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Ronaldo kept repeating in his heart when he passed every player in Real Madrid. It’s not over yet! It’s not over!

The war is never over!
The red devils are immortal!
Ronaldo pushed Manchester United back from the back of the goal and scored two goals!
Now the score is 2:3, and Manchester United is still behind to give Real Madrid a goal.
At the time of the game and now it seems that Manchester United did not lose to Real Madrid in momentum, and they are United in their efforts to turn the situation around!
By this time, the game has entered the final stage where two teams need to bite their teeth!
The game situation is on the verge of getting out of control!
It is not realistic for Real Madrid to control the situation easily and then fight Manchester United back.
Because almost all Manchester United teams have the impact of defensive awareness
From Tevez in the front line to every player in the backcourt, Manchester United’s overall defensive consciousness imposes on the English field to hone its fighting ability and physical advantage. Manchester United will not let Real Madrid easily consume the game time.
Real Madrid players stared at each other in front of the ball and their expressions finally became extremely serious.
Qin Xiong has a relaxed look in his eyes at this moment.
Or that’s excitement
In this European summit, the two teams have their own advantages and try their best to maximize their own characteristics and advantages!
This is the real peak battle!
King’s war!
How many times can this game be experienced in a lifetime?
Every time, you should devote yourself to your memory without regret.
After rescoring, Real Madrid continued to cooperate with Manchester United’s halftime exhibition offensive.
In the 75 th minute of the game, Qin Xiongde changed his position. He met Guti’s ball on the left side of the frontcourt and faced Brown oneonone
In front of Brown, Qin Xiong faced the football with his back to the sideline and rolled his feet back and forth flexibly, and his left and right feet knocked the ball back and forth, so Jeanblanc was afraid.
品茶When Sid ran to meet him, Brown saw Sid Qinxiong’s keen insight into Brown’s eyes.
He’s aware of that. Stand by!
Qin Xiong’s right foot made a ball move in front of the football, but Brown’s leg was blocked by Qin Xiong’s right foot, and then he went to the bottom line to get rid of it!
Brown felt overwhelmed and under great pressure. Today, his defense was not only smashed by Real Madrid, but also failed to form strong resistance in oneonone defense.
Qin Xiong’s trip to the bottom of the ball seems a little sudden. When he just crossed the parallel position of the restricted area line, he rubbed his right foot into the outer spin ball!
Van der Sar took a step forward for the first time when he saw Qin Xiong’s ball coming.
Then he immediately took back his steps. He realized that Qin Xiong’s kick seemed to fly to the position close to the goal for a while, but it would be a big mistake for him to abandon the door after coming out with the outward rotation arc!
Can’t be confused!
The football bypassed Dinander at the front point, and Dinander turned to look at the other side of the defense and saw Raul rushing to the top before Vidic!
The football flies directly to the right of the middle of the goal. Van der Sar lowers the center of gravity in situ and blocks the ball with one hand!
Nemanja Vidic turned around and kicked the ball out of the sideline after stopping the ball in the chest.
Real Madrid threatened to attack again! Raul’s header was magically resolved by van der Sar!
The fans of both teams in the stands are anxious at this moment.
Real Madrid fans naturally want the team to score again to ensure that the lead is less than two goals.
Manchester United fans are worried that the team’s goal will be scored by Real Madrid again!
The Red Devils will seize every opportunity to attack Real Madrid’s goal exhibition.
In the 77th minute of the game, Evra pressed him again to meet Carrick’s largescale long shift, stopped the ball on the left side of midfield and pushed forward the offensive.
After he caught Ramos’ attention on the wing, he crossed the ball out. When Rooney grabbed the ball quickly in Diyala.
The football rolled to Tevez, and Ronaldo was ready to start offside from Pepe.
This makes Real Madrid’s defensive attention mainly focused on Tevez and Ronaldo.
I didn’t expect Tevez to return the ball gently.
Scholes made a long shot in a relaxed environment!
Football seems to be lashing towards the goal of Real Madrid with wind and thunder.
Everyone’s attention was on the football surface, and Ferguson also probed into the result of the shot.
He knows that if Manchester United equalizes the score, then Manchester United must have a higher chance of winning than Real Madrid in the remaining time!
Manchester United will have an advantage in terms of momentum and psychology!
Real Madrid players and fans also look in the direction of their own goals.
See casillas’s right hand touching the football after moving two steps in parallel!
However, Scholes’ longrange shot was very heavy. casillas just changed the direction of the football, and the football flew to the goal after refraction.
Listen, bang!
The football hit the left post and bounced out!
Real Madrid survived!
Ramos cleared the ball in the penalty area. His clearance was more like kicking the ball from the right to the left.

Everyone is ha ha a smile.

Does your master want to directly recall your generals? Taishi Ci seems to have something to say.
When I raise my eyebrows, it seems that this is the first time he has called me Master?
If possible, I certainly hope that they will return to our camp. Is this a matter of course?
Its recall is not as good as letting you stay around, Taishi Ci said primly
Oh? I rubbed it.
First, it is really inappropriate for our army to change again just after it has been determined.
This is really a headache for me. The frequent changes of battalion cadres have affected the strength of the army to a certain extent, although they are not ignorant of soldiers and generals.
Second, it is better to let the generals raise their subordinates on the spot to accumulate strength. Taishi Ci continued to analyze, Wouldn’t it be twice the result with half the effort if we could seize several counties and countries?
I slapped my thigh again. Just do as you say!
44 Xi dadi
After listening to Taishi Ci’s advice, I conceived some letters half a night later.
I can’t find anyone who can modify my grammar because the law department is stationed around meTaishi Ci’s cultural level is not high enough to give me advice
I had to settle for the second best, and I asked Jia Yu, who is farreaching in family studies, to do this job.
An hour later Jia Yu returned the draft intact.
I’ve read a few, but what I write is impeccable, right? I frowned and looked at Jane.
It’s not picky, but … Jia Yu rolled up her long hair and revealed a weak smile. Your letter has always been written at will. I’m afraid I can rewrite it if I really modify it.
I rubbed my hands and asked, Is the meaning clear?
She nodded gently. It’s clear and … you pay attention to treating everyone slightly differently.
That’s don’t want your husband to be a jerk who doesn’t understand people’s hearts. I hey hey boasted.
Jia Yu microyerba chuckled, I never thought of it that way. Suddenly, she frowned, and her waist was slightly bent, and her hands could not help but cover her lips.
I quickly reached out and held her. Is this … want to throw up?
Recently, I often feel dizzy and become more and more frequent … Jia Yu patted his chest and took a breath.
pregnant? I have a strong feeling.
How can people know if they haven’t been pregnant! She blushed with anger.
I’m going to be a father again! I reached out and gently rubbed her still flat belly and sighed, God, let Zhang Ben take a pulse?
Jia Yu responded lightly.
By the way … I thought of another hand. Let White Hair decide whether it’s a man or a woman?
The charming body in her arms froze slightly. You … Her voice was inaudible. Do you want children so much?
Actually, I prefer my daughter. I shrugged.
really? Jia Yuyin was filled with joy at once.
桑拿论坛Er … I meditated, but I can’t do it without a son.
She let off steam.
I held her thin shoulder a little hard and said softly, If there is no son, who will protect my horse’s future?
Well, Jia Yu gently put his head in my arms.
The nasal cavity is faint and fragrant.

The next morning, nearly ten fast riders rushed off with their own personal letters written by me overnight.
In addition to giving Cheng Yu, Jia Xu and other cronies, I also deliberately weighed the words and extended an olive branch to Wang Yi, the chief of Hedong County, who still bears the burden. The best result I expected was to obtain a rich county once again without a knife.
Then I took a break in hongnong county.
It turns out that the satrap doesn’t like the standing forces of Wuxian County, but there are only less than 500 cavalry units in the early 3 thousand, and they have been neglected in training for many yearsthe satrap Liu Yu is also a great scholar of the lawand its poor combat effectiveness is really unimaginable
The first thing I want to do is to gather blacksmiths and cavalry to make stirrups; At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that these three thousand people can achieve the most basic hit rate by strengthening the archery of troops.
Because of the low combat power of the Hongnong soldiers, I didn’t intend to incorporate them into the people from the beginning, so I just let them continue to be local garrison troops, which saves both worry and effort.
And this force with insufficient combat power is temporarily handed over to Cheng Wu for training.
At the same time, I sprinkled more than 1,500 cavalry belonging to Sun Wen, Zulie, shang huang, Sun Qing, Du Chang and Wang Dang in all directions. One was to spy on local intelligence, and the other was to draw mountains and rivers for the future.
For me, Chu Yan was very pleased to say that my team finally had a place to fight.
Then I repeated doing things in Sanfu and called the county officials to directly eliminate the displeasure.
Hongnong is a big county, but it looks very big from the map, but six of the nine counties are located in the south bank of the Yellow River, which is relatively dense. The southcentral part of the map seems to be a stretch of mountains, of which two seem to have heard of Xiong ‘er Mountain and Funiu Mountain.
However, after searching in my mind for a long time, I still can’t remember what historical allusions these two mountains have.
Er General Liangshan is also a learned man. After understanding my thoughts, he told me that Xiong ‘er Mountain and Funiu Mountain are both famous Taoist mountains …
A famous Taoist mountain? I was ordered to predict Jia Yu’s divination, and I immediately became interested. I wonder if I’m going to visit you?
How far is it from here? I looked at the crude map and asked
Liang Shanwei replied after thinking, Xiong ‘er Mountain is 400 miles away from here, and Funiu Mountain is 700 miles away.
Oh, I nodded. It’s not too far, so go.

Lan Jingyi saw that he woke up and hurried to heat up the food for him. Jiang Junyue felt more and more comfortable eating that kind of home. He ate Lan Jingyi and sat opposite him. "What news did you promise me today?"

"Wait till I have eaten." Easy to eat. He really hasn’t eaten Lanjingyi’s cooking for a long time. It’s ok and he hasn’t regressed.
"Can’t you tell me first?" She was so anxious to pity him. When he was asleep, she couldn’t wait to wake him up, but she couldn’t bear it.
"I said I’ll tell you later anyway, I will tell you today." Lanqing is good, but she held back and didn’t say it. Let’s give this Niang both a surprise tonight.
"Jiang Junyue, how late did you say it was?"
"Well, I’ll take you back to my old house after dinner, and then I’ll tell you."
Lan Jingyi spoke English, but Jiang Junyue didn’t say that she couldn’t help sitting opposite him, but no matter what her expression was, the man opposite Lan Jingyi felt that no man could hold his breath more than Jiang Junyue.
Jiang Junyue ate well. It was already three o’clock in the afternoon. He washed the dishes and cleaned up a blue scene. He changed his clothes and said to Jiang Junyue, "Let’s go."
"Where is Qinqin?" See LanJingYi was a person to go back with him to see master Jiang Junyue unknowingly frown and asked.
"Oh, it’s good that my mother coaxed us, but we’ll come back soon or we’ll be hungry." Going to see the master made her a little scared. What if the master buckled Qin Qin? She was absolutely reluctant to take it with her.
"Don’t go with Aunt Sunny. I’ll save a meal in the evening," said Jiang Junyue, with his face turned red and his heart skipped.
Er, the president of Tangtang Jiang’s family even calculated the money for a meal. "What if Grandpa leaves Qin Qin?" She remembered that her eyes were shining when the banquet master looked at Xiao Qinqin last night.
"Do you want me to give you a written military order?"
"I promise you will bring Xiao Qinqin back." If so, he has to bring his son back, too. I haven’t seen him for a day and a night. Although it’s less than 24 hours, he really misses the little thing at the moment. I wonder if the little thing is crying or not?
Jiang Junyue promised to make Lan Jingyi more or less a letter, but she was still a little worried. "Do you have to save a meal?"
"Well, I’m poor."
桑拿网Nonsense. He bought her clothes for more than 1000. When he slept, she counted more than a dozen.
Well, just watch him give himself one surprise after another, and she will listen to him and turn around and go back to the bedroom. "Mom told me to let you and Qinqin go together."
"This ….. I won’t go" LanQing slightly hesitant.
"Let’s go. You must go."
"All right, then." Lan Qing changed her clothes, and at the same time Lan Jingyi got Xiao Qinqin ready to go out and bring things. Three generations of four people, old and young, got Jiang Junyue again. The closer the car got to Jiang Gu’s old house, the more Lan Jingyi drummed her heart. She was a little worried because the master and He Ling didn’t like her very much
But we agreed to go, and she couldn’t escape. Now that she has decided to be his Jiang Junyue woman, she has to find a way to integrate into his family so as not to make it difficult for him.
There are more people in Jiang’s old house today than at Jiang Junyue’s engagement party last night, and even his uncle, who seldom goes home, has come back.
Before the black Lamborghini stopped, the nanny came out with Xiaoxi to meet Lan Qing. As soon as I saw the little thing, my eyes couldn’t move away. "Can you give me a hug?" She liked this little thing at first glance when she tried to ask. It is said that it was born by a woman named Luo, but how did she feel that the child was particularly familiar? How did it look so much like the pink baby she had seen in her memory?
The nanny immediately handed the child to Lanqing Lanqing and carefully asked, "What’s your name?"
"Is this a nickname?"
"What’s your name?"
"This … this gentleman doesn’t seem to be up yet."
Jiang Junyue is bending over to hug Lan Jingyi’s arms in the car. Lan Jingyi just tidied up a car that was messed up by Xiao Qinyi, and it was late. When he heard the nanny, Jiang Junyue casually asked Lan Jingyi, "What name did you give him if Yiyi was our son?"
"Oh, at that time, I casually called my daughter Qin Qin and called Zhuang Zhuang."
"Ok, then be strong." Then he held his daughter in one hand and turned around with the other hand, but handed it to the little thing in Lanqing’s arms. "Come and hold you so heavy for dad, don’t be tired of grandma." He didn’t wait for this day any longer. He gave Lanjingyi a second surprise at the moment.

new york Times

Five villains triggered the biggest fight in Los Angeles history, Lakers vs Clippers!
桑拿会所  title=——espn
The attitude of the most wonderful fighting league in nba history is punished/not punished
USA Today
It is reported that the fight did not cause serious injuries to the players. Odom’s dropping two front teeth is the most serious injury!
Time magazine
Harry Potter crew broke the news that the cause of the former fighttwins sexually assaulted Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson! Peter Pan did it too! !”
The Times
The three best apprentices of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry visited Americathe army was wiped out!
the sun
What happened to sanitation?
new york Daily News
Twin Peter Pan Brokeback Mountain?
Washington Post
teammate killer no1kwame brown or Cuttino Mobley
Helsinki News
Nokia, you are trustworthy!
On December 1, 2007, unless there is a world war today, there is a headline in the ball newspaper
After the splendid Los Angeles Derby last night, the players of the two teams played an eyepopping playoff in the bar, which was really a good show, especially the last fierce playoff which attracted the world’s attention.
From today’s morning ball, all the headlines except the news of the bar fight between the two teams were so many things that they could report last night. At that time, there were nearly ten paparazzi present. They took a series of hot photos and took a series of eyecatching videos at half the cost of reducing the professionalism of war reporters …
The people of the ball can’t be happier at the moment. It’s just high and tidal!
The nba headquarters in new york is in a mess at the moment. david stern was woken up by his assistant in the early hours of the morning and rushed to the headquarters overnight after learning about it. The meeting room was closed before dawn. Dozens of highlevel officials were woken up early in the morning by words. Many people came back as hot as their president to deal with this biggest fight in nba history without shaving.
Now, dozens of highlevel officials have discussed in it a conclusion that they have not yet worked out the punishment for the two teams. It is not that they are inefficient, but that this incident has caused too much fuss and sensation. Moreover, the more information they get, the more fantastic it is. Why are there such messy things as Harry Potter?
Sexual assault … Brokeback Mountain … Team fights … Misunderstanding … Black Mamba foxes join hands against gangs …
David stern is now overwhelmed with this information, which is too much. At the age of seven, the president said that he must take two quickacting pills to continue the meeting.
Not only the nba can’t figure out the clue of this biggest fight in nba history incident, but even the Los Angeles police are now the first two.
The LAPD has set up a task force to investigate this bizarre fight. The LAPD headquarters transferred dozens of police elites from several subbureaus into three groups to record for the Harry Potter crew, the Lakers and the Clippers respectively.
By noon, the police had finished all the statements and suddenly felt that this matter was even more fucking complicated.
Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film crew said that he was hit by a bottle and a flying saucer at the same time and then fainted directly, knowing nothing about what happened; Rupert Green woke up emotionally and clamored to see little Hermione. His words were enough to make him headline again. In this novel, he saw an Asian sexually assault Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson in the ladies’ room with his own eyes, and Lakers Kobe Bryant was there to help him see that they were a rape!
This story made the police around him feel a little overwhelmed and almost fell to the ground. This penrecording policeman is the first thing that comes to mind of Lakers fans, namely Eagle County incident, but he can’t accept that Kobe will sexually attack the famous child star with his twin brothers or in the ladies’ room!
Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson pen was admitted by a female police officer, and there was no word sexual assault in the face. According to little Hermione, Ji Guo’s shame was that she was drunk and mistakenly entered the women’s health care. She was about to go out, and they happened to meet Kobe Bryant at the door and were attacked in the men’s health care, so they were forced back to the women’s health care together by gangs.
In a fight between the Lakers and the Clippers?
Little Hermione said that she didn’t know anything. She was fainted and Ji Guo was ashamed. She almost fainted. When she heard the sudden noise outside, she didn’t know what they were fighting.
Kobe Bryant on the Lakers side told the recording police that he didn’t know the five guys who attacked him at all and seriously suspected that these five people were sent by O ‘Neill and that the fat man should be taken from Miami and tortured! That’s right. He’s the one behind this …
Do a pen, the police cough, wake up in good faith, and Kobe will tell the story first.
Kobe nodded and fell into memory …
When he was about to go out to wash his hands, he just pushed the door and the whole sanitary light suddenly went out!
Then several black shadows attacked his head on the bottle. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and was not hit at the first place. Then he immediately punched one of the black shadows and was hit by several bags and rushed out of the health door.
After he rushed out of the health, he saw Ji Guo’s shame and little Hermione flirting at the door of the women’s health. I didn’t expect this dead fox to have sex with Hermione …
The policeman coughed again and again, and woke up in good faith. Kobe told the story first.
Sorry, I can’t help it! Kobe nodded and fell into memory again …
Then those who attacked others chased them out and approached the women’s health together. He and Ji Guoshame were able to defend themselves and fight back at the women’s health. At this time, Lakers players and Clippers came, perhaps because they saw him covered in blood, which caused the two sides to start fighting because of misunderstanding.
Finally, Peter Pan was angry and said that he was stunned by the Harry Potter sneak attack, otherwise things would not have developed so badly!
Welcome friends to read the latest, fastest and most popular!
Chapter one hundred and twentynine This fire
On the Clippers’ side, Ji Guo’s shame recorded that he seemed to have drunk too much last night, and maybe he really got into the women’s hygiene. This is not his sincerity. He also met little Hermione in it, the one who filmed Harry Potter.
Fox stressed to the police officer that he hurried out after knowing that he had entered the wrong place. What is the root of sexual assault?
Don’t say much about being a policeman and coughing up a case of national humiliation in good faith.
Are you a Lakers fan? Ji Guo shame try to ask a way
No, I’m a Clippers fan, but that’s not the point. Why don’t you tell me what happened behind? For example, are these the people who attacked you? The police officer took out a stack of photos and handed them to Ji Guoshi.
Ji Guoshi took it and saw that it was the photo of the five mice. He immediately shook his head. I don’t know them at all. Are they Kobe’s enemies?
Clippers fan officer nodded. Then you go on.
Okay, I remember I just retreated to the door with little Hermione, and I was just about to return to men’s hygiene, and then I saw Kobe fighting in men’s hygiene and five people in the photo just now. Little Hermione and I were definitely involved in the fight by Koo, which was rooted in us.
But I can’t, from ruin. This is my father … No … the director of my orphanage. He always taught us that the greater the responsibility, the greater the strength.
Ji Guo’s shame didn’t see that the police officer’s face was black. Then he went on to say that Kobe and I are both nba players. In the ladies’ room, one enemy and four heroically helped Peter Pan repel the enemy police officer. You didn’t know that he was covered with blood at that time. He died yesterday without me. Don’t believe me. I’m telling you, I’m not bragging ..
But I never expected that my kindness would not be rewarded. What I got was not gratitude, but the Lakers players bite the hand that feeds them! I was sneakily attacked by that king of Vujacic. Did you see my head wound? It was here that he threw the bottle and hit me. I never thought that Lakers players would attack me and fainted when I was unprepared.
I have nothing to do with the latter. It was the Lakers and Kobe who made it. They should be suspended for one season.
Ji Guo’s shame is quite shameful. He didn’t say that he knew those five guys at all. Anyway, even if he was kicked out, he could justify being beaten by Vujacic. He couldn’t recognize anyone. Anyway, he certainly wouldn’t take the initiative to admit that the opposite root was wrong!
You should have been beaten all over your head, and now the team is hung up. You’d better pray that they don’t find out the truth or you’ll feel better. Ji Guoqiu already knows the cause and effect of the incident and thinks Kobe Bryant is really unlucky. It is said that Peter Pan has a moderate concussion with more than ten stitches in his head and needs to rest for a week at least.
Who said all hung up the color Mobry and Garcia and Thomas is not a fart matter? You haven’t been beaten anywhere?
Ji Guoqiu was furious. You should be beaten half to death!
At the moment, the players of both teams are being treated in the hospital for injuries ranging from light to heavy. The most serious injury is that Odom, two front teeth, was knocked out by Ji Guoqiu’s Nokia mobile phone. There is also a fat beating of Vujacic by Artest, who was interrupted by his nose and his teeth were knocked out; Kobe Bryant had 17 stitches in his head and had a moderate concussion. Brevin Knight was interrupted by an old fish. Two ribs were slightly fractured and he had to rest for a month at least. The other players are more or less bruised and slightly concussed …
At the moment, the top management of the Lakers and Clippers are not as carefree as Ji Guo’s shame, but they still have leisure to play in the hospital. At the same time, the female nurses old Deng Liwei and phil jackson received newspapers from their families. The Sun did not know where to get the news, and Rupert Green’s words were published, which caused an uproar for a while!
Did the Chinese star sexually invade Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson Kobe?

"LanJingYi what did you say? Say it again if you have seed? " Jiang Junyue’s expression became more and more serious as if he were going to eat people.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly became tense. Lan Jingyi was still sitting on his thigh. She felt her body trembling slightly. Is it because he is coming?
No, she can’t beat him, and she will suffer instead of him.
Junjie, who knows the truth, doesn’t want to be Junjie. She wants to protect herself and smiles. Lan Jingyi is not afraid to look back at him. "I don’t have the guts. If I have the guts, I will become a man and turn you into a small one." She is a woman’s place. She won’t repeat the breakup. Even if she wants to say it, she can’t say it at this time. Everything is controlled by him, Jiang Junyue.
Lan Jingyi is really a joke. She is a woman.
But Jiang Junyue instantly changed his face. "Little suffer … little suffer … Lan Jingyi, I want you to become a little suffer …"
Tilting is stimulated by the word "little". Haha.
The night is soft and beautiful, and it is so quiet outside the window.
But the car is playing a taboo drama that Lan Jingyi never thought of.
She stopped moving.
She also stopped talking.
Is quietly lying on his legs, if you can’t still feel her body warm, he wonders if she is in a coma?
No, she’s awake. She’s mad at him.
Moment Jiang Junyue headache up "Iraq, I’m sorry …"
But the little hand was soft and icy, and she was still angry with his arms.
Roadside trees
Land Rover Chejiang LaCrosse held Lan Jingyi so tightly that neither of them spoke nor talked about what Jiang LaCrosse did. Lan Jingyi didn’t respond.
"It hurts, doesn’t it?" He suddenly asked her gently
No response or no response. Lan Jingyi bit her lip intensely, and tears continued to flow down her cheeks.
"I’ll take you to the hot spring, so it won’t hurt." I don’t know how long it will take Jiang Junyue to sigh, and then he put his arm around her and turned the steering wheel to drive slowly to the hot spring villa.
The night is getting darker and darker. If it weren’t for the headlights, Lan Jingyi felt that she couldn’t see her fingers. She still lay quietly in Jiang Junyue’s arms, and the whole person couldn’t think. She didn’t want to move or move because of him.
The car stopped.
The grass is mixed with the smell of earth, and the hot spring villa is located halfway up the mountain. Jiang Junyue is holding Lan Jingyi and the driver is Cheng Qingyang who gave him the villa key.
The woman in her arms is still motionless as if she had been ordered acupuncture points.
Jiang Junyue opened the villa door with a trembling hand, and turned on the lights almost everywhere he passed.
As if the light would give itself light, it would hide a wound in my heart.
I’ll never have that illusion again, but I still have it
For several years, Lan Jingyi is his only woman.
At the beginning of that year, she devoted herself to love for the first time and for the first time in a long time. She loved him and he returned to normal.
But still just hurt the woman in my arms.
There is a small guest room next to the master bedroom. He remembers that there was a time when he was most afraid of feeling oversized. Then leave the small room and put her on the bed. She just lay there as still as a walking corpse.
"Yiyi, I’ll go to the balcony for a while and take you there." He said softly in her ear, knowing that she wouldn’t respond, but he kissed her little face and walked quickly to the balcony of this small bedroom with two long legs.
Sure enough, when you push the door, you will see a balcony. Tang Chi Cheng Qingyang is really a master who will enjoy it. Every room in this villa has this way. Tang Chi is the hot spring water in the mountains.
Turn around and go back to LanJingYi still quietly lying in bed.
He thought he really hurt her.
But at that moment, he was possessed by ghosts, usually just lost his fingers and put her …
He leaned over to undress her, and she didn’t respond. It seemed that he could do whatever he liked, and she would never resist or shout or scream.
Section 74
But he would rather she shouted at him at the moment than punched and kicked him, and he could bear it.
桑拿"Yi Yi ….." Gently called cheek and put it on her cheek.
She still didn’t respond, holding her and stepping into Tang Chi. He just found some soup from the room drawer and didn’t know what it was. Anyway, as soon as he put it in, the water left a touch of fragrance.
Jiang Junyue closed his eyes and didn’t say anything. His jaw was against Lan Jingyi’s forehead and his beard was green. He rubbed against Lan Jingyi’s skin with a slight itch and a slight sting, which made her flustered.
And Jiang Junyue is so easy to rub.
He screwed up all the good things in the first place. Maybe he shouldn’t have provoked her when he first met her.
"Is Yiyi hungry?"
Lan Jingyi still didn’t respond.
"Why don’t you soak me first to get you something to eat and come back soon?"
Lan Jingyi still leans against him and doesn’t respond.
"Want to eat? If you want to eat, blink. If you don’t want to eat, don’t blink. "With Nai, I said that Lan Jingyi’s eyes happened to move. So he put her in the hot spring water and got up and went out of Tang Chi. All the water drops fell. Lan Jingyi was hot and had a taste that belonged to Jiang Junyue alone.
Lan Jingyi still sat there quietly, waiting for Jiang Junyue to come with two fried golden eggs and a ham. Lan Jingyi still had the same posture when he left.
Fragrant fragrance wafted over, and Jiang Junyue took a piece of ham with a fork and handed it to her lips. "Eat before you bake it."
Didn’t move, just as he thought of the result.
Chapter 133 Abnormal condition
"Bang" hand dish aside "LanJingYi what do you want me to do? You say it. "
Lan Jingyi moved.
But still didn’t speak.

On the first line, I heard Zhang Xian’s voice, "Are you willing to give up the line?"

When I took off my helmet, Zhang Xian actually wore a beige flowered jumpsuit. The original active and cheerful personality matched with such a youthful dress made her personality dozens of times higher and her charm dozens of times higher. At the sight of her, I couldn’t help but want to hold her in my arms, but her place seemed a little far away to temporarily suppress her nasty thoughts.
"Give up the line? Isn’t this the time line every day? What’s strange? "
"Do you know what time it is? It’s 1 o’clock in the middle of the night and it’s still early! "
"What?" I immediately looked at the clock next to me. It was really 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, but I remember that it was noon when I was online. I was’ handsome’ when I calculated. Then it was impossible to stay for more than three hours during the game, that is, one hour in the real world. How could it pass so quickly?
"Haven’t eat dinner? I’ll get it for you. "
Watching Zhang Xian leave with a big smile almost contrasts with my puzzled mood. What’s going on?
Looking back carefully on what happened today, everything was spent as usual. Only in the Acura Secret Cave can this strange phenomenon occur, so I suddenly had an idea in my heart and I must go again.
I thought that when Zhang Xian came in with a dining car full of food, my stomach immediately failed to live up to expectations. "Gollum" cried and wolfed down more than half of the food in the dining car before * * * * hit a full.
"Look at you eating!" Zhang Xian said, I don’t know where to take out her handkerchief and wipe my mouth. She shocked me a little.
"Xianer, what are you doing?"
"Ah?" Zhang Xian didn’t realize what she was doing until she heard me ask. Suddenly, her face was red and she left with the dining car. When she left the door, she looked back and smiled. My body was tender, even though I was an idiot. I know what Zhang Xian did. God, am I really so charming? Or? Suddenly I thought of another one that might suddenly make my original excitement plummet. Is this really the case? No, that smile shouldn’t be fake, should it? I think so, but I am sure of the possibility of my own idea. After all, we belong to two different positions, and I don’t want to be experimented by others forever.
I can’t sleep around tonight, thinking about what happened in the game and what happened in Zhang Xian, and finally decided to carry out my plan as soon as possible and get out of the tight encirclement as soon as possible.
"Are you sure?"
"The President confirmed Miss Zhang Xian that she had …"
"Alas, women are really troublesome. You’d better go back to being a housekeeper. I’ll take care of it."
Lan Fengyun said in his office, "Xianer, your EQ is really low. What is IQ 1?" So easily influenced by others, it seems that you are not as good as Shuisilei. Well, do you want to discuss with Shuijia to borrow her? Hee hee, that’s a good idea. I’m very interested to know what special ability this No.1 has. Is it specialized in hunting love? Haha, this is not possible! "
It was noon the next day when I woke up. It seems that although the game has tripled, the spirit consumes three times as much energy as the body. No wonder they want to keep 1% spirit as the source.
I woke up and saw a message beside my bed that said,’ Although I really want to tell you, today, someone else will take care of you! Xianer!’
After reading this short message, I suddenly felt as stupid as lightning. What the hell is going on? Why is everything so sudden? I just found out that Zhang Xian wanted to leave here early the next morning … What’s going on? Zhang Xian, what the hell happened? My sister left, Zhang Xian left, and now the housekeeper and I are left in the whole room, and the housekeeper has never said a word for so many years, and even I regard him as a robot.
It’s too bad that I can’t control myself. I’ve never been so unwilling to hold my fist tightly. At this moment, I realize that I must grow up or I will always be treated like a doll. It seems that my plan will be implemented faster.
When I was in a fierce ideological struggle, a person came in outside the door, and her fragrance was already full of fragrance. It was a fresh and fragrant scent of tea and flowers. I smelled it in the’ Kecha’ hotel in the game. If you were an ordinary person, you would definitely see what was going on. I also looked at the door. When I saw the human beings coming in clearly, I almost degummed.
No one can guess who I met. If it’s a beautiful woman, it’s impossible to surpass the super-beautiful NPC guide. But this person is a beautiful woman, but she hasn’t reached that level yet. But she is a person I know very well, but she doesn’t know me at all. Who can you guess? Back to decomposition!
Chapter 2 providence?
Chapter 2 providence?
"hello! First meeting! My name is Shuisi Lei. "Shuisi Lei bowed to me and said softly.
"hello! My name is Dongfang Yixue. "I also learned enough about her tone and said.
"Zhang Xian, she has something important to leave for a while, and I will take care of you during this time. Please give me more advice!" Water silk bud bowed to me again and said
"Oh, thank you! Please give me more advice. "
"Do you need breakfast?"
I was relieved to see Shuisilei leave the room. How could it be her? Is fate really that simple? How can I see her again in such a big day?
I’m sure you can guess who this is. She’s a tough and delicate girl who gave me the first impression in the game, but I didn’t expect to meet her in reality, so it’s impossible to beat her in the game preparation challenge, because if I tell her my identity in the game, what’s the point? I’m sure the’ dream’ enterprise knew it for the first time, so I plan to go bankrupt.
Shui Si Lei brought in a plate of fragrant Luo Songtang and a few exquisite cakes. This is a western-style breakfast and a Chinese breakfast made by Zhang Xian. There is another difference. Moreover, I never thought that such a tough girl in the game would be so polite and weak in reality, and she would cook such a delicious breakfast. It is still not enough to feel after breakfast in a short time.
"Finished eating? I’ve got something. The housekeeper is in charge of lunch. See you later! "
Smelling the fragrance of tea gradually disappeared, and finally the fragrance disappeared in my room before I came to my senses. Oh, my God, there is such a big gap between reality and the game. In the game, the sky dance is strong, brave and courageous, but in reality, the water is soft and soft. How can it be so different?
With a wry smile, I immediately turned on the microcomputer and found Zhang Xian’s place through the Trojan horse in Zhang Xian’s computer. She returned to the city through the city map. I found out that her place turned out to be a’ dream’. I secretly connected to Zhang Xian’s brain and turned on the brain microphone. I immediately heard Zhang Xian’s microstrip bitterness. "I thought I had fun today, but I didn’t play with love. Now I’m playing with fire to see how you clean up."
"How could I be so stupid but I stole my first kiss for him …"
"The girl named Dong Fang Yi Xue is an abomination."
"Well, I’ll give him my body and mind if I don’t see him again."
"What more don’t want to more easy to remember? Hey! "
I couldn’t listen to it in the middle of it. I immediately closed the microphone in Zhang Xian’s brain, shook my head and patted my head. Alas, I didn’t expect Zhang Xian to have such deep feelings for me. Is this because I kissed her? Honestly, in the real world, I really have a good friend besides my sister. Although I have different positions, I still like to bicker with her. I like to eat her breakfast. I like to see her serious typing every time after the game line. Do I … But it seems that all this has passed. I can’t fully control myself. I don’t think these things may come true.
I changed a web page, this is my mailbox, and this is still my mailbox. I rented a private website for 10 thousand yuan, and then changed the password and format, which means that even if others break in, they can see the garbled code because I changed it.
Log in to your mailbox, and now the mailbox is full of video, audio and word images, but I can’t let others know what I am like. I sent the latest software, and soon I received a reply from the other party asking me to add a set of guardian software this month. Guardian software is similar to the doorman, but there is a difference. Guardian software is a kind of advanced door guardian software, which means I agreed without saying anything, and this time I look at them as if I were in a hurry. I started at 300 million yuan! When I typed this number and sent it, I immediately realized that it might be too high. Who knew that the other party would immediately answer a’ good’ word, which scared me by 300 million? What’s the number? Oh, my God. Say yes so soon? I immediately realized that there was something wrong with my software.
Stop replying to him. I can’t check my website. My first set of security software is already 200 million, but I only sold 50 thousand. I’m so sweaty. Look at the second set of 400 million. Oh, my God, I almost fainted! What is this concept? A set of 400 million 1 sets of 400 million 1 sets of 400 million 1 sets … I can hardly imagine that at this time I realized that my software was so popular.
Now, instead of sitting on the ground, I replied,’ Did your company make a lot of money from the first two sets of software? I cann’t believe it’s still 300 million to buy my software I want your company to sell my software with a 5% bonus, or I’ll find a second company.
Wei Hai, a distant network software company, sat in front of his head and looked at this 5% figure. It was really depressing. Why did this super software designer suddenly become so clever? But on second thought, it was hard to know whether his software was so popular now. Moreover, almost 99% of the industry of’ Huaguang’ now depends on his software. Even if he said he wanted 9% of Wei Hai, he would promise not to promise, but it was so simple not to close down. Cyber hackers and large brain companies around the world would not let go of the first two sets of software so easily. This has forced many small companies that do similar software to close down, while big companies now wish they could die early, causing Wei Haitian to take 50 bodyguards every day, but compared with Wei Hai’s current home, it is twice as high. Think about the two sets of software, which are enough to buy the former’ Huaguang’. Qian Weihai himself is ready to fight and spread all his money in his secret account through money laundering, even if he has a family to rely on in case he has one.
After thinking about it, Wei Hai made a contract. In the past, the main thing was to hold 5% shares each, while the World Bank worked as a middleman to calculate the automatic distribution of their respective income, so it was not harmful or sloppy.
When I saw this contract, I knew I was still short, but as the saying goes, don’t be greedy. 5% is already a huge number. Think about it just now. I can’t imagine how much this third software can sell now, but I think I should take some time to do it.
So I’m going to play early afternoon today, so I’ll concentrate on making this software, because it’s hard to guarantee the evening dance. Oh, it should be Shuisilei who may come.
Chapter III Beginning of the Standing Committee
Chapter III Beginning of the Standing Committee
I put on my helmet and entered the game. The first message was that Chris sent me that she had something to do. She might not be able to accompany me so soon. She told me to take good care of myself. I should be careful of monsters. Don’t attack too strong monsters. Remember to think of her name once for half an hour and report her peace every hour … There are thousands of words of information, etc. Although it is a little hard to read, that little bit of heart makes me feel warm. Who said that NPC loves me? I know so many NPCs in the game. There are really many feelings.
The second message is that he has bought gorgeous metal, but it takes one person to form a guild in fairyland, but now there are also six people and Chris, not counting a player.
Then came the messages from the disease and the dark fire, saying that they could not come this afternoon. What day is it today? Think about it. It seems to be Monday. The university should be busy at this time.
I sent a private chat to Fenxue to discuss the establishment of a guild at Kecha. Soon Fenxue and I both arrived at Kecha. He gave me this gorgeous metal as crystal clear as a crystal flower made of gold. I wanted to ask how much it was, but I just wanted to ask Fenxue what I wanted to say and immediately said, "If we are brothers, we will accept it first. Isn’t it a guild after us?" These are small problems, right? "
"Yes, brother!"
夜生活Holding our right hands tightly together has become a way for us to express our feelings, and I also like this brotherhood that makes my blood boil.
The next ice fox pouted and said, "You are brothers, so what am I?"
"Ha ha, I forgot my brothers and sisters! Don’t be angry, Sister Bing! "
This ice elder sister is called the ice fox. Hehe, Lian Xiao seems to like me as a younger brother, too. This time, after it was the turn of three hands to fold together, we began to discuss such as forming a guild. First of all, we rejected blood and expressed his opinions.
"At present, we are mainly few people, and the most attractive thing is that there are three kinds of strengths: strength, fame and friendship. We can be single, but there is still a gap between the overall strength and the worst guild. If you talk about your elegant things, you will definitely be famous, but I don’t know if the third friendship is good or bad. But what about you?"
As soon as you hear the question, how can we get people together? This is a serious problem. I don’t know how many people can be recruited by disease and dark fire, but it is always impossible to get together these 100 people. It seems that we must find another way.

When the dust slowly fell behind, the audience immediately saw an amazing scene. The whole floor of the venue was covered with blue water light. If you don’t look carefully, the venue is a water surface, and Tianwu also found the problem because the whole floor of the venue was covered by disease [water property field]

Seeing this, I couldn’t help shouting. I didn’t expect the disease to be so clever. Harassment is a fake cloth. If his new skill [Thousand Miles Water Polo] is real, he can give full play to his greatest advantage.
"Dance in heaven, let me show you how powerful I am!" After the disease method finished, he began to sing, and the watery blue light on the ground around the disease method kept spinning around him, and clouds of blue water polo gradually appeared.
Tianwu didn’t know about these new skills until she took part in this challenge. Every new skill is very powerful. It can be said that it is impossible to prevent it. Even if Tianwu thinks he is powerful, he dare not take a small look. So Tianwu immediately rode a toucan and rushed to the disease as quickly as possible.
The third chapter disease method VS day dance (2)
The distance of Tianwu’s disease method is about 30 meters, and the Toucan’t reach it in ten seconds. At this time, Tianwu also made the skill [collision]. The Toucan suddenly increased its speed like eating * * * *. At this speed, it takes seven seconds for Tianwu’s’ God Wish’ to cut the disease method, but it is not nervous to see the disease method, but it is still singing and calling water polo. Now it is almost one second.
Tianwu’s face became more and more ugly because she saw the disease and the ten water polo balls around him. She didn’t know the damage of these water polo balls, so she dared not try the ball.
At this time, with the rapid attack, all the water polo teams attacked Tianwu in two layers, five semi-circular formations, and all the attack routes of Tianwu were blocked. Now Tianwu wanted to retreat because of the force sprint, so it was impossible for Tianwu not to make a moment, so that she could understand the skills [God Barrier] by herself. This is a different skill from [Dark Barrier] and [Light Barrier]. Once this skill is made, it is not only protective, but also more offensive. If the opponent is [God Barrier], the sword will be quickly rotated within one meter. However, this skill also has its shortcomings, that is, it is necessary to have the sword of God’s Blessing before it can be used, and therefore this skill has become a special skill of heavenly dance. At this time, God’s Blessing began to spin around the body of heavenly dance, forming a circular light shield faster and faster. When it contacted God’s Blessing, the water polo was immediately cut into pieces, and two or ten water polo could not afford to be chopped at all, but it was not worrying at all to see the disease.
Seeing the disease method began to sing water polo again, and these ten water polo balls have just been chopped up. The disease method over there has already called out five. If this continues, the dance will definitely be exhausted and defeated that day. But after all, the heavenly dance just chopped up ten water polo balls and immediately put away’ God wishes’ and took out five long javelins from the backpack.
Seeing this javelin throwing, it was a little scary, because he knew what skills Tianwu would make next. Although the distance between Tianwu and Shifu was ten meters, the water polo barrier seemed as far away.
[Spear Throwing Attack] Five javelins broke through and stopped singing immediately. This is also the specialty of sages, but wizards can’t sing until the end unless they are interrupted by the enemy. Therefore, it is also the most vulnerable time for wizards to sing big magic.
As he waved, layers of one-meter Fiona Fang water blocks kept pushing against the javelin, but the water resistance was always limited. After passing through three layers of water blocks, he still hit five javelins, one was shot down by the soul rod of the disease method, two were blocked by the lie notes, but two more were hit by the disease method. Unfortunately, one javelin hit the right hand bowl of the disease method, and the soul rod immediately fell down with the water polo.
Tianwu certainly won’t miss such an opportunity, and immediately took out the "God’s Wish" and jumped at the disease. However, things have changed. I didn’t expect another feature of the water polo to be sticky just now. Although the water polo was chopped up, it was still sticky. I realized that the "God’s Wish" was so heavy that it almost dragged the surrounding water up. Now, "God’s Wish" can’t be said to be more like a sword, and it is more complicated than the whole person. The disease method also changed the soul stick to the left hand water polo and immediately started to move again. Although there were five of them, they all jumped on the dance body. After five days of continuous dancing, they were hit, and the body began to absorb the present’ God’s wish’ characteristics. The disease method cast water [water attribute field] and the dance began to struggle, but the water not only wrapped her body, but also wrapped her head and could not breathe. After the game was upgraded, it was also considered an injury, and it was also stipulated that the face of the disease method died automatically by breathing for one minute.
And in the stands, several of us shouted, especially when I entered the game, I knew the disease method not long after, but I never thought that the disease method would be so powerful that it would transport the skills of the sages so magically.
When everyone thought that Tianwu would lose, the venue changed again, and the water wrapped in Tianwu turned from blue to red. At first glance, it was not good to shout and ran out immediately, but it was already late. A huge explosion tortured all the audience’s ears once, and the ears kept ringing back, and the venue was dusty again.
When the dust fell behind, the audience became unconscious. Because the picture was so shocking, the whole playing field disappeared, and a huge pothole with a depth of three meters appeared on the ground, and they lay on one side and didn’t know what happened to him.
What about Tianwu? Tianwu disappeared and everyone was looking for Tianwu. At this moment, a girl around us suddenly cried, "Where are you, Tianwu sister?" Don’t scare my sister Tianwu! "
I looked next to it and felt familiar, but I still couldn’t remember it for a moment. Then I looked at the girl next to her, but the person I knew was the hunter Xixi, the vice president of the Wonderland Girls’ Union, and another one was the dancer Ye, who had fought with the disease, and she was also the vice president of the Wonderland Girls’ Union. I didn’t expect us to sit so close.
When the fire was dark, I shouted next to me, "Come on, Brother Chifa!" When the three of them looked at us together, I couldn’t help shouting that it would be difficult to protect a real PK from the sidelines, which would be in trouble
However, at this moment, the venue change immediately attracted everyone’s attention again. In the past, Tianwu appeared next to the deep pit of the venue like magic, but her "God Wish" turned into a sword without sword or knife, and a number of shredded pork stretched out from the handle to tightly wrap the Tianwu hand around Tianwu, and the audience looked at the "God Wish" in their hands blankly. Because the weapon was too red, it was redder than blood, which made people feel a thrill.
It’s hard to imagine that the health value and magic power of the disease method will not recover automatically at this time, and it’s not easy to see how he drinks the white potion. The hero of the disease method will automatically give up to the system without eating the immediate loss, and the person of the disease method doesn’t have to die. After all, it’s important to keep the level, and it’s not easy to practice again.
Chapter IV Team Competition
Things are often the same as the results of disease VS heavenly dance. Although it’s only ten minutes, the audience feels as if it’s been several years. When everyone died, heavenly dance used such a powerful trick to blow up the whole venue, and the accompanying rate of disease in the black market casino in Mengluoke was 31. Those players who were going to buy disease were surprised, but they didn’t expect to lose suddenly. They couldn’t help but cry and say goodbye to the money.
And a few of us look at me. I think you can speak French. Just now, dancing in the sky was so shocking. What is this move that can blow up a 100-square-meter venue so that players can fight? I can’t help but think about whether to go beyond the challenge. After all, I don’t have such a great attack skill.
And the girl next to her kept yelling, "Long live Sister Tianwu! Sister Tianwu is amazing!"
The dark fire was unwilling to say to her, "Well, who said she was the best? When I wait for the boss, I will definitely beat her to pieces."
The girl immediately turned to the dark fire and said, "What did you say? Who has a sister who dances in heaven? "
Dark Fire proudly said, "My boss!"
"Who is your boss?"
When I was trying to stop it, it was too late, and the dark fire blurted out "elegant!"
This statement immediately alerted Xixi and Ye, who are famous for their elegance for a long time, but they have never seen a guy. Now, suddenly, someone says that there is such a good opportunity to know Elegant, so Xixi and Ye immediately surrounded the dark fire with a hostile face and asked, "So where is this brother?"
I knew at a glance that it was not good to clean up the mess, so I crustily skin of head and said, "His boss is me!" "
Xixi and Ye Qiqi turned to look at me in a light armor, a pair of antlers headgear and the prom mask completely blocked my appearance.
"You are elegant? Then why are you wearing a mask? " Evening evening doubt asked.
"What do you care about this? Believe it or not, let’s go! "
Say that finish immediately make [send array] I first pulled the dark fire into the send aperture and Chris and blood repellent couple followed.
Xixi and Ye looked at each other and wondered whether to follow the past. Although the elegant events have passed, at that time, they made a fuss about letting go like this in front of real people. What do you think is unwilling? But if you rush to follow the past, who knows where [seeing off the array] is? If you go out and get besieged, it will be worthless. Besides, the dance has just been beaten, and they have to celebrate and put it away.
The unified broadcast announced the results of this world. When the male players heard the first place in the LV7 level, Qin Yong, the God official, showed excellent colors. Because almost everyone knew the name of Qin Yong and she was beautiful and beautiful, but she knew more about her two guardians and two LV9 players. They were willing to guard Qin Yong without upgrading and reincarnation. This is already a much-told story.
When they heard the name of the first player in LV-LV9, almost all the players were sensational. This mysterious player finally appeared since the death list, the unified punishment list, and the imperial edict. The fairyland girls’ league was blocked until the recent auction of four wings by elegant players, which made players very interested in elegant players, and it was strange that he did this, so many people began to look at the essence of the game, but it was strange that there were videos of the games of the players, that is, elegant players did not video every game, which puzzled many people, so more rumors began to say that elegance and collusion, elegance was a computer hacker and so on, but all of these things disappeared in a hurry.
But the LV9-LV99 level sky dance won the first place, but no one had any opinions. After all, after seeing the last game, the players believed very much. Anyone who didn’t believe anything would go and blow up the 100-square-meter venue.
This world of individual competition is very strange, and no one has challenged it, so the individual competition is over after dancing and fighting the disease.
At the end of the personal war, I won the prize. Although it was not good, it was just a bracelet’ wisdom bracelet’ to increase wisdom by five points. I did not hesitate to give the disease method, but I did not hesitate to accept it.
The next competition will enter a new stage of team competition, and most of the participating teams in this industry are elite teams carefully selected by guilds. After all, Wonderland is not a single-player game, and it pays attention to cooperation and rules. Therefore, if you win the first place in the team competition, you will prove your strength, so the top ten guilds in the front have sent representatives to participate, and the names of the top ten guilds are as follows.
First,’ those who are facing the soldiers are all in front of the array’
The president is in front of the soldiers, and those who fight are in front of them.
Second,’ Tianthief’
Chairman thief head
Third,’ stabbing the sky’
President’s lore
Four,’ fallen immortal’
President’s death
Five,’ hegemony dynasty’
President Tian
Six,’ Oriental Qianxiu’
President shura hell
Seven,’ Wonderland Girl League’
President Tian Wu
,’ Little People’s Union’
The president is really a villain
Nine,’ intelligence first’
President’s information
Ten,’ Hong Shang Tian’
President iron man
In addition to the top ten guilds, some powerful guilds have sent representatives to participate, so the team game is more lively than the individual game. Almost all gamers participate in the event, but today is definitely not enough. Therefore, when the game starts all day, it is limited to half an hour and a random draw will be held until the first place is decided.
A few of us can also have a rest and come to Kecha. I didn’t expect that guy in jathyapple to drink the Ice Queen again. It seems that she is addicted to drinking, but who here is not addicted to drinking this? Ha ha!
"What the hell was that explosion?" I asked for the first time
"Oh, it really scared me to death. You didn’t see it. It’s a good thing I saw it at close range." The disease method began to recall the situation at that time
喝茶约茶It was really cool to watch the struggling heavenly dance with a triumphant smile, but then I was surprised to see that the "God Wish" actually began to glow red and the expression of heavenly dance changed from normal to ferocious, and I trembled unconsciously. Then the "God Wish" handle began to stretch out thin shredded pork and went straight into the heavenly dance body. The horror made the scalp numb. What weapon is this so powerful? It will actually enter the player’s body, but then it will make the disease feel trembling. The heavenly dance actually moved in the water, just like the water wrapped around her.’ God wishes’ moved. The red light began to spread into the water with the waving of the heavenly dance, making the water turn red and some red light seeped into the ground. Seeing this, of course, it was not alert and ran away immediately, but it was late, and then everything was like everyone saw.

Another shop assistant next to her immediately knocked her on the head. "Why is the fool in such a hurry to go? The food here is too expensive for one person. Do you think what you just ate is worth 200 yuan? If it is not, I will continue eating quickly. I will ask for an ice cream. Haha, there are many flavors. I intend to eat every flavor. Anyway, eating one is 200 yuan, and eating ten kinds is also 200 yuan." The girl said and left with a plate.

"Manager Li, I have something to do." But before that, the girl still has to go, and money is not a wave. She is the one who treats the waves. What is her business?
"What is more tempting than food?" Li Xuefeng winked and looked very curious.
Section 9
"Handsome guy, haha, only a handsome guy can let me put food."
"Well, eating a handsome guy is eating haha. Go ahead."
"Then I’ll go, Manager Li. Help me eat more."
The girl who went to get the ice cream also came back. While eating the ice cream, she shouted, "Hey, where are the young silkworms? Do you want to take everyone to see them?"
The girl stopped. "Boxing is awesome. Who wants to go? I’ll take you with me. There are friends in my place who can get a 20% discount on tickets."
"I want to go. I haven’t seen boxing yet. Is it the same as watching black boxing in my eyes?"
"You’ll know when you go. It’s super exciting to watch live, and there will be a super handsome guy playing boxing today."
Lan Jingyi was moved by Silkworm, and she never saw boxing on the spot. "I want to go, too."
"Ok, then go wherever you want."
桑拿论坛"Hey, don’t go after eating everything on the plate, and no one is allowed to wave or people will lose more copies." Li Xuefeng laid out her manager’s rack and directly ordered everyone to eat before going.
Lan Jingyi eats fast. Xiao Qinqin is already full. The little thing is very good. Feed it and eat it. It’s super good.
When I left the hotel, I stopped a van and seven people squeezed in. Lan Jingyi held Xiao Qinqin. She felt like a child who was going to do something bad, but I was curious. She wanted to see what the place was like to play black boxing.
The van girl gave directions and soon arrived in the remote southern suburbs of the city. The car walked along the stone path. It was really quiet here. It looked like the roots of the Black Boxing Hall were not at all, but when walking, Lan Jingyi felt the quite exciting atmosphere after entering the underground passage.
Chapter 156 Bet him lose
The further you go, the more handsome men there are on both sides. Almost ten steps away, there is one that makes her look a little scared, but the little Qin Qin in her arms is excited. The jumping in her arms makes her wonder if her daughter is violent. She likes to watch boxing.
Her daughter’s reaction made her feel a little relieved. She really felt that she was not a good mother when she brought her daughter to such a place, but curiosity drove her to come.
Seven people entered the boxing hall, which was very lively, but looking around, she might be the only one who brought the children.
Lan Jingyi blushed slightly. She is really not a good mother.
Lan Jingyi took the last row seat because the ticket price was super cheap, and only 20 yuan could sit in those empty seats, but it could satisfy the curiosity of several girls.
Let’s go to the buffet. Just Li Xuefeng and another girl didn’t come. Li Xuefeng said that she was going to buy clothes. Lan Jingyi didn’t want to buy clothes. She wanted to see black boxing. All her curiosity became stronger when she came into the black boxing hall.
There was one person in the ring, but the audience was very enthusiastic, cheering and whistling, and there was a lot of discussion. The audience in the crowd were all betting.
"Lan Jingyi, do you want to bet?" A few salespeople shook her head because Li Xuefeng had become familiar with her. "I’ll see what happens." If I bet wrong, I’ll lose my blood.
"If Lan Jingyi wants to bet, bet two people and one set at once. If you see someone, bet quickly, or it won’t count if you bet after the start."
"Oh, I see." Let’s see if it’s more reliable to bet again. We must always know whether the person we want to bet is fat or thin and whether he looks like he can play like that.
To make money, you must use your head, and you must never give away money blindly.
Lan Jing Yi Zheng is curious to look around and the little things in her arms are just like her. She looks around and cheers come from the crowd. Look along everyone’s line of sight. Two secret doors through the boxing ring are opened. One left and one right come out respectively. Two male Lan Jingyi’s eyes first fall on a male dressed in a black fist. He looks like a man with a huge figure. His gestures are full of domineering. A pair of cold eyes seem to be breathtaking. Lan Jingyi heard a woman scream "The elder brother … the elder brother …"
That brother Yue made her look away from the black boxing man, but when she saw another man in white boxing, she was shocked.
Jiang Junyue
If it’s true, he’s turned to dust, and she knows it’s him
What is he doing here?
She didn’t react until this thought turned. He is wearing a boxing at this time. God, is he here to fight?

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!