How is it possible! He laughed. If Huang Zu dares to come, I will cut his head off and give you wine!

Be careful. After all, we have never robbed other people’s camps, and we haven’t experienced letting others rob them. I patted him on the shoulder. This little brother was very close to me from the beginning. I can’t let him have an accident.
Yes, he readily promised.
Han Sheng? I strolled to the front of Huang Zhong’s account and smiled at him. Have you eaten?
Is eaten Huang Zhong quickly saluted me.
If I remember correctly, Hansheng seems to be from Nanyang, right? I remember Chen arrived, too
Yes, he nodded. Loyalty is a new wild man.
Xinye? I smiled and heard a very familiar place name.
I’m afraid the local master has never heard of it, he said modestly.
Suddenly there was a piercing sharp ring in the middle of the class.
It’s the sound of cymbals and arrows! Huang Zhong immediately came to the spirit.
It’s an enemy attack! I laughed and walked back just in time to sleep after killing!
Mad! I heard Dian Wei swearing not far away, Dare not let the old people eat and always kill you! Then I heard him smash his rice bowl with a bang.
My foot suddenly fell. Why haven’t you finished eating? !
45 a catch a vertical to set up a game.
In China history, there has always been no shortage of battles to win more with less.
桑拿会所Guandu, Chibi and Yiling are not so.
You must have heard of Zhang Liao’s 70000 breaking 10000, Gan Ning’s 100 riding breaking Cao Ying, Coss’ 300 sudden Zhou Yu, Lu Bu’s 10 riding stepping on Zhang Yan, and Wen Yang’s singlehandedly picking thousands of exciting stories and being deeply impressed by these heroes.
I thought I would be the protagonist of this kind of story, but … I never thought I would be the villain!
The ground shook, saying that it was a group of cavalry, but the magnitude was not great, saying that there were not many enemy troops.
Jingzhou soldiers don’t have cavalry. Even the cavalry raised by Nanyang County, the Central Plains County, will not exceed 5,000. Although there were not many enemies in the first two battles, a considerable number of horses were captured. I can imagine that the cavalry in this camp robbery will not exceed 3,000.
And three thousand people … What can you do?
After Huang Zhong led 6,000 men without Ma Shibing to form a battle, the fire outside the camp fired two waves of arrows at the enemy’s 3,000 cavalry.
By the time the heavy casualties of the enemy broke through the arrow, the infantry had retreated to both sides after the rain, and Lu Bu led four thousand fighters to rush straight out of the road!
Audience, I watched lyu3 bu4 topple the front three cavalry of the enemy with a halberd …
And then … and then there was no more.
I can’t say that the enemy is stupid, but I am wellplanned and mentally calculating.
The fact is that at the moment I decided to launch a water attack, Huang Zu was forced to leave the city.
He set up a big net and almost locked me up, but … Although I once underestimated my enemy, it’s a good thing that I have two uncles, Jia Xu and Cheng Yu, in Luoyang, more than 500 miles away. I strategized and sent nearly 10,000 elite cavalry at once, which directly led to the reversal of forces between the enemy and the enemy.
After a pot of wine, Lu Bu released a butcher’s knife and reported the results to me. A total of more than 2,000 soldiers and horses were killed and attacked, and there were no casualties.
Good. I nodded gently and asked Wu Shi, Lu Ren, Zhang Ben, Chu Fang, etc. There will be no casualties here, right?
Uh … ChuFang scratched his head a little embarrassed and said, It belongs to this side … and hurt a few people …
Are you kidding me? I was surprised. You just shot two arrows. Will you shoot one of your own?
It didn’t … He explained. Several soldiers stepped on other soldiers when they retreated outward … too fast and too fiercely …
… I hesitated for a moment and sighed, It’s probably too good for these people to fly …
This man … may be a small leader. I think there may be some places where he is not heavyhanded. Lyu3 bu4 commanded to throw a general to the ground.
The man lying on the ground was covered in blood and struggled for two or three times, but he didn’t even straighten his waist. Obviously, Lu Bu’s socalled no heavy hands is what he said.
I shook my head and said to the person lying on the ground, I will make you feel better if you cooperate with some.
Who are you? He can gasped and asked.
Open your eyes and watch carefully. This is the great and mighty king sitting in front of you. Liang Cong angered and kissed up.
You … are Ma Chao? He asked incredulously
I sighed. You don’t even know who the enemy commander is. No wonder this surprise attack will have no effect.
I … didn’t expect you to be so young. He said a line that I was already familiar with.
You … are very young, too. I didn’t notice that he was also young on his bloody face. How old are you?