Get the wine! I yelled at Pang Gan and then tore Tuoba Ye’s clothes to reveal the bloody wound inside!

My Lord? !” His face turned white, and Tuoba Ye’s body trembled and his expression was slightly dismayed.
You help him straight! Don’t move! I stopped him from moving.
I took a bag of wine from Pang Gan, and I drank half a bag of wine myself, and then I sprayed it at the wound with full qi.
Psst … Alcohol invaded the wound and Tuoba Ye couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning.
After half a minute of crazy spraying, I felt that it was not enough for Youzi to spray the remaining half bag of spirits on Tuoba Ye’s waist.
Later … I made this decision that I will never regret in my life.
Good I bent my knees and finished squatting. I’ll give you two sips of socalled wolf poison to infiltrate your body!
Tuoba Ye tiger body Yishan stupefied didn’t speak.
The lip touched that place where the wolf kiss had gnawed.
Tuoba Ye was shocked again.
For the first time in my life, I am so close to a man with no blood.
Maybe it’s because I just drank his blood?
I took a sip of warm and fishy liquid and slowly rushed into my mouth.
桑拿会所Tuoba Ye earthquake again.
I mercilessly spit out the blood in my mouth, and the blood was slightly dark black.
Like all martial arts novels in previous lives, I buried my head and sucked more than ten mouthfuls until my blood was black again.
I patted Tuoba Ye’s lower back and slowly rose from the ground. I think you …
Tuoba Ye gently caressed the waist wound eyes suddenly rolled tears.
I patted his broad but slightly thin shoulders again and smiled. A little injury can’t kill you so easily!
He nodded vigorously without making a sound.

The next afternoon, 4,000 frightened steeds finally carried 4,000 fighters back to Linrong.
The first thing to do is to immediately send someone to escort Tuoba Ye to Zhang Ji for wound treatment. Even if he was bitten by a dog in his previous life, he had to be scared. Is the situation so fierce and fierce?
In recognition of everyone’s courage, I have decided that there will be no active military action for ten days, so that everyone can have a full rest and the fragile hearts of the horses can be comforted a little.
I don’t want to lose half of my tiger and leopard camp directly after this war between man and beast …
Jia Xu simply greeted our generals.
We entered the hall in great shame.
On behalf of and at the head of me is reared its head Mr Wen and … regret not listening to Mr! This trip … almost wiped out … This is not fiction. Although the enemy is 500 wild wolves, if we really wait for the fire to go out, people and animals will not be able to escape half of it … Wolves eat people much faster than archery …
Jia Xu was full of surprise. You have achieved fruitful results this time. I don’t think the soldiers seem to have lost much …
I stared at him for two eyes. It didn’t seem like a joke. But … I didn’t find anything …
Isn’t it enough for 20,000 Hu people to stay in Shuofang? Jia Xu said, Don’t be too greedy.
11 Wei Zhen Hu Lu
Er dad, we didn’t even see a ghost all the way … Jia Mu scratched his head.
Jia Xu’s strange way: It’s strange to those people, but they all lived in the grassland south of Linrong …
Call a few people to ask first. I took a bowl of water and poured it into my mouth.
Several conference semifinals waddled over, and as soon as I saw that I was drinking water, I kowtowed on the ground.
Get up and don’t kneel, I waved. I am an official who loves the people like parents. Since you have become my son, I will never abuse you. Where did you live before?
Report back to the king. The young people all live in the area of OO River and OO River.
Jia Xu was ready. He immediately spread an atlas. This is where the big river meets a tributary. There are many tributaries of the Yellow River. This small stream root doesn’t deserve a Chinese name …
But how did you come to Shuofang by yourselves? Tuoba Ye asked, I don’t remember knowing you.