He shook his head. At present, it seems not.

What? Liu Zheng asked simply and directly
Pang Rou looked at him because … Ma Bofu also marched eastward
what! I almost jumped up from my seat. Why didn’t you say a word about such an important thing … you, you, you … you? !”
He shook his head slightly, because I only learned it three days ago.
How many people did you bring? The question is still Liu Zheng.
Pang Rou hesitated for a moment before he replied, Uncle’s father galloped Jingluo with twenty thousand Qingqi; And pound, gan ning overseers infantry after thirty thousand …
I closed my eyes and slowly exhaled, Liangzhou … How many people can there be?
Less than a thousand This time he answered neatly.
Who brings these people? I opened my eyes.
His face suddenly can’t say ugly is … Mrs Zou main three auxiliary
I closed my eyes again Mrs Zou? Ha ha … ha ha ha … I laughed. The old horse is really crazy.
Master laughs? Qin array could not help but ask.
Nothing I didn’t tell him.
Liu Zheng’s onehanded caresses must be mused, Ma Liangzhou is really loyal to the court …
I smiled again. Although he didn’t make it clear, I didn’t know what he meant.
The situation seems to be a little complicated. Li Yuan also means the same thing.
Qin array stared at what’s complicated? Can’t you just kill Yuan Shao?
Cough! Tuoba Ye quickly gave him a push. If the master decides, we will listen.
Chu Yan followed suit and said, But with the master’s decision.
Guo Yuan said slowly, Adults must be cautious when making decisions.
Taishi Ci nodded slightly. Adults’ decisions will depend on ten million people’s life and death. Once they decide, they will not be easily changed …
I know, I interrupted him gently.
He is not sad.
I have a plan in my heart. I cleared my throat. Today, I took a break in Dunhuang and then … our Hanyang goal went straight.
People in the hall object

Pang Rou unexpectedly stayed after the meeting.
Changgong he hesitated for a long time and then said, Can I ask?
I waved my hand. What are you polite to me?
Long male … if you plan?
You’re welcome. I laughed gently.
There was a wry smile on his lips. I have to ask.
Take Liangzhou first, then take three auxiliary places, and then bypass the river to south and south Yanzhou. I slowly told him my shortterm plan sentence by sentence. Then I will wait for the opportunity according to the northern war situation or continue to collect Jingyang from the south or send troops to the north to clean up the mess … that’s it.
He thought for a moment and looked up and asked, Where is the imperial court?
I’m a little surprised court? What’s it to me?
The one who can throw me out of Shuofang and Liaodong and send me to the western imperial court to have a penny with me anyway?
He thought a little longer. What about … your father?
I noticed that he used the word your father instead of Uncle Ma
I think it is necessary to think about this problem.
So I cautiously answered him, If he is my biological father … I first set the tone that I am not a disregard for human relations, I will put his life first in any situation.
Pang Rou looked at me stupefied for a few seconds and seemed to be absent.
Brother Rou? I had to wake him up and notice that our conversation was not over yet. What are you thinking?
He recovered from his absence and took a deep breath. Chang Gong Pang Rou is six years older than you. Although you grew up together in Gu Zang, sometimes I think that I don’t know you at all. In the past few years, I have been in Hanyang, and it is difficult for you to meet each other … but it is even more distant.
I laughed heartily. Brother Rou, what are you trying to say?
I want to say … He replied word for word. I think Chang Gong has been different from ordinary people since he was a child. Now all kinds of achievements make people believe that you are a great man. I’m afraid there are only a handful of opponents today … I wonder if Chang Gong has thought about what you have been lacking?
Oh? I raised my eyebrows. I’m missing a lot of things. I don’t know which one you want to say?
spa会所  title=I said that I don’t know anything about politics and law except copying poems. Apart from rampage and ambush, I have never completely understood what the art of war and the war train soldiers.
And I am also a naive, naive idiot in terms of being an official and being a man, so I won’t say much here.
It’s a decision, Pang Rou answered me quietly. I want to say that even my uncle’s life can’t be abandoned if he really wants to be the hero.
I suddenly stared at my eyes, and my pupils ached slightly due to excessive contraction.
Pang Rou is not willing to make this longterm office a success! He swore allegiance to me without warning.
May I ask why? I feel the veins standing out near my temples chugging.
Marten is hopeless. His voice was cold and creepy.
37 troops arrived in the city