There are also some big balls that may be recovered if they are chased hard, but Italian players rarely chase them and watch them go out of bounds or get them by China players.

Sometimes Italian players who face the aggressive China team when they need to fight for the header in the middle of the road can rarely attack the goal regardless of the danger of injury
What all Italian players think should be "We are so strong that we can win by kicking casually, so we won’t fight hard with China".
And subconsciously, I should still hold a kind of mentality of "it’s not a champion anyway, it’s a fight for the third place, even if I lose unexpectedly."
And the China team players are very hard.
In everyone’s mind, this is not the final of three or four, but the championship competition, even if you are injured, you will not hesitate to win.
If they can win the Confederations Cup and the third place, even if they quit the national team from now on, it will be enough for them to return home and eat the older generation.
Therefore, although the Italian team is much stronger than China, its fighting spirit is far less than that of China.
As a result, it is difficult for Italy to hit the doorframe range and threaten to shoot, although it has been pressing China to play.
On the one hand, Lu Wenbin sat in the middle of the road to resolve most of Italy’s middle road attacks.
On the other hand, it is also the order of the China team to continuously resolve the Italian attack
Not only is defending China desperately, but also thinking about attacking.
After all, their ideal is to win and to win, they must score goals.
If you don’t score, you will lose even if you drag it to the penalty shoot-out.
Whether it’s the goalkeeper’s level or the penalty taker’s strength, the China team is in a downturn
It takes 9 minutes and 12 minutes at most to beat the Italian China team to win the third place.
But Italy’s defense is too strong.
Although they press the attack, in many cases, only relying on position and tacit defense can delay or even stop China’s attack
Even if you can’t stop the goal, there is still a goalkeeper Buffon.
In the 9th minute, the China team fought back, and Lu Wenbin gave Hao Junmin the edge and Hao Junmin crossed the middle road to find Lei Wu to shoot.
喝茶约茶  title=As a result, the ball was intercepted by chiellini halfway, and Wu Lei didn’t touch the ball.
In the first minute, Lu Wenbin personally put the ball in front of Deng Zhuoxiang, hit the wall and cooperated with candreva, and then
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At the top of the arc in the forbidden area, Chiellini swung open to get the shooting angle and then hit the door with his foot.
The ball jumped up and went straight to the right of the goal, and it was about to wipe the goalpost and fly into the goal. As a result, a gloved opponent appeared in the ball path, and Lu Wenbin’s shot was saved by Buffon.
Both sides kept the score for half an hour.
Then in the 32nd minute, China finally got another chance.
This time, it was the Italian winger Lu Wenbin who commanded Zhang Linpeng’s front defense and forced the other side to take the lead. Lu Wenbin had already prepared for it, and gave the ball to Zhao Peng before grabbing Gilardino.
After landing, Lu Wenbin turned and rushed forward, ran out of the gear and turned around to signal Zhao Peng to pass the ball.
Zhao Peng got the message without waiting for Gilardino to get close to him, so he put the ball in front of Lu Wenbin.
The ball was slightly bigger, and Derossi rushed to compete with Lu Wenbin nearby.
But Lu Wenbin’s acceleration was too fast, and he touched the ball first.
However, Lu Wenbin is about to collide with Derossi.
Derossi wants to hit it. It’s better to keep Lu Wenbin than to kill him with the ball to his own half.
As a result, there was no violent head-on collision between the two men. Derossi was hit by a side shoulder and stumbled, and then his center of gravity was unstable and he fell to the ground
Derossi raised his hand to signal Lu Wenbin’s foul, but the referee ignored Lu Wenbin’s beautiful Marseille roundabout and passed him without any foul.
Without hearing the referee’s whistle, Lu Wenbin naturally ignored the fact that Derossi didn’t rush to the Italian forbidden zone with the ball at the fastest speed, and could not give the opponent a chance to return to defense.
After the Italian overall pressure attacked Derossi, Lu Wenbin had midfielder candreva, defender Astori and chiellini in front of him at this time.
And these three people have to defend Deng Zhuoxiang and Lei Wu.
Chiellini followed Lei Wu and Astori to guard against Deng Zhuoxiang and candreva’s border defense, trying to wait for his teammates to return to defense.
But Lu Wenbin was too fast. montolivo, Marjorie and De Silio didn’t chase him back.
As the distance is getting closer and closer, it is almost back to the line of the Great Forbidden Zone. candreva has no way to try to grab it.
At the same time, chiellini also threw away Wu Lei, who was about to rush over to help defend Lu Wenbin, threatening to compete against Lei.
But Lu Wenbin didn’t give chiellini a chance to get close.
He shook candreva with a bull’s tail, then shook candreva without passing anyone, and then shot with his left foot outside the forbidden area.
Lu Wenbin’s left and right feet are well balanced, and his left foot shot didn’t affect the quality of his long-range shot at all.
The ball flew in front of chiellini, flew over Buffon’s fingers, slammed the beam and fell into the goal. Buffon fished it out and held it in his arms.
The China players cheered at once, but the Italian players repeatedly indicated to the referee that the goal was missed and was saved by Buffon.
The referee also frowned and asked the linesman instead of whistling.
This is a shot with the goal line hanging like a mystery.
Did the ball cross the goal line as a whole?
Is it China’s goal or Italian gateball?
The referee has some indecision.
He had to ask the linesman for help before he started to make the forehead line technique.
Chapter 669 Overtime
The linesman didn’t see if Lu Wenbin scored this shot, so he hesitated and didn’t answer the referee.
Okay, just then, the big screen on the scene began to play Lu Wenbin’s shot.
Then the ball hit the crossbar and bounced to the ground. In an instant, goal-line technology erased all the interference factors such as the goalkeeper and the net, leaving the ball and the line.
At the scene and in front of the camera, everyone clearly saw that the ball that hit the ground completely crossed the goal line.
It’s a little more than that, but it’s still more than that.
There is no controversy. The referee blew the effective whistle of scoring in the middle circle of his finger.
For a long time, China fans were finally able to celebrate with confidence, while Italian fans were very depressed.
The game resumed. China’s defensive counter-attack was more determined, while Italy was more aggressive in formation.
However, until the half-time, neither side scored again.
China had little chance to fight back, while the Italian attack was followed by China’s desperate defense.