Xun Yu was silent for a long time with a sigh of shame. It’s been a long time since I saw Liang Gong’s eyes …

Seeing his psychological defense face to face, I immediately decided to take advantage of the situation to attack him.
But I heard the voice of Dian Wei over there. Is your master going to recruit him?
I turned to look at the guard. What are you trying to say?
Dian Wei pointed to the hundreds of soldiers who were struggling to survive on both sides of the Jishui River. He killed many of our brothers, but the master has to recruit him back to be a senior official? If the master’s day is such a day, Dian Wei, the only bodyguard … don’t do it!
I suddenly became gauze!
14 father reunion dinner
This is really a difficult choice.
But my approach is very simple.
Wen Ruo, you heard me. I smiled at Xun Yu. I always listen to good advice. If I don’t severely deal with such a vicious person as you, my brothers who died because of you will never spare me, and … I just described to you that the dream world will also become a dream bubble.
Xun Yu sighed, Now that Lianggong has become a public enemy of Lianggong, I didn’t expect to walk away. This action has failed, so let Lianggong dispose of it.
Very well, I looked at Marten Ma Dai again, biting my teeth and sneering. Take these three masterminds back to Luoyang, and then do what you do to me … I’ll make you wish you were dead!
Where are the others? Zhang Ben asked, clutching his sabre with both hands.
I waved disdainfully. Let them go back and send their funeral home to Liu Xie!

However, I did not return to Luoyang immediately, but sent someone to inform Luoyang and personally took people along the drowning to find the missing soldiers.
According to Xun Yu’s own account, they sent people to swim in Jishui in advance to build a small earth dam to temporarily contain the river for a day, and then when I crossed the river, the earth dam was destroyed, causing the river to surge instantly.
After two hours of searching and salvaging, all the soldiers have landed except for ten soldiers who are still alive and dead.
I breathed a sigh of relief in my heart, not too much …
I didn’t lead my team back to Luoyang until it was dark.
By the time I got back to Luoyang, I could hardly see the road.
I was greeted by all the civil and military officials in Luoyang city.
I’m lucky to be back from my illness! Wang Lie almost cried.
Looking at this large group of people, old and young, I was very moved and waved my hand. I am really sorry to keep you waiting.
What’s the matter of waiting a little longer for your master to return safely? Han Ji and Wei Ji came to hold my horse one by one, which made me rudely boom.
It’s over, and the murderer who intended to harm me has been captured alive. I pointed to the three people behind me. You must have been tired after waiting for a long time, so go back and rest first.
All right, let’s rest first. Let’s talk about something first thing in the morning. Jia Xu waved to the people behind him.
They gave me a bow and slowly dispersed.
Long time no see, General Shoucheng. Jia Xu bowed his hand at Marten.
Marten calmly replied, Yes, Mr. Wenhe, I’m sorry that I can’t reciprocate the rope.
Xun You also said hello to Xun Yu over there. Uncle, you have gone too far this time.
Xun Yu looked bitter. It’s hard to be cruel, but it still failed.
Really … Xun You whispered, I’m afraid I can’t intercede for you.
Xun Yu slightly stunned and then laughed. I am prepared.
I greeted a few people who stayed, didn’t I?
Jia Xu shook his head this matter … please master yourself.
I didn’t expect him to answer me like this, but then I thought he was rightI couldn’t expect them to help me decide to kill Marten and Ma Dai …
So … I looked at the three prisoners and didn’t know what to say. Let’s have dinner together.
They turned to look at me and didn’t know what to look at.

I didn’t expect you and my father to have dinner again in this situation. I felt a little sigh before dinner.
I didn’t expect … Marten replied. We can have another meal.
Whether he succeeded in subduing me or failed in being killed by me, we will not get together.
How is Liu Xie now? I gently lifted the wine bottle and shook the wine in it.
Since he moved the capital, he has become increasingly thin … Marten looked solemn as if he had met a very sacred and great hero. In order to revive the great man, he forgot to eat and sleep, and he was busy day and night …
Stop, stop, stop … I couldn’t help interrupting him. Liu Xie is under the jurisdiction of three counties, but where are the chickens coming from?
The old horse rubbed his stubble. It’s hard to get rid of you rebels … I’m so upset that I can’t sleep all night.
This reason … I can accept it.
But the general trend has been like this … there is nothing he can do if he is upset again. Although I, Liu Xie, are fairly harmonious and his personal treatment of me is quite kind, at this moment I have no other way but to show a little pity for his situation.
Dian Wei, who was standing outside the door, coughedsomeone was probably near.
Master a moment later, someone called out Cheng Yu, Xi Jun asks for an audience
I made it very clear when I was out of town. It must be …
Come in, I raised my voice and told Liang Cong, who was standing behind me, Let the kitchen have another meal for two.
The hall door was gently pushed, and Yu Cheng and Jun Xi entered the threshold in tandem.
Alone, I really have no appetite to eat. The play gentleman smiled and said, If the master doesn’t think it’s an eyesore, he will have a cheeky dinner with the master.
I smiled. You’re here. Can I kick you out?
按摩Cheng Yu nodded at me and consciously sat opposite Marten.
A few months ago, the second child came to tell my father that he was besieged by Lu Bu and was seriously injured and unconscious, crying and begging me to save you … I turned over the old scores for the old horse. At that time, I could have marched straight into the army and uprooted Luoyang City and wiped out the Manchu civil and military forces … but I still took my men to save you, didn’t I?