“You may know after a while,I have to ask you to help,Don’t explain to the side when I am despised,Let the contempt look more violent!”Chen Wenjin thinks that his self-deprecation is like self-abuse。
“Rarely you are willing to find grievances,You are very careful with Xiao Xiao。”May knows Chen Wenjin wouldn’t do such a thing,The reasonable explanation is of course because of Xiao Xiao。
Chen Wen returned to the venue today,Just entered the private room,The director enthusiastically let others give way,When greeted him to sit down,Prince Huang Mao smiled and said something:“Gold, your car is good,How much did you buy?”
“From Xiao Xiao,I didn’t ask the price。”Chen Wenjin knows what Prince Huang Mao means,But pretending to not understand the overtones,Still having a cheerful face with no thoughts。
The director secretly felt that Chen Wenjin was out of luck,Smiled and said:“I’ve heard about you before,I said you are a dozen,Does it attract Xiao Xiao??”
“Fighting can reward girlfriends?Of course it was love at first sight with Xiao Xiao。”Chen Wenjin deliberately said such a sentence,Thinking that Prince Huang Mao would not care about his reputation。
Take the situation at Prince Huang Mao’s house,Since I was young, I don’t know how many stories of criminals I can fight.,It’s not squatting in jail in the end?
In the eyes of Prince Huang Mao,Just someone who can hit,Is just the value of thugs。
A girl who came with Prince Huang Mao,Suddenly came over to drink with Chen Wenjin,Say you have heard his name a long time ago,Very admirable,Said she had learned Sanda,But too tired,Didn’t stick to it or something,Chatted a few words,Have a few drinks,Inquiring about Chen Wenjin’s family situation intentionally or unintentionally。
Chen Wenjin is just as the Prince Huang Mao and the director wished,Continue to pretend that there is no immunity to beautiful girls, and there is nothing to worry about,What to ask what to answer,Compared to Huang Mao’s prince and directors,Chen Wenjin’s family situation is better than the public,Comparing them is not worth mentioning。
A family background,If you don’t have a brain, you won’t be immune to beautiful women,Only the reputation that can be played,Xiao Xiao gave me a good car,Combine this information,The gold in the eyes of Prince Huang Mao and the directors is almost the same,Of course the gold in the eyes of their circle of people is almost the same。
Prince Huang Mao has no interest in Chen Wenjin,The director is also very passionate about him,The focus of both people shifted to Wang Shuai。
A Bao wine is very lively,At first, Prince Huang Mao and the directors were also very enthusiastic about him,Chat for a while,Suddenly reduced his enthusiasm for him,Only polite。
Leopard don’t know why,Just feel upset,But others know that he is a millionaire,A lot of flattery,Abao thinks that Prince Huang Mao and the director are underestimating him because of the car,On a whim, just say happy evening,Can’t help but drink some good wine,I ordered the wine I drank the last time I was slaughtered,I’m afraid that others don’t know the price,Ask the people in the venue how much wine,He also said how much it was when he was drinking elsewhere。
Once educated by Di’s relatives and slaughtered once,Now it has become the capital for Abao to show off his strength,I don’t know it,Were shocked by his pride。
A Bao called wine,Said again:“I bought this wine,The bill will be calculated separately!”
A leopard became the protagonist in the private room for a while,It’s all flattering sounds。