Ye helped the disease to rest and ran to the front of the soldiers to tell her the method of the disease. After listening to it, the soldiers frowned. "Is this ok?"

Ye Xuezu said with a wry smile, "I don’t know!"
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夜网论坛Chapter 19 Alternative Battlefield (16)
The soldiers chose more than 500 players who were bold, blindfolded and pointed in the direction of the soldiers. As before, 500 players entered the "Tiantai" of the Ghost Warrior, and the soldiers and others stared at the players without blinking. At the beginning, the first player entered the "Tiantai", but there was nothing to reflect. At the beginning, the first two groups of players reacted for ten minutes. Because they were blindfolded, they could not see the way and could not find the Ghost Warrior. Although they saw him outside, they were completely inside.
After observing for a while, the soldiers immediately found that the machine was played through the players’ eyes, but it was impossible for the players to go in with blindfolds. What should I do? Crowd tactics? This may not be a very good way to win or lose, but it is not a temporary matter. It is not very big to enter in batches. What should we do?
Qin Yong was heartbroken when he saw the soldiers struggling. "Brother, don’t we gods have a skill called [sacred light]?"
Qin Yong immediately reflected another skill of the god officer [light hunting]. Although this skill is to find invisible creatures, the other one is to shine more than the wizard [fire hunting], but there is much more light. "With brothers, all the waiters come out to prepare."
Almost 300,000 waiters, priests and divine officials joined together, and all the waiters entered the’ Tiantai’ together, and together they made the skill [light hunting] Tiantai suddenly stunned everyone’s eyes and shouted "Brothers!"
Millions of players rushed into the’ Tiantai’ together. Although the’ Tiantai’ was very big, it was impossible to say that it was so big that millions of people rushed in. Because of being stung by white light, the Ghost Warrior couldn’t open his eyes and opened the’ Tiantai’, he suddenly became a demon flying all over amityville horror. Many girls and players screamed and everything was in a mess. Players were also injured by accident. Now they can point to the direction and go straight ahead. After entering the’ Tiantai’, it was impossible to tell the number of players before and after. Quantity occupies every area. It took a while for the Ghost Warrior to open his eyes, but it was too late. Because the Ghost Warrior was surrounded by players, although the players could not see him, according to the speed at which players poured into the’ rooftop’, players would soon find out that the Ghost Warrior was drowned by one person with a mouthful of saliva.
At the thought of this demon warrior, some of them started to shrink back. Two of them died in front, and one of them ran away, so he must die. After the demon warrior figured it out, he changed the illusion’ Tiantai’ and turned it back into a piece of clear resentment, but the martial arts scholar was gone.
The players froze in the face of a sudden sunny day, and then they kept cheering, and the soldiers took a deep breath. Qin Yong smiled and pulled the soldiers with a look of excitement. Yes, there is only that gate left. I believe that is the place leading to the last mouth.
The Ghost Warrior fled to the back and thought to himself, where did such a bunch of desperate guys almost make him breathless? After walking for a while, he saw a very huge green vine wrapped around the object at a glance.
"What is this? Huh? How can there be a feeling of life inside? " The hand of the Ghost Warrior presses the edge of the object to beat like a heartbeat, and the beating frequency is the same as that of the human heart. What is this? Just as the Ghost Warrior wanted to see what was going on again, the green object suddenly stretched out several vines and wrapped the Ghost Warrior in it. The Ghost Warrior cut off a dozen vines with one knife, but more and more vines were entangled. Soon, the Ghost Warrior was wrapped in the green object and it became quiet again.
"Adoptive father, shall we act now?" Mu Haoer saw everything through the telescope and saw it at the last mouth. He was anxious to ask his father at the other end of the com
"Wait, you take the virus knight ambush and seize the opportunity to destroy the player department in front, and then the fruitful fruit will be when we admire the family alone. Who else can not listen to our call? Ok, what do you want then? It’s not enough. "
"Father, you are so kind to me. Don’t worry, I will do everything well."
"Good son, I will let you inherit the family business after you do things."
"It’s father," Mu Haoer turned to the housekeeper and said, "Get ready to go. By the way, let’s not move the green object in front for the time being. What’s going on now?"
Haoer pointed to a virtual map and said, "Let’s wait in ambush until they break through and launch a sneak attack at the last moment. How many virus knights are there now?"
The housekeeper replied, "Miss, there are more than 7 million people, and they are organized to act at any time."
"Okay, you let them sneak to the designated location and wait for my instructions."
"yes, miss"
Mu Haoer went to see the housekeeper and raised his telescope to look at the huge green object. What is this thing? There is also the elegant president of the elegant guild not far away. Why does he sleep there alone? If it is dead, it should disappear, but I have never heard of sleeping in fairyland. Strange!
The dark fire took a dozen people to the place where they were sent at first. This is the place where the most people stayed when they were just sent from the rose garden. Now the dark fire was about to pick up several important people. A white light flashed and several figures appeared in front of the dark fire.
Dark fire happily hugged the bearer and said, "Brother, you’re just in time."
Several girls behind him laughed and asked, "Where’s Yi?"
"Come with me in front of him. The situation at the front is very tense now."
"Okay, let’s go!"
The soldiers gathered all the people, such as Iron Man, Death, Disease Method, Qin Yong, Rain and Rain, Wu Bing, Ye, Xi Xi, Assassination, First, Last, God Wish, etc.
"In front of us is the last battle of this battlefield. I believe you can also see the huge Diablo king who is seven meters tall and the psychedelic king behind him. Every psychedelic king is better than the BOSS of Queen Bee and Tiger King. According to the data, Diablo king can call psychedelic kings internationally, and now there are hundreds of psychedelic kings there. Everyone can guess that we can’t compete with them in terms of individual strength and attack power. So do you have any good ideas?"
Everyone is lost in thinking. Is there really any way to solve this dark king?
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
Chapter 20 Prelude to Final Battlefield
The Snow Queen of Xuefu City looks at Jade Emperor’s creation. Everything here is made according to the angel blue in the world of human mythology, while the fairyland is made according to the blue of human body. Although the two worlds are different, the sky, the earth and the trees are the same. Since our people have such powerful abilities, why do we need to carry out life trials and constantly pursue exhausted strength? My predecessor also thought about it, but there is no answer, and there can be no answer. Some people are much better than themselves. Some people can create a star in the universe, and their people are dominated by tyrants and emperors! What universe wants to produce such a creature of its own?
In the real world, the Shuishi enterprise building looks cold and cold. Looking at her daughter Shuisilei lying in bed in a coma, is it worthwhile for her daughter to marry that person?
"Silly, you are our family. I hope I am proud of what you will meet him. If I had known, I would not have let you investigate Lan Fengyun and what happened in his game, otherwise you wouldn’t have met such a dangerous thing."
The water is light and heavy, and then I took a look at my daughter and turned out of the door. All the elders and layer personnel of Shuishi Enterprise gathered together.
"I believe all of you know what is happening now. Now the world is changing. Do we need our own family or the world? You decide!"
There was a lot of discussion. One of the oldest elders in the family expressed his opinion and said, "The clan world is facing a crisis. We all know that it will take 20 years for our space program to be implemented, and we still need enough energy in these 20 years, but it has been proved that it is impossible for us to continue to develop our roots unless the population of the human world is reduced by four fifths."
A researcher in charge of scientific research and development got up and said, "Chief, I think we need the world to do its part. This is not only for ourselves, but also for the continuation of our humanity. Maybe this is a bit serious, but that’s what I think."
"Chief, we have the same idea. Now the world has experienced a catastrophe a hundred years ago, but thousands of years of resources have almost turned into waste that we don’t know. Now the only energy available is nuclear energy and a few unchanged oil. Its renewable energy roots can’t support such a great loss in the world, so what must we do?"
Looking at the water, almost everyone wants the world to do their part, and they have made up their minds to say to them, "Now I can tell you that if our world does something, our enterprise and our family will probably face the result of dissolution. Is it worth it?"
Everyone is silent. Is it worthwhile to sacrifice the whole family world for a hope that may not be realized?
The water is light and harsh. Seeing that all the people turned and left the meeting room, they came to Shuisilei’s room. The daughter was still in a coma for more than ten hours and kept wasting her spirit. Now I don’t know if she can wake up. Even a strong person like her daughter is like this. What about its players? It’s also a player in the game. What will the world face? We can already guess that it will be a terrible fact that hundreds of millions of people in the world will suddenly become paralyzed like their own daughters, and many people may not wake up. This bet is too big, and what our company can do is to help this group of people and help hundreds of millions of people. How much does it cost? This is astronomical. Is it worth it?
The same worries include Lan Fengyun and Locke, who used to be bystanders, but they found it difficult and terrible to compete with each other. These tens of thousands of people are not the same thing, and they can’t fight for the final interests. Then what is there now?
"Lan Fengyun, what are you going to do?" Locke asked.
"President, I think you should like me, we continue to go and there’s nothing wrong. The only way now is …"
"Well, it seems that we can do the same, otherwise we can’t even get the peel."
"Are you going back or should I?"
"Let’s go back together. Our agent is here anyway, right?"
"I don’t trust each other for you. Let’s go home together. There are still many things to do later."
After a flash of light, the two gangs attacked Lan Fengyun and Locke respectively, and then they left the remaining troops, but their small leaders led and followed the brigade to support the agents at any time.