At the beginning of April last year, a big fellow worshipped the master and most of the western regions protected him. After the master left Luoyang at the beginning of May, the court plotted against Yuan Shao.

The pointer is in the three directions of Youzhou, Qingzhou and Bingzhou. From the layout of the former imperial court, it is difficult to be fortunate that Yuan Shao’s troops are no matter how strong they are.
On September 12, Yuan Shao was already ready to move. First of all, he marched north to the four counties in the south of the country on the 10th, and tens of thousands of people defected to the north. Wu Huan, dispatch troops should have just experienced heavy losses in the war. Lu Zhi was able to escape from Peiping in the face of a strong army in Ma Zhuang.
The pointer fell on the border of Jizhou, Bing, and the word symbol At the beginning of October, Yuan Shao attacked Cao Yuan Shao, and Yuan Tan was at loggerheads in Jingxing. At that time, the military newspaper said that Tan Bing was too sharp to enter, but at least the court held back some of Yuan Shao’s troops.
In midOctober, the court recognized that Lombardi was already in a tight position on two fronts, so it sent Qiu Zhang Wenbu to ride Wanbei to beg for thieves, and Zhang Gong took away almost all the troops in Gyeonggi at that time.
But this Wan Hanjun was sent by Yuan Shao to Guo Tu and Wen Chou, and was defeated outside Yecheng. Wang Lieyin was somewhat low.
The pointer drew an arc obliquely from Hongnong. In midNovember, seeing Zhang Gong’s defeat, the situation was tight. The court urgently adjusted Jing Zhaoyin’s Huangfusong rate to ride more than 10,000 yuan to ease the situation here in Zhang Wen.
HuangFuSong cavalry offensive aggressive Lombardi general Yan Liang didn’t pick up the first world war and then retreated hundreds of miles north. At that time, the court’s morale greatly recognized that Lombardi was dead.
I left the pie mouth.
In order to deal a fatal blow to Yuan Shao, the imperial court transferred General Marten’s cavalry brigade to support the Hebei war.
Cough Yan Fangxiong Jia Xu motioned for Wang Lie to stop for a while. General Marten is active.
Oh, yes Wang Lie nodded and continued to explain In early February of this year, General Marten did his best to ride a thousand miles in Liangzhou to rescue Hebei Huangfusong stationed in Qingzhou, and Sun Jian and dispatch troops correspondingly faced Yuan Shaosi with the enemy at that time.
At the beginning of March, Sun Jian led thirty thousand soldiers from Qingzhou to attack Yuan Shaojun for discipline, and Gao Lan blocked Liu Bei from attacking the enemy Yuan Jun in disorder, followed by Huang Fusong and Marten who broke Yan Liang Lu Zhi Gongsun Zan and repelled Yuan Shaoji in Youzhou. Yuan Xi Zhang Wen took advantage of the situation and led the army north to push back Guo Tu and Wen Chou, but Yuan Shaojun was in charge of Fiona Fang for nearly a hundred miles … The old man looked gloomy. Unexpectedly, Cao Cao gave the court a fatal blow at this moment!
At the end of March, Cao Cao and the Tiger Wolf surprised Lu Bu’s predecessor, Huang Fusong and Marten, and killed more than 10,000 in the giant deer.
Quyi design cheated Lu Zhi and Gongsun Zan, and they completely lost their counterattack forces and could retreat to Peiping!
Then QuYi marched south, and suddenly Cao Cao’s troops ambushed Zhang Wen in Julu, and Zhang Gong suffered no more than 20,000 casualties!
At the beginning of April, Lu Bu attacked Marten’s troops again in Wei County, and killed more than 10,000 people!
Although I have a general understanding of this information, my mood is still fluctuating with Wang Lie’s narrative.
The Great Han Dynasty lost more than 50,000 troops in January.
If I had 50 thousand elite three years ago, I would have wiped out the country, right?
I’m thinking again.
In less than two months, Lien Chan, the losing master of Hebei Province, went straight to the Central Plains from the northwest. Three counties, three auxiliary counties, two rivers and Hongnong were all owned by the master. The soldiers were only a few miles away from Luoyang. Wang Lie straightened his arm and pointed his pointer obliquely from the westernmost white area of the western region. The big man lost more than half of his life in the past six months, and he never sat down again, clamoring for moving the capital all day.
Xungong suggested moving the capital to Yingchuan County, and Yang Gong suggested moving further away. Runan Matthew Bao and Shi Sungong suggested moving to East Han Longxing Nanyang, and others suggested moving directly to Jingzhou Zhisuo. After all, Liu Biao is a Han clan.
I looked at the map and secretly thought about whether Liu Biao, the local tyrant of Jingzhou, would take in this victim’s relatives by this time or two.
But the court remembered what Liu Biao had done and gave him no hope, and finally decided to move the capital to Nanyang Wancheng.
At this time, the news that the master was defeated by Lyu3 bu4 jumped to the top of the star all day and was already sitting still in the court of Nanlu. On the same day, I packed up the gold and silver and prepared to escape. The master stopped in Pingyin that night, surrounded by officials, and took a carriage for fear that you would enter the city with a knife. He withdrew his pointer and ended his review of the situation in this year.
I finally speak ha ha where I dare to kill them? I took a rest in Pingyin for most of the day, waiting for the court officials to move out of valuable things before I dared to go to town.
But Xu still didn’t expect you to March into Luoyang. Jia Xu looked at me with a smile.
Ah? I can’t help wondering, Sir, you mean … taking over Luoyang … I’m wrong?
He shook his head hard to say
Cheng Yu said, We once argued three times about whether to suggest that the master take Luoyang City. Finally, the word difficult to assert was used … We decided not to suggest to the master that everything should be decided by the master himself.
I can’t help but have a headache. There is no such counselor! Don’t give me an analysis of the pros and cons!
If you return to Hongnong Yuan Shao, Cao Cao, Zhang Wen, Sun Jian and others, it is bound to be a struggle for Luoyang’s ownership. Now that you have occupied it, you have to be mentally prepared. Jia Xu said as if he didn’t have a penny.
桑拿论坛However, it must not be so difficult for him to say it so easily. Sir, don’t put any more pressure on me. You must have some countermeasures?
To tell the truth, not yet. Wang Lie, Cheng Yu and Jia Xu shook their heads in unison.
My head was numb with pain, but I didn’t feel it. Well, let’s talk about Luoyang’s current strength and materials.
Luoyang made Jia Xu answer Luoyang City now has a total of five hundred regular troops …
I’m sure I heard you right.
A little more materials came from Liu Xie and fled. Most of the money and food in the palace treasury didn’t move away, but … He stroked his beard smartly. In the past three years, there was not much food in the natural and manmade disasters in the Central Plains …
I shouted and fell backwards.
Are you kidding me? !
5 crooked ways
Now the palace base is a city. Jia Xu is still stroking his beard. There are probably hundreds of thousands of gold armor weapons and war horses in the treasury, and some are enough for us. The main problem is still food and grass. If there is another locust plague or drought this year, we will wait for Yuan Shaolai to collect the body after autumn.
white hair! I got up from the ground and shouted all over the room
Whitehaired him … Pang Gan answered me weakly. He is not what the battalion commander didn’t call him …
I went on the rampage, clapped my hands on the case and thundered, Didn’t I say that? ! He is qualified to participate in the core proceedings! Bring him here quickly!
Yes, yes! Pang Gan rolled and crawled out of the hall.
Who is white hair? Several leftbehind civil servants asked me
A western Taoist Yi? Didn’t I tell you? I changed my posture and explained, When I attacked Qiuci in the western regions, this white hair fell from the sky and advised me to withdraw at the price of his serving my Lord, so I withdrew.
This is not a master’s character? Cheng Yu frowns
This person has something extraordinary? Du Ji Qidao
I can do divination, I thought about it and added, Oh, I can fly.
fly? Old Mr. Wang Lie couldn’t stop shaking his head. What is this?
Jia Xu wanted to say something, but he hesitated.
Here, Cheng Yu is blunt. These are all crooked ways. Your master can’t be too addicted!