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Five villains triggered the biggest fight in Los Angeles history, Lakers vs Clippers!
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The attitude of the most wonderful fighting league in nba history is punished/not punished
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It is reported that the fight did not cause serious injuries to the players. Odom’s dropping two front teeth is the most serious injury!
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Harry Potter crew broke the news that the cause of the former fighttwins sexually assaulted Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson! Peter Pan did it too! !”
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The three best apprentices of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry visited Americathe army was wiped out!
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What happened to sanitation?
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Twin Peter Pan Brokeback Mountain?
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teammate killer no1kwame brown or Cuttino Mobley
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Nokia, you are trustworthy!
On December 1, 2007, unless there is a world war today, there is a headline in the ball newspaper
After the splendid Los Angeles Derby last night, the players of the two teams played an eyepopping playoff in the bar, which was really a good show, especially the last fierce playoff which attracted the world’s attention.
From today’s morning ball, all the headlines except the news of the bar fight between the two teams were so many things that they could report last night. At that time, there were nearly ten paparazzi present. They took a series of hot photos and took a series of eyecatching videos at half the cost of reducing the professionalism of war reporters …
The people of the ball can’t be happier at the moment. It’s just high and tidal!
The nba headquarters in new york is in a mess at the moment. david stern was woken up by his assistant in the early hours of the morning and rushed to the headquarters overnight after learning about it. The meeting room was closed before dawn. Dozens of highlevel officials were woken up early in the morning by words. Many people came back as hot as their president to deal with this biggest fight in nba history without shaving.
Now, dozens of highlevel officials have discussed in it a conclusion that they have not yet worked out the punishment for the two teams. It is not that they are inefficient, but that this incident has caused too much fuss and sensation. Moreover, the more information they get, the more fantastic it is. Why are there such messy things as Harry Potter?
Sexual assault … Brokeback Mountain … Team fights … Misunderstanding … Black Mamba foxes join hands against gangs …
David stern is now overwhelmed with this information, which is too much. At the age of seven, the president said that he must take two quickacting pills to continue the meeting.
Not only the nba can’t figure out the clue of this biggest fight in nba history incident, but even the Los Angeles police are now the first two.
The LAPD has set up a task force to investigate this bizarre fight. The LAPD headquarters transferred dozens of police elites from several subbureaus into three groups to record for the Harry Potter crew, the Lakers and the Clippers respectively.
By noon, the police had finished all the statements and suddenly felt that this matter was even more fucking complicated.
Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film crew said that he was hit by a bottle and a flying saucer at the same time and then fainted directly, knowing nothing about what happened; Rupert Green woke up emotionally and clamored to see little Hermione. His words were enough to make him headline again. In this novel, he saw an Asian sexually assault Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson in the ladies’ room with his own eyes, and Lakers Kobe Bryant was there to help him see that they were a rape!
This story made the police around him feel a little overwhelmed and almost fell to the ground. This penrecording policeman is the first thing that comes to mind of Lakers fans, namely Eagle County incident, but he can’t accept that Kobe will sexually attack the famous child star with his twin brothers or in the ladies’ room!
Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson pen was admitted by a female police officer, and there was no word sexual assault in the face. According to little Hermione, Ji Guo’s shame was that she was drunk and mistakenly entered the women’s health care. She was about to go out, and they happened to meet Kobe Bryant at the door and were attacked in the men’s health care, so they were forced back to the women’s health care together by gangs.
In a fight between the Lakers and the Clippers?
Little Hermione said that she didn’t know anything. She was fainted and Ji Guo was ashamed. She almost fainted. When she heard the sudden noise outside, she didn’t know what they were fighting.
Kobe Bryant on the Lakers side told the recording police that he didn’t know the five guys who attacked him at all and seriously suspected that these five people were sent by O ‘Neill and that the fat man should be taken from Miami and tortured! That’s right. He’s the one behind this …
Do a pen, the police cough, wake up in good faith, and Kobe will tell the story first.
Kobe nodded and fell into memory …
When he was about to go out to wash his hands, he just pushed the door and the whole sanitary light suddenly went out!
Then several black shadows attacked his head on the bottle. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and was not hit at the first place. Then he immediately punched one of the black shadows and was hit by several bags and rushed out of the health door.
After he rushed out of the health, he saw Ji Guo’s shame and little Hermione flirting at the door of the women’s health. I didn’t expect this dead fox to have sex with Hermione …
The policeman coughed again and again, and woke up in good faith. Kobe told the story first.
Sorry, I can’t help it! Kobe nodded and fell into memory again …
Then those who attacked others chased them out and approached the women’s health together. He and Ji Guoshame were able to defend themselves and fight back at the women’s health. At this time, Lakers players and Clippers came, perhaps because they saw him covered in blood, which caused the two sides to start fighting because of misunderstanding.
Finally, Peter Pan was angry and said that he was stunned by the Harry Potter sneak attack, otherwise things would not have developed so badly!
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Chapter one hundred and twentynine This fire
On the Clippers’ side, Ji Guo’s shame recorded that he seemed to have drunk too much last night, and maybe he really got into the women’s hygiene. This is not his sincerity. He also met little Hermione in it, the one who filmed Harry Potter.
Fox stressed to the police officer that he hurried out after knowing that he had entered the wrong place. What is the root of sexual assault?
Don’t say much about being a policeman and coughing up a case of national humiliation in good faith.
Are you a Lakers fan? Ji Guo shame try to ask a way
No, I’m a Clippers fan, but that’s not the point. Why don’t you tell me what happened behind? For example, are these the people who attacked you? The police officer took out a stack of photos and handed them to Ji Guoshi.
Ji Guoshi took it and saw that it was the photo of the five mice. He immediately shook his head. I don’t know them at all. Are they Kobe’s enemies?
Clippers fan officer nodded. Then you go on.
Okay, I remember I just retreated to the door with little Hermione, and I was just about to return to men’s hygiene, and then I saw Kobe fighting in men’s hygiene and five people in the photo just now. Little Hermione and I were definitely involved in the fight by Koo, which was rooted in us.
But I can’t, from ruin. This is my father … No … the director of my orphanage. He always taught us that the greater the responsibility, the greater the strength.
Ji Guo’s shame didn’t see that the police officer’s face was black. Then he went on to say that Kobe and I are both nba players. In the ladies’ room, one enemy and four heroically helped Peter Pan repel the enemy police officer. You didn’t know that he was covered with blood at that time. He died yesterday without me. Don’t believe me. I’m telling you, I’m not bragging ..
But I never expected that my kindness would not be rewarded. What I got was not gratitude, but the Lakers players bite the hand that feeds them! I was sneakily attacked by that king of Vujacic. Did you see my head wound? It was here that he threw the bottle and hit me. I never thought that Lakers players would attack me and fainted when I was unprepared.
I have nothing to do with the latter. It was the Lakers and Kobe who made it. They should be suspended for one season.
Ji Guo’s shame is quite shameful. He didn’t say that he knew those five guys at all. Anyway, even if he was kicked out, he could justify being beaten by Vujacic. He couldn’t recognize anyone. Anyway, he certainly wouldn’t take the initiative to admit that the opposite root was wrong!
You should have been beaten all over your head, and now the team is hung up. You’d better pray that they don’t find out the truth or you’ll feel better. Ji Guoqiu already knows the cause and effect of the incident and thinks Kobe Bryant is really unlucky. It is said that Peter Pan has a moderate concussion with more than ten stitches in his head and needs to rest for a week at least.
Who said all hung up the color Mobry and Garcia and Thomas is not a fart matter? You haven’t been beaten anywhere?
Ji Guoqiu was furious. You should be beaten half to death!
At the moment, the players of both teams are being treated in the hospital for injuries ranging from light to heavy. The most serious injury is that Odom, two front teeth, was knocked out by Ji Guoqiu’s Nokia mobile phone. There is also a fat beating of Vujacic by Artest, who was interrupted by his nose and his teeth were knocked out; Kobe Bryant had 17 stitches in his head and had a moderate concussion. Brevin Knight was interrupted by an old fish. Two ribs were slightly fractured and he had to rest for a month at least. The other players are more or less bruised and slightly concussed …
At the moment, the top management of the Lakers and Clippers are not as carefree as Ji Guo’s shame, but they still have leisure to play in the hospital. At the same time, the female nurses old Deng Liwei and phil jackson received newspapers from their families. The Sun did not know where to get the news, and Rupert Green’s words were published, which caused an uproar for a while!
Did the Chinese star sexually invade Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson Kobe?