The other party returns to [report Ye Xiangyuan with information]

I’m amazed [I live with Ye Xiangyuan, and he keeps an eye on me at any time. I can’t go out alone]
The other party [you have to find a way to do it yourself]
I didn’t answer.
There came another message immediately [otherwise don’t blame us for being rude to your parents]
Section 61
As soon as I sat up, I typed eagerly [I have to make sure my parents are safe]
It didn’t take long for a 20-second video to come over there.
When I opened it, I saw that my parents were tied to stools and their mouths were sealed, but fortunately, there was no wound.
The other party called a line saying, "If you don’t arrive at the designated place on time, chop your parents first."
I couldn’t help shivering.
At this time, I know that I can’t negotiate with them and have to promise.
But I don’t want to miss this opportunity and finally get news from my parents. I have a lot of worries and want to know more.
Although I believe that Ye Xiangyuan can definitely save them, it is always good to know their safety through one more channel.
I asked [when will they be released? 】
I’ll tell you when you get things done.
I thought about it and asked [God, how can I be sure it’s you? 】
But the other party has completely disappeared, no matter what I send, I will not reply.
Actually, I can guess. You must contact me when you go to the place.
I just want to know more about my parents, but the other party seems to have seen through my thoughts and ignored me at all
I was holding the bed and thinking to myself.
The other party seems to have fear.
They know that I live in Ye Jia, but they don’t seem to be afraid of being known by Ye Xiangyuan or that I won’t tell Ye Xiangyuan about it.
Or … They just dug a hole for Ye Xiangyuan and waited for him to take action?
spa会所I waited for a while to make sure that there would be no news back, so I gave Ye Xiangyuan a message.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to be surprised. "It’s just a wall. If you want me to come directly, it is."
I heard that he started flirting again and suddenly got stuck.
However, I still remember to get down to business and tell him what happened just now, regardless of shyness.
He listened very calmly. "I know. Have a good sleep."
I can’t help but pull out the high-pitched voice and worry, "The spy may be lurking at home. How dangerous it is for Xiaojin to sleep alone!"
Ye Xiangyuan laughed in a low voice, and the mellow magnetic voice came into my ear through the microphone.
My ears are burning.
He said, "Wait for me"
Then I hung up, and I was dumbfounded.
What does he mean?
The white door was pushed open before I thought about it.