Rui Mengmeng,very serious,A good boy,excellent!
rose,good body,Although I can’t keep up with this goddess,But ok,excellent!
Xin Zhao,I go,This bastard won’t use his brain to calculate knowledge anymore,Cattle batch,No wonder the energy consumption is so fast,Do you want to abduct him to Lieyang?。
But not so good,In this state,Let’s talk to Pan Zhen,Pay attention to it later。
Qilin,Ok,Not bad,Learning spirit,Kamikaze Sniper,Genes are very strange。
Cheng Yaowen,People of the Light Shield Family,I have to let Pan Zhen look up,What happened at that time,Why does this guy look so strange at me。
As the goddess of civilization,Whoever said Lena was stupid,Then he is really stupid。
Sometimes Lena indulges,Looks like two,It’s just that she doesn’t seem to be too restrictive,And on earth like this。
In Lieyang Civilization,Lena wants to say I am a goddess,Who dares not to。
It’s just a different location,different culture,So some styles are actually quite normal。
Besides, it’s cute too, isn’t it!
Xin Zhao looked forward blankly,Those formulas and papers are constantly checked in my head,Then try to find the most suitable data for him as an attack。
in this era,Have a lot of knowledge of electromagnetic mechanics,Have been researched out。Xin Zhao now only needs to check this information in his mind,Then extract the corresponding data,Finally get what you want。