In the end, Australia drew with Oman 11 and defeated Iraq 1, and took the second place. Oman and Australia shared Australia equally, and even the qualification for the play-offs was in jeopardy.

However, few fans in China paid attention to this round of the top ten. Anyway, China has qualified and it’s their turn to make a bet on what the other four teams will do.
China fans note Lu Wenbin’s marriage.
On June 5th, Lu Wenbin and Kate, the marriage registration point of West Street Civil Affairs Bureau in Meitan County, Zunyi City, witnessed that they got the marriage certificate and took photos with several couples who were equally excited and left quickly.
By the time his people got the news and rushed to West Street, Lu Wenbin and Kate had already disappeared.
Everyone was so upset that they missed the opportunity to meet the superstar.
Then you can watch Lu Wenbin’s wedding live.
Lu Wenbin and Kate’s wedding was first held in Meitan, and friends and people from Lu Wenbin’s family were invited to attend.
Then go back to Kate’s home in Dietford, Germany, and hold another meeting to invite foreign business partners and Kate’s relatives and friends in Germany to participate.
June, 2013, the first day of May, the fourth year of the lunar calendar, should be married and accepted.
The wedding of Lu Wenbin and Kate of Tianhu Hotel in Meitan County, which has been certified by Guinness World Records and is the largest teapot in the world, was officially held.
The wedding was attended by the State Sports General Administration, the China Football Association on behalf of the China national team, the coach of the Olympic team, and teammates. A deputy mayor came from the city, and in addition to a business trip, the county magistrate’s department was here.
Lu Wenbin’s appearance has given Meitan several investment opportunities. gd has soared year after year, and the per capita income of the people in the county has been rising. It is also appropriate for Lu Wenbin to come to congratulate him when he gets married.
Of course, Lu Wenbin’s parents used to be the boss and workmates of Meitan Winery.
Athletes are not suitable for advertising alcohol. However, when Meitan Winery was marketing to the outside world, it was announced that Lu Wenbin was the younger brother of Meitan Winery staff, which made people look up and became a good brand in just a few years.
Lu Wenbin naturally knows that the winery has been doing business with his banner, but there is no need to be too serious about the origin of everyone.
He is the media, co-advertisers, Lu Wenbin’s own company executives and so on. About five people witnessed the wedding of Lu Wenbin and Kate.
Other netizens and fans can watch it through live webcast.
Outside the Tianhu Hotel, there is armed police to maintain order, and you can’t get in without an invitation.
Lu Wenbin, the emcee, recalled Kate’s acquaintance, then exchanged wedding rings, offered tea to both parents, drank a glass of wine, etc. Lu Wenbin and Kate watched the live broadcast, and several relatives, friends and fans witnessed the marriage.
Then Lu Wenbin and Kate toasted table by table after opening the table and changing clothes.
Lu Wenbin, an athlete, rarely drinks and has never been drunk, but this time Lu Wenbin was drunk in a down-to-earth manner.
A good wedding has a special person in charge of everything. What does Lu Wenbin worry about?
Finally, Lu Wenbin got the certificate and held the wedding. Kate was also sincerely happy to help Lu Wenbin wash, change clothes and serve him very carefully.
Is it true that Lu Wenbin will take part in the Confederations Cup honeymoon this summer?
However, both of them have been living together for so long, and it’s not a honeymoon. It’s just a formality.
After the wedding in their hometown and a day’s rest, they traveled to the Alps for two days to avoid the summer, and then rushed to Dietford, Germany for the second wedding.
On June 11th, in the ninth round of the Top Ten, Australia won 31 games, without Lu Wenbin or too many main players. The second team of China lost 1 home to the Japanese Oman round.
There is still one round left, leading Australia by 4 minutes, and getting the second place in Group B to qualify directly.
Australia will be able to compete for the play-offs
On June 13th, the second wedding of Lu Wenbin and Kate in Dietford was held as scheduled.
This time, it’s just a formality for Kate’s family, friends and relatives, Lu Wenbin’s European teammates, coaches and partners to get together.
Lu Wenbin has already let out the wind of leaving Real Madrid. This time, the owner and head of the European club came to attend Lu Wenbin’s wedding.
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A little too much.
Many people meet Lu Wenbin for the first time uninvited.
People communicate directly with Lu Wenbin or Mendes through Lu Wenbin’s wedding, trying to attract Lu Wenbin to play in these clubs.
Because there is one year left in Lu Wenbin’s contract, these clubs have offered about 100 million euros to Real Madrid, even tens of millions, but more than 100 million euros is too much.
Real Madrid is still waiting for the club that wants to bid higher.
If these clubs can’t get a reply from Real Madrid, they naturally want to find Lu Wenbin to put pressure on Real Madrid.
A club from England aroused Lu Wenbin’s interest 2.
They offered shares to introduce Lu Wenbin.
They say that Lu Wenbin is so strong, and now the club effectiveness theory has made great achievements. How successful the club competition is and how profitable the business is, Lu Wenbin finally gives Lu Wenbin a little salary at most.
But if Lu Wenbin shares in their club, the club will succeed, and Lu Wenbin will naturally benefit.
桑拿按摩Lu Wenbin won the championship and the honor was not the boss but himself. After Lu Wenbin won the honor and income, Lu Wenbin also got a dividend.
Chapter 656 Paris Saint-Germain
The meeting of this English club made Lu Wenbin and Mendes shine at the moment.
Transfer to transfer to Lu Wenbin’s plug-in system. The last thing he did was to make wedding clothes for others.
For example, Real Madrid has won two trebles and two trebles, and the real commercial value gains have already exceeded the introduction of Lu Wenbin and the payment of his salary bonus.
But will Real Madrid share these profits with him?
On the contrary, some people think that his salary is too high, that he is a money addict, and that giving him such a high salary is as famous as looking up to him.
It’s a good idea to transfer to a new team shareholder and boss under the conditions of shareholding.
After Lu Wenbin, he can not only earn salary and bonus, but also gain the honor and business value after his club won the championship.
This seems to be the correct way to make it, otherwise it seems meaningless to be a player and a wage earner all the time.
But can players join the team?
This is a problem.
At Lu Wenbin’s wedding, UEFA officials Lu Wenbin and Mendesma took people aside for consultation.
Lu Wenbin’s question also puzzled UEFA officials a bit.
It is allowed for a boss to own two teams, as long as he doesn’t play in one league. It is also possible for players to invest in teams as bosses after retirement.
However, the active players are so rich as Lu Wenbin that now they have to take a stake in the team and be the boss at the same time. The UEFA official said that he was a little stupid and forced him to go back and ask.
The next day after the wedding, UEFA responded. Lu Wenbin can invest in a team in Europe, and he can play in that club but not in other clubs.
If you want to leave his club, you can go to his continental league.