Chen Xiu first laughed,I heard these people are here for money,It can be ruled out that they are not Wu Shaoqing or the remnants of the Tomb Raider Group to avenge themselves。
Asking for money is only for money,Generally not killing people!
“Kid,Why are you laughing!”
The monkey beside the scar face is carrying the hammer“Bang”The sound of,Knocked the front cover of the Hummer into a recess。
Chen Xiu took out his wallet from his trouser pocket without a hassle,Take out all the cash inside,Moyo has a few thousand yuan,Put all on the head cover。
“If you guys are asking for money,Just take the money……I promise not to call the police,I won’t be held accountable afterwards,With everyone
115 Wang Zilin’s distress
Chen Xiu hasn’t rushed in yet,Scarface screamed。
Chen Xiu did not expect,Scarface doesn’t even know。
Wang Zilin is not a weak woman at all,When Scarface put his hand in,Wang Zilin directly caught his wrist,Press down,Dislocated his wrist directly。