Lan Jingyi saw that he woke up and hurried to heat up the food for him. Jiang Junyue felt more and more comfortable eating that kind of home. He ate Lan Jingyi and sat opposite him. "What news did you promise me today?"

"Wait till I have eaten." Easy to eat. He really hasn’t eaten Lanjingyi’s cooking for a long time. It’s ok and he hasn’t regressed.
"Can’t you tell me first?" She was so anxious to pity him. When he was asleep, she couldn’t wait to wake him up, but she couldn’t bear it.
"I said I’ll tell you later anyway, I will tell you today." Lanqing is good, but she held back and didn’t say it. Let’s give this Niang both a surprise tonight.
"Jiang Junyue, how late did you say it was?"
"Well, I’ll take you back to my old house after dinner, and then I’ll tell you."
Lan Jingyi spoke English, but Jiang Junyue didn’t say that she couldn’t help sitting opposite him, but no matter what her expression was, the man opposite Lan Jingyi felt that no man could hold his breath more than Jiang Junyue.
Jiang Junyue ate well. It was already three o’clock in the afternoon. He washed the dishes and cleaned up a blue scene. He changed his clothes and said to Jiang Junyue, "Let’s go."
"Where is Qinqin?" See LanJingYi was a person to go back with him to see master Jiang Junyue unknowingly frown and asked.
"Oh, it’s good that my mother coaxed us, but we’ll come back soon or we’ll be hungry." Going to see the master made her a little scared. What if the master buckled Qin Qin? She was absolutely reluctant to take it with her.
"Don’t go with Aunt Sunny. I’ll save a meal in the evening," said Jiang Junyue, with his face turned red and his heart skipped.
Er, the president of Tangtang Jiang’s family even calculated the money for a meal. "What if Grandpa leaves Qin Qin?" She remembered that her eyes were shining when the banquet master looked at Xiao Qinqin last night.
"Do you want me to give you a written military order?"
"I promise you will bring Xiao Qinqin back." If so, he has to bring his son back, too. I haven’t seen him for a day and a night. Although it’s less than 24 hours, he really misses the little thing at the moment. I wonder if the little thing is crying or not?
Jiang Junyue promised to make Lan Jingyi more or less a letter, but she was still a little worried. "Do you have to save a meal?"
"Well, I’m poor."
桑拿网Nonsense. He bought her clothes for more than 1000. When he slept, she counted more than a dozen.
Well, just watch him give himself one surprise after another, and she will listen to him and turn around and go back to the bedroom. "Mom told me to let you and Qinqin go together."
"This ….. I won’t go" LanQing slightly hesitant.
"Let’s go. You must go."
"All right, then." Lan Qing changed her clothes, and at the same time Lan Jingyi got Xiao Qinqin ready to go out and bring things. Three generations of four people, old and young, got Jiang Junyue again. The closer the car got to Jiang Gu’s old house, the more Lan Jingyi drummed her heart. She was a little worried because the master and He Ling didn’t like her very much
But we agreed to go, and she couldn’t escape. Now that she has decided to be his Jiang Junyue woman, she has to find a way to integrate into his family so as not to make it difficult for him.
There are more people in Jiang’s old house today than at Jiang Junyue’s engagement party last night, and even his uncle, who seldom goes home, has come back.
Before the black Lamborghini stopped, the nanny came out with Xiaoxi to meet Lan Qing. As soon as I saw the little thing, my eyes couldn’t move away. "Can you give me a hug?" She liked this little thing at first glance when she tried to ask. It is said that it was born by a woman named Luo, but how did she feel that the child was particularly familiar? How did it look so much like the pink baby she had seen in her memory?
The nanny immediately handed the child to Lanqing Lanqing and carefully asked, "What’s your name?"
"Is this a nickname?"
"What’s your name?"
"This … this gentleman doesn’t seem to be up yet."
Jiang Junyue is bending over to hug Lan Jingyi’s arms in the car. Lan Jingyi just tidied up a car that was messed up by Xiao Qinyi, and it was late. When he heard the nanny, Jiang Junyue casually asked Lan Jingyi, "What name did you give him if Yiyi was our son?"
"Oh, at that time, I casually called my daughter Qin Qin and called Zhuang Zhuang."
"Ok, then be strong." Then he held his daughter in one hand and turned around with the other hand, but handed it to the little thing in Lanqing’s arms. "Come and hold you so heavy for dad, don’t be tired of grandma." He didn’t wait for this day any longer. He gave Lanjingyi a second surprise at the moment.