the Snow Queen.
After watching the Snow Queen, she praised, "Xianer, how do you know the dragon so well? You see, you’re doing it so well that it’s almost like living. "
Zhang Xianyou said, "I read too much about this before, and there are pictures of dragons in it."
The Queen of Ice and Snow looked unhappy at Zhang Xian and sighed, "Do you still complain about your father’s elegance?"
"It’s not me, it’s … I don’t understand. I didn’t expect to meet so many people in the snow game, and it’s so beautiful, much more beautiful than me."
The Snow Queen laughed at the sound of "Xi", raised her naughty hand and said to Zhang Xian with a slightly flirtatious expression, "What’s the matter? Don’t you have confidence in yourself? At the beginning, you would never say that you lost to Tianwuxian. Why don’t you give up before you start? Alas, you say how hard it is to be a mother. Although I am not pregnant in October, I have a baby for life and I can be a lobbyist. "
Zhang Xian was so confused by the performance of the Snow Queen that she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She quickly changed the subject and said, "What are you doing with this dragon model, Queen?"
"You have to ask your husband about this."
"Who is my husband? He doesn’t have …"
"Oh, it turned out that he didn’t …"
"Stop talking about him and tell me, will you? What are you doing with this dragon? "
"Just play this amazing drama well. How can it be done without a particularly shocking scene? This thing is to fill the scene. "
"Not too white how to fill the scene? This thing is so small? "
"That you don’t understand how small it is to have me? I’ll become a big boy, but now is not the time, and you will definitely enjoy it. Besides, what should you do when you think about it and be elegant? I hope you can stay with us, but you don’t trust your father’s dancing, too. You two are really in trouble. Look how good Chris and Pupil are to be with him all day. Life is so simple. Alas, should I also find a partner? "
Zhang Xian ignored the ice queen’s narcissism on a regular basis and thought about this question in her heart. What did she think in her heart? I insisted on looking for him in the game at first, but now I find him, only to find that he is no longer the one who was lying in bed before. Has he changed himself or has he changed? I don’t know, but the only thing I know is to choose my own hands. Do you want to stay or go back to your familiar world but never have him?
The same idea is dancing in the sky. She is humming that very reassuring poem to her mother’s photo in her room.
She will grow like a tree near the water.
When the season comes, bear fruit
Her leaf will neve wither, whatever she does.
Will get what they want.
This poem is my mother’s favorite dance before her death. My mother is a very strong person. Even at the last moment of her life, she kept smiling and left, but her gentle eyes did not shed a tear when her mother died. Everything seemed so calm. It seems that her mother went to a very beautiful place to wait for her arrival, and she will go to that place to meet her several decades later.
When he entered the room, he already knew his daughter’s thoughts, but he also knew the family business and how he let his daughter go. Not only did he not care, but how could his daughter like that guy named elegant? From his daughter’s mouth, he knew that there was nothing special about this guy. What’s more, this guy was a disabled person before and ordered a lot of machines, and now he still doesn’t know what to do there. What is there for his daughter to love?
But it’s true that my daughter likes this person. At this time, she regrets why she didn’t have more children. It’s a pity that his wife’s life was short and she died alone, but in this generation, her daughter is orthodox and even her consorts have no relatives. This is also a headache.
Tianwu quietly read the poem and quietly looked at her mother’s photo, but her heart was as calm as a rolling wheel. How should I choose? Isn’t there a way to be both beautiful? My father has a family business and can’t ignore it, but he is hopelessly in love with that man, the bastard who already has Chris and Zhang Xian.
Now Shuisi Lei can’t think of a good choice even if she wants to break her head. At this time, Shuisi Lei realized that her father came in.
"What is it, Dad?"
The water is light and harsh, and God must say, "Our No.1 special has been completed as required, and Blue Cloud has also got something from us. How about a step forward?"
"Oh, it’s up to him to help him get here. Dad, do you think I did the right thing?"
"I didn’t know that your IQ2 was definitely better than mine, and you must have chosen the best one. I have this confidence." After a pause, I continued, "I don’t want family affairs and I influenced you to decide that happiness is earned by myself. Let me tell you the truth. A person as excellent as you may not find anyone who can deserve you in a generation, but you like this elegant guy. Maybe this is a fate. Maybe you should plan your own future instead of the family’s future. Although there are few people in our generation, let us be responsible for everything.
"Dad …" Shuisi Lei threw herself into her arms and felt so sad that tears couldn’t stop flowing down her face and into her clothes for a while before she gradually stopped crying.
I looked up and said to my father, "Dad, maybe elegance can give me a good choice. Let’s go and see this trick."
"Well, your father has never played games in his generation. The first time he went to play with his daughter, but you should protect me. I heard that those who just entered are very weak."
Water silk bud was laughed out by her father. "Don’t worry, I have a guild of my own. When I ask Xiaoye and Xixi to go together, I’ll see if you can help me decide."
Chapter VI Snow Storm (1)
There is a door exactly like pylorus just north of Xuexian City, and on the other side of the door is the boundary. It is a city exactly like Xuexian City-Xuexian City is bounded by Xuexian City and Xuexian City is somewhat different from the fairyland Xuexian City. Xuexian City is the whole city built on the vast sea. This is because this city is Jade Emperor. After persistence, Jade Emperor got the important person he needed, so he would help me if he was busy. He also specially ordered Handsome to be the supervisor of this urban construction and handsomely helped the boundary city. In two days, the whole city was built. Although it is the same as the fairyland city, it is 100,000 different. This city is not only much stronger, but also designed many machines. Of course, these machines are handsome. I want to speak my mind, and he can do this well. I also specially called them.
Wonderland is very remote. There is an island in the South China Sea across the southernmost Mengkelo Desert. This island is not a product of Wonderland, but it is real. The Snow Queen noticed this island long ago, but she couldn’t help it. Who told me that the owner of this island was The Hunger?
And I came to the island with Chris and Pupil. I came here to borrow something from The Hunger. I really don’t know if this thing is too important for my life test. With this thing, my life test pass rate can be much higher.
As soon as we landed in The Hunger, we knew that a young The Hunger came to the door and said to us arrogantly, "The agreement has been completed. Why are you still here?"
I coughed and said, "Well, I just didn’t finish the agreement."
The Hunger Jr. listened to the fire. "What didn’t finish? Didn’t we deliver the goods and complete the agreement with one hand? What else is not finished? "
I looked around The Hunger Jr. and said, "Is it the same for you as it is for The Hunger? Then I’ll tell you directly. First of all, The Hunger, your hypnosis of the pupil didn’t achieve its due effect, which almost killed me. What is our pyramid agreement? In the first agreement, Jade Emperor is still living in the world. This is another unfinished agreement. Two of the three agreements have not been completed. Can we still finish the agreement? "
When The Hunger Jr. heard that his head was big at once, it was the kind of "no, my head is not big enough for you, etc."
Little The Hunger immediately ran away after saying that. Soon The Hunger came in person and tried to pull me away. I immediately stepped aside. When The Hunger saw that he had caught him, he couldn’t help crying out in surprise, "How could you avoid it?" I immediately started to catch me again. Of course, I have already merged with the dragon. The speed is too fast. I dodged left and right and avoided The Hunger. I kept chasing me. It was just that close. The Hunger turned his hands into dozens of blood and formed a cage-like thing. He proudly said, "See how you can go?"
Who knows, I just sat down after he finished. "Who said I was leaving? But I don’t want to be touched by your hands. By the way, you know everything just now. How are you going to complete the remaining two agreements? "
"What two agreements? I’m missing two agreements. I’ve done both. Although I haven’t finished, I can’t count half as many as two agreements. "
As soon as I listened to my heart, I snickered. As the Snow Queen said, this guy The Hunger kept his head straight, so he continued according to The Hunger’s idea. "You mean you didn’t finish half of it?" Then I have half of the two agreements, so I should have another agreement, right? "
Without thinking, The Hunger replied, "Yes!"
I clapped my hands and said happily, "All right, I’ll make one last agreement, The Hunger. Listen carefully. I’ll lend you The Hunger beads and pay you back as soon as I’m finished."
The Hunger a listen to The Hunger bead immediately jumped up and looked at me and said, "what did you say to borrow? The Hunger beads? How did you know I had it? What should I lend you? "
I was not afraid to say to The Hunger, "No, I heard people say that The Hunger is a straightforward man. Although his personality is a bit flawed, he has always kept his promise. I didn’t expect it to be false."