Daiggs chills,He just remembered,Leo is not the kind of recruit who can be made difficult by him.。
after all,Leo is an outstanding graduate from the elite camp,Not a little person without a backing。
Speak more,The three generals are his brothers,Marshal Sengoku is Zefa’s friend and can be regarded as his uncle。
in spite of,This relationship is a bit far-fetched,But there is a relationship。
As long as Daiggs dares to do it first,Leo dare to destroy the opponent。
“you,Your part-time job is lawless,This is the navy,It’s a place of rules,Not your underground force!”
“You can stand here just because of the rules,Otherwise you are already dead!”
Daiggs looked at Leo with murderous eyes,Was scared back and forth。
Although the navy has rules,But something really happened,Have to rely on strength to speak。
A lieutenant general was beaten to the ground by a major general,Your first reaction is not that this major general has no rules,But think that the lieutenant is too useless。
Great sea,Strength is the first。
Seeing Daiggs being suppressed by Leo,When a big drop of sweat drips from the head,Many footsteps slowly came outside the door。
“Leo,what are you doing,This is the navy headquarters,Do you still want to commit a crime??”