It seems a little taller? Xiao Dai looked at Jia Mu and reached out to touch him again. Is your arm a little thicker?

The itchy wood kneaded by Xiao Dai hurried back. Well, I ate too much …
I nodded. So it’s good to practice like this first. Of course, you can’t force it. After all, you are still in the developing stage.
ha? Development? He is ignorant.
I rolled my eyes and didn’t care about this silly little guy.
Ma Dai looked at the sky and threw a pike. It’s almost time, brother. I have to get ready to go.
Hey, hey, hey, I grabbed him. Why don’t you go to Bei Gong for a patrol every day? Is there anyone there?
Ma Dai nai stall hand just a few princesses, you and I don’t want to find something to do? Suddenly, he turned to blame me. Who told you to be a guard? A group of us have to guard the gate for the emperor!
I slapped him on the back and scolded him, Are you still unhappy that Xiao Wang’s egg makes you get thousands of coppers a month? When you were a child, you couldn’t even afford an egg, and now you dare to challenge the old man? !”
Eldest brother forgive younger brother wrong wrong! Please let go! Ma Dai ao a miserable cry wide back huddled up.
I casually took my right hand. Don’t complain, and you can come back when the new guard department makes up for all of us.
really? Ma Dai quickly straightened his back. Is it approved?
Nonsense, I am an honest and lawabiding minister. I shook my robe.
He gave a scoff, patted his ass and turned away.
Chapter 55 Accompany your wife back to her parents’ house
Today … is my husband free? Cai Yan suddenly asked at breakfast.
Maybe maybe … I will never say anything until I understand her intention. What do you want to do?
Today is the third day, she complained.
Third grade? I thought for a moment, The third grade is very good. Didn’t you just go to Korea the day before yesterday? Is everything okay?
Miss, do you mean … mothering should be done today? Little moths spoke for the Lord.
What is mothering? I took a bite of tripe.
… CAI wenji wonderful eyes staring at me made me feel guilty.
I tried to put my throat in a good position. Go ahead, madam.
Of course, you have to accompany me home on the third day of your wedding. She frowned and wrinkled her nose.
Isn’t that called mothering? I touched my nose and felt itchy. In layman’s terms, it’s called going back to my parents’ home?
… She looked at me very puzzled. You are playing dumb again! Go or not?
I raised my hand and agreed that it’s better to go home hand in hand than to do things in a long day.
She nodded her head but didn’t continue to eat.
I wondered, What else do you want?
Aren’t you going to prepare something? She looked at me like an idiot.
I shrugged my shoulders and said naively, I am married for the first time. Where do I know these rules? Not as experienced as you.
Cai Yan said angrily, Who is experienced? My mother just told me.
Oh, long live my motherinlaw. I quickly praised Aunt Chua and said to Xiao E, You are familiar with Chua’s hobbies. Go and buy something after dinner. You’re welcome to ask Lao Zhao for money.
Small moths should be quickly.
Cai Yan motioned for me, How does Xiao E go to the street today? Her body …
I suddenly nodded. Then make a list and let Zhao Cheng go out to buy it. Don’t be exhausted.
喝茶约茶Little moths blushed and bowed their heads, saying, Xie Gong is considerate of the little maid.
I waved my hand and remembered to ask Cai Yan about the details. Are we going to stay at our parents’ house tonight?
Of course I will come back. She raised her chopsticks and put a piece of green vegetables in my bowl.
I frowned. Don’t you know that I always eat meat?
Cai Yan raised her eyebrows and laughed. The vegetables are very good. Don’t look down on them.