So this sword represents the peak of the power between heaven and earth,It is a sword that can be truly controlled by asking the gods,In this piece of ink,No landslides,But it can destroy Mozhong and Mo itself。
It’s a huge boom again,Had it not been for Xia Chenglong, then set up a barrier behind him,I’m afraid the dragon seed will be destroyed in the power just now。
As for the family owners,They can’t say anything but a wry smile。
Just the sword,Can easily split them in half,And said without hesitation,I’m afraid to even ask the strong man in the gods,It may not be able to sustain the sword just now。
This sword is dead and dead。
Those black air has disappeared,Replaced by the dust aroused by the powerful martial arts just now,No one can survive such successive attacks。
If it’s the penultimate one,I’m afraid in the first move“Chiba Xianglong”Has become nothingness。
Smoke away,The black demon figure still hovering,It’s just that she looks a bit embarrassed at the moment。
There is a visible wound on the abdomen of the true body transformed by black energy,Even the wound is too deep and too big,You can see the wall behind each other。
The bones and flesh on a pair of arms were also separated,The head beats naturally,It seems to be no different from the dead。
“call……Okay,That guy is dead。”