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Then I reined in my horse’s head and stood up, and I snatched it. The long knife looked coldly at a group of people in front of me.

After a little commotion, the enemy’s position has been closed, and there are more than ten riders surrounded by one person. Instead, it makes me feel a little funny. In the northwest, not only the ranks are so poor, but even the generals are lacking in wisdom. It’s really unreasonable for such soldiers not to be laughed at and despised by the elite of the Central Plains!
These people probably see that I am young and kind, but none of them show any fear and panic. This makes me quite depressed. I am a 14yearold man, and I am already a big old man at this time, right? Besides, the feng shui difference in the northwest should look more vicissitudes, but the enemy on the other side is standing in situ and motionless around the leader
The enemy will sign up! Since you didn’t respond, why don’t I just shout myself?
The crowd chattered a few words and finally discharged the formation. The young man in the middle replied, Jincheng Hanzhong!
Han Zhongren?
I don’t know! Never heard of it!
It is also in this corner that I have heard a little about the names of Han Sui and his generals. Other mixed soldiers can play small roles. In my impression, it seems that even Han Sui Sun has never heard of them.
Wait …
Han Sui … Sun? Han zhong?
I casually shouted, Is the old thief in Han Sui still alive?
The caffey immediately angry swearing little shaggy you dare to curse my father? !”
I added, Who is Xiao Zamao scolding?
Little shaggy scolds you! Caffey reply is very fast.
I smiled at him and scanned them, waiting for some laughter and a little anger.
face awkward/embarrassing silence on the stage (when an actor enters late or forgets his lines)
I look back and have already chased Ma Dai and Zhao Cheng around, but they are all very nervous with a serious face.
夜生活I’m angry instead?
Damn it! I hate this hellhole! I hate this enemy with no sense of humor! Although this dialogue is a little old, we can clearly see that from the two scenes of Yang Guo satirizing Huo Dou and me scolding Han Zhong in The Condor Heroes, it can be compared that the spiritual level of ordinary people is extremely low due to the serious shortage of material information. What is the IQ …
I sighed when I said a cold joke just now.
Arrow pot! I stretched out my right hand.
Someone immediately untied himself and handed it to me.
I glanced at it briefly, but it was also full of a pot of twenty, which was almost enough for me to annihilate each other. I was afraid that they would flee to Korea before, so it is estimated that the doublewhammy war will be on the verge.
Ma Dai Zhao Cheng! As I put my long knife across my legs, I ordered to the left and right, You guys are going to disperse quickly and surround the enemy’s department, and you will kill every one!
Ma Dai and Zhao Cheng were both surprised, but then they followed orders. They rode more than ten bows and arrows to loosely surround the enemy in a big circle.
Protect less generals!
Among the enemies, there are not stupid pawns who drink a lot. More than twenty cavalry quickly form an iron drum again to hold Han Zhongxiao to death.
This is convenient for everyone to fight the enemy annihilation war.
But why don’t they shoot at us?
You don’t shoot, I shoot! There is always a man who wants to shoot me. I don’t have time to think about it and yell, You’re welcome! First of all, bow and shoot!
More than a dozen people have been shooting arrows.
A round of strength shot past.
I feel selfconscious
Sure enough, the level is uneven, that is, Ma Dai and Zhao Cheng can still fire some shots. The other ten people belong to the unrestrained archers who shoot indiscriminately all over the sky. However, the enemy is not far away, and it is relatively grazing array to support friendly forces. They can say that it is better than talking.
Shoot again!
A volley
Facing the battlefield, I can’t help but praise myself.
I really don’t praise myself! Today’s archery is really good. It’s called a * * explosion!
Although it is impossible to shoot an arrow in the head, it is conservatively estimated that there are 345 enemies in my field. Well, the shooting rate has reached about 10%. In fact, the bow god in the Three Kingdoms should be another nickname for me.
Ma Dai and Zhao Cheng each shot down five or six people, so it’s, uh, no longer finetuned. There are bodies all over the ground, and the target is Han Zhong alone.
Seeing him sitting on a horse has long been at a loss.
Han Sui old thief puppy! I call him that, so he can’t have any more dissatisfaction, can he?
Sure enough, he didn’t show any anger.
Is stupefied looking at the foot that crawled all over the body.
I put the bow into the saddle casually, and my hands have raised the long knife horizontally.
Pick up your weapon and … die!
Run forward on a horse.
Han Zhong gave a loud roar, holding the reins with his right hand, and vigorously dialed back to sit on the horse and leaped to twist his head and fled to the southwest.
Hum! The steed with my legs on my horse’s belly and hip suddenly accelerated and chased after that fellow.
The dog thief saved his life!
On both sides of caffey’s front, it was Ma Dai and Zhao Cheng who blocked their mouths in person. They drank both bows and made a circle, and friendly forces also supported them with bows.
A dozen sharp arrows were shot at caffey.
Such as success
An arrow in the arm is Ma Dai;
An arrow in the thigh is Zhao Cheng;
One arrow to the left and right of the horse’s hip. The owner of the arrow is unknown
It is said that BMW caffey also stuck two sharp arrows in his ass, but he kept running and refused to die.
Good pony! I am only a dozen paces away from caffey, but it will still be hard to catch up for a while.
The horse was stabbed in the ass and it hurts. I guess it took all its strength to run. My horse is hungry and cold and has no strength to run long distances.
After my heart was estimated, I tried my best to throw the long knife without saying anything.

I barely smiled. Just now, when I heard Shen Pei’s name, I just blew my mind. Now I think that Qin Zhen, Xiao Dai, Zulie and Sun Wen are not in Handan. Each of them took a traveler’s horse, so more than 1,000 people lost me. More than 5,000 people pushed 10,000 regular troops. It sounds that the odds are not good.

Jia Xu said this probably to make me feel comfortable when the time comes, right? In case the enemy is too strong, it’s not unkind for us to pull out and retreat (do we have such a thing with Li Cheng? )
I was negligent just now and now I can transfer … there are five thousand people. I pretended to sigh.
Shen Pei selfeffacing bowed his head, Chestnut is too dangerous.
I was just about to comfort him. What the hell is 10,000 people? He stood tall and bowed to me with a positive color. Officer, thank you Ma Daren for your help. It means that the disparity in strength means that Shen Pei dare not put Zhao’s military forces in danger. He leaned forward and walked towards his mount.
With him, he risked his life to break out, and twelve soldiers immediately took the horse.
Where is Mr. Shen going? I quickly grabbed him.
Yecheng his eyes are sharp. Shen Pei failed to invite reinforcements to plead guilty to Li Taishou.
Go to die! Jamu revealed his intention.
Shen Pei fear death is fear? !”
Jammu’s words were choked in his throat and Reagan refuted them.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Strength disparity … odds are too small He shook his head.
I patted my chest. It’s only 10 thousand farmers. I can kill him with 3 thousand people!
I can kill him with a thousand people! Jia Mu grinned.
It’s a pity that Qin Zhen is not here … Will he say that one person can destroy them?
really? Shen Pei stared at him.
Don’t listen to his bullshit. I pushed Jia Mu casually.

桑拿网Xu Huang and Li Dian shook their heads separately to integrate their own troops.
Jia Mu also went to get together with me, and the grandfathers left in the camp.
Jia Xu and I are left to watch the competition.
Is this good? Someone asked
I turned my head Mr Zhong? What do you mean?
Cheng Yu with son Cheng Wu slowly walked to come over.
w w w
Six thousand butch rode to Yecheng for rescue? He said, Zhao’s remaining 3,000 soldiers and 1,000 scattered cavalry are not too reckless, but Zhang Yan is eyeing it.
You say this ….. I don’t care. Don’t be nervous. There are secretariat legions in Yan’s place, and the threat to the west is the east of Taihang Mountains. It is even more limited. We can go back and forth in two or three days by traveling lightly. Are there any gentlemen who don’t go?
Jia Xu couldn’t help but scold, Do you ask?
I don’t want to go, Cheng Yu simply replied, At any rate, I will bother Wen and Brother to take care of Ma Xiang all the way to Handan.
Jia Xu hands polite.
I curled my lips. You make it sound like I’m a burden … Brother Wu, why don’t you come with me?
Cheng Wu looked nervously at Torre.
Do you want to go so much? Cheng Yu said coldly that he was not questioning.
It’s father Cheng Wu insisted on looking straight at his father’s majestic eyes.
Cheng Yu moved the line of sight save your life and come back
I secretly spit out a sigh. Uncle Cheng finally let go. The veteran has another teenager.
Cheng Wu couldn’t help laughing.
His father said again, Don’t worry my father.
Yes, he immediately lowered his head again.

It’s about half an hour’s journey. The car stops firmly at a gentle 360degree turn.

Section 316
Wow, there are hundreds of white warships and warships parked on the vast sea near the wide embankment, and there are nearly 20 giant aircraft carriers. The red flags are flying everywhere, and the scene in front of us is magnificent!
In front of me, wait for a while smiled and looked blindsided. Wow, it’s amazing! The strength of this country is really good!
She looked at the place where the ships on the bank were opposite, and the buildings, large and small, were whole and orderly. The area was very vast, and white military uniforms were everywhere. Sure enough, the troops were also very sufficient.
It turns out that this is the main force department of the East China Sea Navy.
Because Che Xiaoxiao was not a soldier, Guteng did not continue to go inside.
When someone’s mood gradually subsided after a shock, the white patrol car returned along the original road.
Che Xiaoxiao took back the sight of falling into the sea and landed on his feet
The new shoes are very beautiful. The face of the shoes is dark blue and brown with dark yellow dragonflies tightly attached to the vamp, which is delicate and charming.
It fits well, is comfortable and satisfied. This is the man around him with his deep love.
For a moment, my head was hot, my lips were light and my eyes were shining. Uncle, I love you.
Well, you must! Slight hook with dark lip angle at the bottom of eyes
That handsome face born with majesty and strong momentum is very attractive.
The car smiled and twisted its neck back and forth, left and right, and looked at it. It happened that this embankment was in a state of being around them.
So the slender body leans towards the man’s body, and the pink mouth suddenly leans towards the beautiful lip angle
Looking at the road ahead, a great god has a heart, and the four lips on one side of that cold handsome face are right!
So soft and sweet!
夜生活The car stopped and smiled, but there was no reaction. Guten had leaned over her body, and her big hands had tightly held her slender and soft waist posture and gradually tightened it.
Come on, the warm atmosphere has become hot because of this kiss!
Thought stagnates, gorgeous fireworks explode in the vast sea of hearts, and like passing by, the stars collide gently and excite stars
Originally, I was going to steal a kiss from the car, but I was a little caught off guard. No, she just wanted to kiss her lips, but she was caught by a man in front of her.
Uncle is bad … From pink to crimson, the goose egg face is a little bitter at the moment. Is this selfinflicted? !
However, she felt that a familiar happiness flooded her facial features and created her moodcool! Sweet!
Uncle doesn’t laugh and doesn’t love …
Khan, the famous coldfaced army god has changed its taste again.
The sea breeze gently brushed the adultery and spread everywhere
Just as two people’s body temperature rose, there was a movement in the pocket of the white military uniform, and there was a slight ringing of the mobile phone, which ended this kissing feast.
The white patrol car started slowly again.
I haven’t driven my car yet. I took a careful look at my smile. I was interrupted by words. Good things made my face a little black. The domineering man couldn’t help but bow his head and steal a smile.
Because of this, the speed of the car was much faster than when it came just now. After twenty minutes, it returned to the East Gate and went straight into a tall and active fivestory activity building and stopped.
Little girl ….. With thick spoil in the dark voice.
Guteng took the lead in striding to the other side and smiled at the car and handed it a big hand
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Che Xiao smiled, and the delicate little hand was tied with a thin cocoon, and the big hand took advantage of the situation and knocked down to earth!
When they entered the activity building, the car smiled and the eyes were wide and cheerful
It turns out that this is a huge room basketball court with five venues in a row, but at the moment there are many tall figures in white and red basketball suits because of that venue.
Snowwhite lights illuminate the whole building as if it were day.
The terraced seats around are almost full of soldiers. Most of them are in white navy uniforms, and many of them are in camouflage. There is a little less blue. Look at the epaulettes. They are all officers.
Che Xiaoxiao opened her blue eyes with high eyesight. In a closer look, there was a heroic figure of a female soldier. Look at that level. Hey, the rank is not low.
Now she also guessed the meaning of that sentence. It turned out that someone called to urge his man to come back and play basketball.
All eyes were on the field, and no one noticed that two people passed by in the dark.
Tall, straight, white figure, straight, smiling with the car, went to the seat closest to the sideline, where the twopole Samsung White Naval Academy sat.
Shit! Stand up neatly and greet Big School!
Well, GuTeng lightly should look from their face and glanced at it solemnly, then pointed to one of them and motioned for the car to sit with a smile.
Someone has always been very thickskinned, but at the moment, he is a little tense. This group of handsome and highranking military uniform uncles have been hiding for a long time, but their shyness can’t help but come out. The whole person is a little cute, but the two pieces of ass are like sitting on a fishing boat.
Thin face and thick ass

Demichelis jumped up and tried to clear the ball with a header but missed it.

The ball passed Demichelis’s ear and flew to the goal.
Real Madrid fans in the stands are already up and ready to cheer for the goal.
As a result, Caballero made a world-class save this time, almost with a jump of consciousness, reaching for the ball and hitting his fingertips, and then jumping over the beam and falling into the square net of the beam.
Caballero prevented Lu Wenbin from shooting a wonderful backhand shot, and Real Madrid continued to serve corners.
Lu Wenbin felt that the strength, speed and angle of the ball were good after finishing the hook shot, which should be the range of hitting the door frame.
Unexpectedly, Caballero jumped out.
Seeing that Di Maria was going to serve a corner kick again, Lu Wenbin paused, then left the forbidden area and ran over to Di Maria and said, "I’ll serve."
Di Maria knew that Lu Wenbin was ready to shoot directly again.
In normal training, Lu Wenbin has the experience of directly punishing the corner kick into the goal. Although he has not been punished in the game, Di Maria knows that Lu Wenbin has this ability.
Therefore, Di Maria also left the penalty spot without any nonsense and went to the periphery of the forbidden area to prepare for grabbing the ball and making a long-range shot if there is an opportunity later.
Many commentators shook their heads and commented that Lu Wenbin went to the corner area to replace Di Maria to take a corner kick.
"Lu Wenbin doesn’t know what happened recently. He is more keen on taking corners than before."
"And his corner kicks are close to the goal, which means he wants to shoot directly."
"The corner kick is directly sent to the goal. This is a test of footwork, and footwork is not the most important thing. The most important thing is luck."
"Yes, if you want to score a corner kick directly, Lu Wenbin might as well stay in the area and fight for the header. He is excellent in physique, jumping and heading skills."
"I think this corner kick attack opportunity is over. I’m afraid Lu Wenbin’s penalty corner kick will be confiscated directly by goalkeeper Caballero."
Lu Wenbin didn’t give up the idea of shooting from different angles in the stadium.
In training, he tried ten corner kicks without a goalkeeper, and he could score seven.
With goalkeepers and guards guarding two goalposts, he can also get three or four penalties.
This goal rate is actually higher than the goal rate of header in the forbidden area.
In the previous game, the penalty kick was not scored. It can be said that the luck is a bit bad. It is not that Lu Wenbin has a problem with his angle skills.
Anyway, the game is almost over now, and Lu Wenbin still wants to give it a try.
Malaga goalkeeper Caballero naturally knows that Lu Wenbin is keen on taking corners in the last two games and always seems to want to shoot directly.
Therefore, Caballero did not go outside the door line, but stepped on the door line and watched Lu Wenbin nervously.
There are also two Malaga players behind the door to prevent the goalkeeper from saving. From time to time, they can head the ball to clear the gap.
Lu Wenbin watched Caballero and found that he was a little bit ahead.
Then there are more chances to play later.
If we can hit a theoretical corner, Caballero can’t come even if he retreats, and the defender at the back post can’t reach it even if he jumps.
品茶论坛It depends on whether Lu Wenbin can make that angle.
After the referee handled the quarrel between the two sides in the no-go area and signaled Lu Wenbin to make a free throw, Lu Wenbin started to run a few steps from the billboard and kicked the ball and kicked it out.
The ball first flew to the forbidden area, causing players from both sides of the forbidden area to push and grab seats and upset people.
But the ball drew an arc and spun into the goal.
I was prepared. Caballero found out that the ball was flying backwards, so he stepped back and observed it and wanted to throw it out.
As a result, he suddenly found that the ball was too fast, and he could not retreat to the back point. The ball was about to fall into the goal.
Come and never retreat. Caballero can jump halfway and try his best to reach for the ball
But the ball didn’t finish falling, but it passed his fingertips and fell to the back of the goal.
Caballero turned to look at the guard post. eliseu had jumped up and stretched his neck to push the ball out.
Segmented reading 29
But Lu Wenbin’s angle of the ball is too sharp, almost a theoretical corner.
The ball went over eliseu’s head and fell into the goal from the intersection of the post behind the crossbar.
Suddenly all the commentators were blown up.
"The goal went in, the goal went in, and Lu Wenbin scored a corner and shot directly."
"Oh, my God, when Lu Wenbin took a corner kick, he shot directly and scored."
"Lu Wenbin scored a hat-trick with a corner kick. Real Madrid led Malaga 32 away and the game was almost over."
"Real Madrid is about to create 59 unbeaten matches in La Liga and the longest unbeaten record in the five major European leagues."
Lu Wenbin’s angle shot instantly detonated the ball, and several people admired Lu Wenbin.
It’s not that there has never been a corner kick in football, but it is of great significance for Lu Wenbin to score this goal on such an important occasion that Real Madrid is about to set the longest unbeaten record in the new five major leagues.
Even some Malaga fans have expressed their admiration for Lu Wenbin, and the players in charge of Real Madrid have even excited Lu Wenbin to celebrate.
Lu Wenbin’s goal was also the last goal of the game.
Four minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
A week in a row, two matches, exhausted Real Madrid fell behind to Malaga. Lu Wenbin scored three goals to complete the big reversal. 32 defeated Malaga and won the last game in 212. It was also the 59 th unbeaten game of Real Madrid in three seasons.
From this, Real Madrid surpassed A Milan in five unbeaten games and 59 unbeaten games to become the new longest unbeaten record in the five major leagues in Europe.
Galaxy warships are more radiant. Small words are loaded against each other. Find kuuně, a cool network.
And Lu Wenbin’s progress angle shot in stoppage time became the first angle shot in his career, which was repeatedly played by TV stations all over the world and watched by fans repeatedly, adding to the iron powder.
Chapter 625th Golden Globe Award for three consecutive championships

Get the wine! I yelled at Pang Gan and then tore Tuoba Ye’s clothes to reveal the bloody wound inside!

My Lord? !” His face turned white, and Tuoba Ye’s body trembled and his expression was slightly dismayed.
You help him straight! Don’t move! I stopped him from moving.
I took a bag of wine from Pang Gan, and I drank half a bag of wine myself, and then I sprayed it at the wound with full qi.
Psst … Alcohol invaded the wound and Tuoba Ye couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning.
After half a minute of crazy spraying, I felt that it was not enough for Youzi to spray the remaining half bag of spirits on Tuoba Ye’s waist.
Later … I made this decision that I will never regret in my life.
Good I bent my knees and finished squatting. I’ll give you two sips of socalled wolf poison to infiltrate your body!
Tuoba Ye tiger body Yishan stupefied didn’t speak.
The lip touched that place where the wolf kiss had gnawed.
Tuoba Ye was shocked again.
For the first time in my life, I am so close to a man with no blood.
Maybe it’s because I just drank his blood?
I took a sip of warm and fishy liquid and slowly rushed into my mouth.
桑拿会所Tuoba Ye earthquake again.
I mercilessly spit out the blood in my mouth, and the blood was slightly dark black.
Like all martial arts novels in previous lives, I buried my head and sucked more than ten mouthfuls until my blood was black again.
I patted Tuoba Ye’s lower back and slowly rose from the ground. I think you …
Tuoba Ye gently caressed the waist wound eyes suddenly rolled tears.
I patted his broad but slightly thin shoulders again and smiled. A little injury can’t kill you so easily!
He nodded vigorously without making a sound.

The next afternoon, 4,000 frightened steeds finally carried 4,000 fighters back to Linrong.
The first thing to do is to immediately send someone to escort Tuoba Ye to Zhang Ji for wound treatment. Even if he was bitten by a dog in his previous life, he had to be scared. Is the situation so fierce and fierce?
In recognition of everyone’s courage, I have decided that there will be no active military action for ten days, so that everyone can have a full rest and the fragile hearts of the horses can be comforted a little.
I don’t want to lose half of my tiger and leopard camp directly after this war between man and beast …
Jia Xu simply greeted our generals.
We entered the hall in great shame.
On behalf of and at the head of me is reared its head Mr Wen and … regret not listening to Mr! This trip … almost wiped out … This is not fiction. Although the enemy is 500 wild wolves, if we really wait for the fire to go out, people and animals will not be able to escape half of it … Wolves eat people much faster than archery …
Jia Xu was full of surprise. You have achieved fruitful results this time. I don’t think the soldiers seem to have lost much …
I stared at him for two eyes. It didn’t seem like a joke. But … I didn’t find anything …
Isn’t it enough for 20,000 Hu people to stay in Shuofang? Jia Xu said, Don’t be too greedy.
11 Wei Zhen Hu Lu
Er dad, we didn’t even see a ghost all the way … Jia Mu scratched his head.
Jia Xu’s strange way: It’s strange to those people, but they all lived in the grassland south of Linrong …
Call a few people to ask first. I took a bowl of water and poured it into my mouth.
Several conference semifinals waddled over, and as soon as I saw that I was drinking water, I kowtowed on the ground.
Get up and don’t kneel, I waved. I am an official who loves the people like parents. Since you have become my son, I will never abuse you. Where did you live before?
Report back to the king. The young people all live in the area of OO River and OO River.
Jia Xu was ready. He immediately spread an atlas. This is where the big river meets a tributary. There are many tributaries of the Yellow River. This small stream root doesn’t deserve a Chinese name …
But how did you come to Shuofang by yourselves? Tuoba Ye asked, I don’t remember knowing you.

Xun Yu was silent for a long time with a sigh of shame. It’s been a long time since I saw Liang Gong’s eyes …

Seeing his psychological defense face to face, I immediately decided to take advantage of the situation to attack him.
But I heard the voice of Dian Wei over there. Is your master going to recruit him?
I turned to look at the guard. What are you trying to say?
Dian Wei pointed to the hundreds of soldiers who were struggling to survive on both sides of the Jishui River. He killed many of our brothers, but the master has to recruit him back to be a senior official? If the master’s day is such a day, Dian Wei, the only bodyguard … don’t do it!
I suddenly became gauze!
14 father reunion dinner
This is really a difficult choice.
But my approach is very simple.
Wen Ruo, you heard me. I smiled at Xun Yu. I always listen to good advice. If I don’t severely deal with such a vicious person as you, my brothers who died because of you will never spare me, and … I just described to you that the dream world will also become a dream bubble.
Xun Yu sighed, Now that Lianggong has become a public enemy of Lianggong, I didn’t expect to walk away. This action has failed, so let Lianggong dispose of it.
Very well, I looked at Marten Ma Dai again, biting my teeth and sneering. Take these three masterminds back to Luoyang, and then do what you do to me … I’ll make you wish you were dead!
Where are the others? Zhang Ben asked, clutching his sabre with both hands.
I waved disdainfully. Let them go back and send their funeral home to Liu Xie!

However, I did not return to Luoyang immediately, but sent someone to inform Luoyang and personally took people along the drowning to find the missing soldiers.
According to Xun Yu’s own account, they sent people to swim in Jishui in advance to build a small earth dam to temporarily contain the river for a day, and then when I crossed the river, the earth dam was destroyed, causing the river to surge instantly.
After two hours of searching and salvaging, all the soldiers have landed except for ten soldiers who are still alive and dead.
I breathed a sigh of relief in my heart, not too much …
I didn’t lead my team back to Luoyang until it was dark.
By the time I got back to Luoyang, I could hardly see the road.
I was greeted by all the civil and military officials in Luoyang city.
I’m lucky to be back from my illness! Wang Lie almost cried.
Looking at this large group of people, old and young, I was very moved and waved my hand. I am really sorry to keep you waiting.
What’s the matter of waiting a little longer for your master to return safely? Han Ji and Wei Ji came to hold my horse one by one, which made me rudely boom.
It’s over, and the murderer who intended to harm me has been captured alive. I pointed to the three people behind me. You must have been tired after waiting for a long time, so go back and rest first.
All right, let’s rest first. Let’s talk about something first thing in the morning. Jia Xu waved to the people behind him.
They gave me a bow and slowly dispersed.
Long time no see, General Shoucheng. Jia Xu bowed his hand at Marten.
Marten calmly replied, Yes, Mr. Wenhe, I’m sorry that I can’t reciprocate the rope.
Xun You also said hello to Xun Yu over there. Uncle, you have gone too far this time.
Xun Yu looked bitter. It’s hard to be cruel, but it still failed.
Really … Xun You whispered, I’m afraid I can’t intercede for you.
Xun Yu slightly stunned and then laughed. I am prepared.
I greeted a few people who stayed, didn’t I?
Jia Xu shook his head this matter … please master yourself.
I didn’t expect him to answer me like this, but then I thought he was rightI couldn’t expect them to help me decide to kill Marten and Ma Dai …
So … I looked at the three prisoners and didn’t know what to say. Let’s have dinner together.
They turned to look at me and didn’t know what to look at.

I didn’t expect you and my father to have dinner again in this situation. I felt a little sigh before dinner.
I didn’t expect … Marten replied. We can have another meal.
Whether he succeeded in subduing me or failed in being killed by me, we will not get together.
How is Liu Xie now? I gently lifted the wine bottle and shook the wine in it.
Since he moved the capital, he has become increasingly thin … Marten looked solemn as if he had met a very sacred and great hero. In order to revive the great man, he forgot to eat and sleep, and he was busy day and night …
Stop, stop, stop … I couldn’t help interrupting him. Liu Xie is under the jurisdiction of three counties, but where are the chickens coming from?
The old horse rubbed his stubble. It’s hard to get rid of you rebels … I’m so upset that I can’t sleep all night.
This reason … I can accept it.
But the general trend has been like this … there is nothing he can do if he is upset again. Although I, Liu Xie, are fairly harmonious and his personal treatment of me is quite kind, at this moment I have no other way but to show a little pity for his situation.
Dian Wei, who was standing outside the door, coughedsomeone was probably near.
Master a moment later, someone called out Cheng Yu, Xi Jun asks for an audience
I made it very clear when I was out of town. It must be …
Come in, I raised my voice and told Liang Cong, who was standing behind me, Let the kitchen have another meal for two.
The hall door was gently pushed, and Yu Cheng and Jun Xi entered the threshold in tandem.
Alone, I really have no appetite to eat. The play gentleman smiled and said, If the master doesn’t think it’s an eyesore, he will have a cheeky dinner with the master.
I smiled. You’re here. Can I kick you out?
按摩Cheng Yu nodded at me and consciously sat opposite Marten.
A few months ago, the second child came to tell my father that he was besieged by Lu Bu and was seriously injured and unconscious, crying and begging me to save you … I turned over the old scores for the old horse. At that time, I could have marched straight into the army and uprooted Luoyang City and wiped out the Manchu civil and military forces … but I still took my men to save you, didn’t I?

Maybe Ye Xiangyuan wants to be his own bait again …

He kissed my face and said, "Baby, go to sleep and don’t think about it."
I closed my eyes and he slowly fell asleep while patting.
Ye Wen came out of the basement the next afternoon and showed Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun Li Mulin’s mouth.
At that time, we were sitting in the living room drinking tea and Lu Xun seemed to be waiting for Ye Wen’s news. After breakfast, we left the villa and didn’t go out.
Ye Xiangyuan’s arm was injured and it was not convenient to read the file, but Ye Wen handed it to him.
I quickly took it for him and opened it for him.
Ye Wen hesitated, "Two little things happened to Li Shao …"
He didn’t finish, but Ye Xiangyuan had read the words and his face suddenly changed.
It’s the first time I’ve seen him so out of control. His chest fluctuates violently and there seems to be frost condensation in his eyes.
He clenched his fingers into fists and tried to control his emotions.
I’m amazed. I don’t know what happened to Li Mulin to make him so rude.
Ye Wenlow said to me and Lu Xun, "With Er Shao’s mother."
I thought about it and glanced over the testimony with my head down.
No wonder Ye Xiangyuan reacted so much.
In those days, Ye Mama was in a trance because of the stimulation of Ye Dad’s sacrifice.
But she finally went crazy because Ye Sanye pretended to be Ye Xiangyuan Teng Jun and planned to create a fake kidnapping case, and they deliberately killed Ye Xiangyuan in front of Ye Mama.
Mother Ye was in a coma on the spot and then she was unconscious after waking up.
When this happened, Ye Dage was busy with Ye Dad’s funeral. Ye Xiangyuan was young and Ye Li deliberately helped Teng Jun, and neither of them found Teng Jun’s calculation.
Section 331
Mother Houye was forced into the thorns. If Grandpa Chu hadn’t been tough, it would have been ruined by Teng Jun.
I took a deep breath to spit out the foul air in my heart.
Teng Jun also just killed Ye Dabo and Ye Dad, and it is normal to be hostile to Ye Mama.
But what about Ye Li?
He knew that Teng Jun’s plan not only didn’t stop it, but also covered for her.
Having a mistress made the eldest son and the second son live and die in a foreign land, so that the eldest son did not even leave the descendants, and the second son’s family was ruined.
He’s still not human?
What is even sadder is that Ye Xiangyuan was reluctant to kill him and left him a life.
桑拿按摩  title=I held Ye Xiangyuan’s hand tightly and tried to appease him, but my anger almost drowned myself and I couldn’t say anything comforting.
Ye Xiangyuan slowly held me back so hard that he almost crushed my bones.
I was in great pain, but I gritted my teeth
When Ye Xiangyuan and I were in ups and downs, Lu Xun also finished the testimony.
He looked at Ye Wen and said, "What else did Li Mulin say?"
Ye Wen said, "He said that he overheard it."
At that time, Li Mulin was still young and was arranged to be around Ye Xiangyuan. He had a good time with Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun. He didn’t know that he was asked to be a traitor at home and regarded Ye Xiangyuan as their good friends.
Once he was playing outside the house and overheard his father talking to someone. When he got to Ye Xiangyuan, he hid behind the door and listened to Cheng.
He heard that Ye Xiangyuan’s mother was crazy, but he was young and didn’t understand anything, so he didn’t rest assured.
Later, as I grew up, I had a showdown with him at home and let him lurk around Ye Xiangyuan. It was only when he remembered this that he suddenly realized what was going on.
I suddenly thought of something and secretly frowned.
Li Qingqing died of spontaneous combustion in front of me, perhaps because she knew that Ye Xiangyuan would find out sooner or later that she was afraid that Ye Xiangyuan would not let her son go before she exchanged her life for her life.
At that time, her son was younger than Ye Xiangyuan, and she certainly didn’t understand. It was just Teng Junli.
Ye Xiangyuan won’t kill her son even if he makes trouble. What makes her think that Ye Xiangyuan won’t let her go?
It’s a pity that Li Qingqing is dead and can’t ask why.
I think Lu Xun confessed Ye Wen to let him watch Li Mulin.
The villa is full of bodyguards, and Li Mulin is also afraid that he will run away because there is an exit in the basement.
Just wondering, I heard Lu Xun lightly say, "His testimony is not important. What matters is that he can’t run away, but others can kill him."

I’m a little defensive.

I know more or less about her character. She is not a person who makes herself wronged crazy, and no one can stop her.
However, Mrs. Li directly looked at her eyes and forced her to "apologize to Miss Ding" again.
Li Yuyan bit her mouth and glared at me, but she just wouldn’t do it.
I am afraid that she will go crazy and quickly said, "Never mind …"
Mrs. Li showed an apologetic smile. "She is not sensible. I hope you don’t care about her."
Perhaps it was stimulated by her mother’s attitude that Li Yuyan finally cried and shouted, "Mom, why are you doing this to me? You know I hate this bitch. I know I don’t want to apologize to her. Why drag me over … "
品茶"Shut up!" Mrs. Li interrupted her
Li Yuyan continued to cry regardless, "I’ve had enough! You let me put up with it at home and you let me put up with it outside! Am I your daughter or not? Is it miss Li’s family? Why should I put up with it, especially this bitch? She’s taken away from me … "
Chapter 26 Gu Changyu WeChat
Listen, Li Yu’s smoke is similar to venting, crying and yelling. I’m a little confused.
Mrs. Li actually let her endure it?
But I know Li Yuyan, who can pull out a gun in a cafe and threaten me to shoot me on the road.
She is so arrogant that she can kill people without a word. I don’t see where she stands.
But I don’t understand Mrs. Li’s attitude. She forced Li Yuyan to apologize to me. What is this about?
Is it a bitter plan?
But what’s to play?
I can’t speak rashly until I know her intentions.
Mrs. Li narrowed her eyes and saw the noisy eyes. Li Yuyan directly said, "Drag her away."
Li Yuyan froze and then became more excited and screamed, "Mom, how can you treat me like this …"
But she quickly covered her mouth and was carried out by Mrs. Li’s hand.
I was dumbfounded.
I didn’t expect Mrs. Li to hate her heart so much.
The two of us are left in the room. It’s a bit quiet.
I frowned.
She didn’t leave with me, presumably because she wanted to talk to me.
Sure enough, Mrs. Li looked at me and said, "I’m sorry I didn’t educate her well … She did a lot of wrong things before and she felt sorry for you … I apologize for her and hope you can forgive her."
Such humility makes me more vigilant.
But I was not moved by her good words.
It’s not that difficult for me before Li Yu smoked. From the first meeting, he threatened me to leave Ye Xiangyuan, shoot me in the back and torture me in the police station. If I hadn’t been saved every time, I would have died.
Besides, Mrs. Li is also very interesting. If she is really sorry, Li Yuyan should have stopped it when she started bothering me, instead of apologizing with Li Yuyan and saying a few words of comfort when Li Yuyan and I have deteriorated to this point.
When Ye Xiangyuan and I were married, she didn’t come out to stop Li Yuyan and Ye Xiangyuan from getting engaged.
I think she still wants Li Yuyan to marry Ye Xiangyuan.
I looked at Mrs. Li in silence. I knew she was definitely not as simple as apologizing.
Mrs. Li suddenly let out a sigh gently.
She went to my bedside and looked at me for a while. "Can’t you really forgive her?"? Although her hard words offend you, she is really a soft-hearted person. "
I didn’t speak
Li Yuyan is more than words that offend her. She is almost crazy and wants to kill me.
I really didn’t see it because of her soft heart. I think she is ruthless.
I really can’t forgive her.
Mrs. Li looked at me and said, "I don’t know that she has done too many things that disgust you. I really sincerely apologize to you today, but I can’t let you change your opinion of her at once." She paused and said, "I hope that if something happens to Yuyan one day, you can help her."
I looked at her strangely.
This is more unreasonable than her inexplicably apologizing to Li Yuyan and asking me to forgive Li Yuyan.
Why should I help Li Yuyan in an accident?
Although I never wanted to take the initiative to harm her, if she dies, I will feel that she deserves it and I will not feel sorry at all.
Mrs. Li is about to see my judo. "After all, you are related by blood. I believe you won’t be so cruel …"
I interrupted her with a sneer. "Even if she is related, even if she is my half-sister, I won’t help her."
Mrs Li face a change.
I said, "At the beginning, she shot me directly in the heart. If Sister-in-law didn’t push me away, I would have died … It’s good for such an enemy that I don’t fall into a trap. Do you expect me to help her?"
Mrs. Li’s expression is very ugly
I laughed coldly. "Besides, whether she is my father’s daughter has not been decided yet. Who knows if you lied to me? There are many people in this world."
Mrs. Li frowned. "How could I joke about such a thing?"
I squinted at her. "My dad just saw that you and Miss Li didn’t respond at all … or I’ll call my dad in and confront him face to face. This is a hospital and dna can be tested."
Mrs. Li’s eyes turned cold, but she deliberately restrained her dissatisfaction. "Your mother is here. Aren’t you afraid that your mother will get into trouble with your father when she knows?"
It seems that she is afraid to test dna.
I am more convinced that she is lying to me.
Mrs. Li looked at me gently. "Do you think your parents just looked like you don’t think they recognized me?"
I’m a little hesitant. Although my father didn’t respond, my mother seems to be a little abnormal.
I’m a little uncertain at the moment.
Mrs. Li probably saw that I was hesitant and continued to be emotional with me. "I don’t need this kind of thing to cheat you. If you have the opportunity, you can also give Yuyan a pro-appraisal … I am asking you to help her from a mother’s point of view today."
I watched her.
What makes her so sure that something will happen to Li Yuyan?
I thought Mrs. Li added, "She didn’t know your identity before and hurt you. I will educate her well."
I can’t help but frown at the thought that Li Yuyan hates my guts. "Do you dare to tell her the truth? She has always been a young lady in the Li family, and it is definitely unacceptable for her to become an illegitimate daughter of an ordinary family. "
Mrs Li didn’t speak.
She didn’t intend to tell Li Yuyan the truth as soon as I came here for nothing.
So she let Li Yuyan continue to enjoy the treatment of Miss Li’s family and let me protect Li Yuyan.

Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang also have parents.

Section 93
My heart used to feel like hell, but now I feel suddenly enlightened rather than ashamed. It’s her fault that he didn’t cheat or play with women. It’s her petty heart.
Well, the ancients said that knowing mistakes can improve a great deal.
"Go, don’t lose him, don’t lose your child." Cheng Qingyang said lightly that there was a flash of grief in his eyes, but Jiang Junyue was lonely for five years and three years, and now he will occasionally come to meet him. He is knowledgeable.
Maybe he will be relieved when he is happy and happy.
Five years ago, he always had something he couldn’t get away from.
Chapter 162 Who is cruel
Five years ago, he always had something he couldn’t get away from.
Lan Jingyi picked up Xiao Qinqin and went outside the boxing hall. Looking at her eagerly, she still felt that women were the most troublesome creatures in the world. But this time, both of them were at fault, but he didn’t know that the real reason why Jiang Junyue wanted Lan Jingyi to separate was not because of the red mark, but because of it.
With a snap of his fingers, a hand came to him and "sent a car to send Miss Lan to the small apartment in LaCrosse"
When Lan Jingyi went out, the Land Rover car that had saved her had stopped at the intersection. "Miss Lan Chengge asks you to drive and we will take you to the place where you want to go."
"That my friend …" LanJingYi this time to remember the little silkworm them.
"It has already been sent back to the small supermarket."
Lan Jingyi just breathed a sigh of relief, holding Xiao Qinqin in the car, and she began to turn from sweet to uneasy again. This time, she was narrow-minded and jealous. I don’t know if Jiang Junyue would forgive her. She really didn’t want him to separate for more than a year before leaving, which was enough to let her know the bitterness of acacia.
But the more I think about it in the car, the more awkward it is. At least she gave birth to two children for him. He said that he would leave without caring about her feelings.
The car stopped in a small apartment building, and Lan Jingyi went downstairs with Qinqin in her arms. Without knocking at the door, she gently pressed the password and entered the door. She went to the small apartment quietly. He didn’t pick her up, so she came back by herself. She was really embarrassed, but it was her fault, so she admitted her mistake and could not take her life happiness as collateral.
Is that man in the living room like that?
Pushing open the bedroom door, the dim light made her see the bed clearly. Is Lan Qing the mother, the man Jiang Junyue?
Did he go to Jiang’s house?
Put Xiao Qin Qin in a small bed. Lan Qing has woken up in a daze and whispered, "Smelly girl, do you know how to quarrel with your man when you come back? LaCrosse is angry with you."
"Where did he go?"
"I don’t know." Lan Qingyi turned over and ignored Lan Jingyi directly. Lan Jingyi knew that she was indefensible and leaned forward. "Mom, I was wrong. Can’t I be wrong?" She apologized seriously. Although she was thin-skinned, she still apologized.
"Yi Yi, tell me what you have to tell LaCrosse yourself. He just came back and packed his things and left. He never came back to this small apartment again."
"He didn’t move out today? Have you lived here before? "
"Well, everyone will be angry if you don’t come back after waiting for you for so many days. If you know you’re wrong, call LaCrosse quickly. What a good boy! You didn’t pick Yi for you or your mother. You should know how to be satisfied."
"Who let him not know the explanation? Can one more word kill people?" Lan Jingyi got angry, but it happened that there was no way to quarrel with Jiang Junyue. There must always be someone to talk first, or it would be a cold war generation.
She quickly dialed the number of Jiang Junyue. She listened to the familiar bell, and her heart beat faster in vain. She heard the "plop plop" quietly ringing in the quiet night.
"Tick-tock …" Jiang Junyue didn’t answer her words when the blind tone was cut off.
Lan Jingyi was not discouraged and dialed back to respond, but she directly became a mechanical woman.’ The number you dialed is already available, please dial later.’
"Bang" slammed the bed and gave him some color, so he opened the dyeing room. Now he doesn’t even answer her words. Is this going to die of old age from now on?
I thought at the beginning, but he kept pestering her to pursue her more than she wanted. When she remembered those past days, she felt that Jiang Junyue had become another person today, which seemed incomprehensible to her.
How do you say "Iraq lacrosse? When will he come back? " Lan Qing looked at her nervously. She really liked Jiang Junyue.
"Mom, you started helping me take Xiao Qinqin to my company class." Jiang Junyue didn’t answer the words and naturally wouldn’t say when he would come back. If he didn’t come back, she would go to him. Didn’t she say she wanted her to be his secret? She went to help him.
"Mom will help you take you and LaCrosse to have a good couple. How can you not quarrel? You can hardly see me and your dad …" Lanqing said, her eyes were wet and she could never say no more.
"Mom and dad will definitely find me. I have a feeling that he is looking for you to find my mom. Don’t worry, LaCrosse is also helping to find it."
"It’s been many years, even if I die, I have to have a body. I’m really unwilling."
"Mom, go to sleep. Dad will come back." Gently coaxed her mother. Lan Jingyi was also sad about the brooch. She never put on her chest, no matter what clothes she wore, hoping to meet her father one day and have a family reunion. But dad, are you really looking for your daughter and mother?
Time is the best. Mom is right. It’s best to cherish the present.
Lying in bed, Lan Jingyi misses Jiang Junyue.
But this must not be told to him. If the man knows that she misses him, he may bully her even more after he shows off in an ostentatious manner. Now he won’t even answer her words.
I woke up early, and she couldn’t sleep. She found a professional suit and looked at the place where Jiang Junyue’s clothes used to be on the other side of the cabinet. If so, did he really move away and didn’t want to see her?
She still doesn’t believe that the man who has always spoiled her and always surprised her will change his mind.
约茶She didn’t eat breakfast either. No, since she learned from Cheng Qingyang that she misunderstood him, she has added to her heart.
"Yi Yi, eat something before you go."
"No, mom, I’ll go to work, and I’ll leave it to you."

The soldiers laughed. "There are many ways to storm. Who told you we were going to storm directly from the front?"

Everyone was puzzled and asked, "Where do you attack without attacking from the front?"
The soldiers raised their hands at the same time and pointed to the towering cliffs on both sides and said, "Storm from both sides."
As soon as they heard it, they suddenly realized that both sides of this’ box battlefield’ are the weakest places. Attacking from these two sides will be attacked from two sides, but if the semi-conical formation attacks, it will be resisted by one side, which is equivalent to a direct attack.
To put it bluntly, the soldiers stationed in the core of the storm divided most of them into three parts. The second and third troops had three million players attacking from two sides respectively. The remaining first army was centered as the reserve, the second brigade was led by the winner, and the third brigade was led by the Iron Man. The two men were gladly ordered to lead the troops to both sides immediately.
Lin Bing said to Lan Fengyun and Locke, who had been watching from behind, "Don’t you want to join an attack?"
Lan Fengyun sneered, "How long will it take us tens of thousands of people to hold on? Don’t wave our strength, but I just want to see what will happen in the end, right, Locke?"
Locke agreed, "Yes, the two of us just came to watch."
When the soldiers heard it, they smiled, turned around and walked towards the sky dance and others.
"I’ll ask you to dance and sing. I have something important to do."
Tianwu pulled to Qin Yong, who wanted to go with the soldiers, and said to the soldiers, "Don’t worry, I will be responsible for watching her to death. By the way, the reconnaissance team just heard that the Goblins have finally dispatched."
"Oh, I really don’t know what to do for nothing. I’d better pull out the cancer behind me first."
"Dark fire!"
"to! Is there anything I can do for Brother Linbing? "
The soldiers seriously said, "First, you should put Muer here."
Next to Muer, he was unhappy and made a face at the enemy. The enemy ignored him and continued, "Second, you and Xixi will get our new weapons and then go out to destroy the goblin monsters out of the forest."
"To make! Muer, look at Qin Yong and your heavenly dancing sister, and there is Sister Ye. Do you want to stay with them for a while? "
Muer said with a sad expression on her face, "Brother Dark Fire, don’t you want me?"
"What’s the matter with this? I won’t go behind and destroy those who don’t know how to live or die."
"Then why can’t I go?"
"There is a special one for you."
Muer asked happily, "What’s so special?"
Dark fire MuEr ear novel way "have you seen your sister? Do you think there is something wrong with her now? You just need to find out if your sister Ye likes to treat diseases. This is very important. Go quickly. "
Muer thought it was an important thing for Sister Ye to be happy all her life, so she said, "Brother Dark Fire, be careful. I’ll be right back." After that, she left and ran to the dark fire over there to catch her breath and finally sent him away.
When the soldiers watched Muer go, they said, "Dark fire, you change and destroy Goblin. I’ll go to you …" Dark fire ear novels, after listening to dark fire, have rich facial expressions, sometimes happy and sometimes at a loss.
"Enemy soldiers, what bad things won’t happen to you? If it really happens, will it be elegant …"
"Don’t worry, I’ve planned everything."
"Well, I hope Elegant doesn’t blame us."
Lin Bing took 300,000 players to meet the Goblin people coming from behind, and now Tianwu is in charge of the deployment of the first brigade.
Back to the’ Box Battlefield’, the lore on both sides and the Iron Man attacked the monster forest along the edge. As soon as the players entered the forest, a large number of monsters appeared, which was rich in variety. Almost most of the fairyland had mountain roads and plains. However, it seems that most of these monsters are low-level beasts, humans and animals. These monsters seem to be not afraid of death, and they almost fight recklessly with the players. However, the lore and the Iron Man are happy. The forest is afraid that the monsters will sneak attack. Of course, it is best to fight head-on now.
Directing the players to advance step by step, the root of the low-level monster can’t stop the players from advancing. Soon they will go deep into the monster forest more than 100 meters away, and the number of monsters they encounter has multiplied. So far, what high-level monsters have they seen?
On the other hand, facing the soldiers with 300,000 players, I met Gebuling in the plain, and Gebuling was the king in the Eldar forest, but the fighting power of Gebuling in the plain was greatly reduced, but it was a slack strike in terms of cooperation. This is because the newly formed players are at two levels, so the army roots, regardless of the direct army of Gebuling forest, have crossed it, and it is rare to win when the Gebuling clan rushes out of the plain.
In front of Goblin is a giant Goblin with a height of more than four meters. From the appearance, it is certain that this is the King Goblin. Although I have never seen it, the strongest King Goblin is not his own attack power but his command ability.
One order, hundreds of thousands of goblins charged at the player’s side. After screaming, I couldn’t understand that there were big leaves falling from the sky after being thrown. Kobling watched Kobling rush towards the soldiers. One order, hundreds of thousands of arrows were shot at Kobling’s striker from the thunder crossbow, but the arrows didn’t work. When the formation of Kobling changed, the striker poured out rows and rows with giant shields. Kobling blocked more than 10,000 hunters’ arrows and caused a few injuries.
The soldiers didn’t expect that there had never been a shield. The Goblin hunters shot at the position and planned to fail. With a wave of their hands, 300,000 players were divided into two teams, each with more than 151,000 hunters. They joined the two teams in two parts. The first attack was that the super magic instructors threw the sky [snowstorm] [meteorite attack] [thunderbolt] and spilled it at them. The Goblin shield immediately fell to a large area. At this time, many arms flew out of the Goblin position, and the axe flashed in an instant. No one thought that the white light of the
Funny artists and Leng Yan dancers immediately launched absolute defense skills [falling flowers accompanied by moonlight waterwheel hut] to stop flying axes, but the number of super magic teachers has been reduced by half. On the other hand, they are injured and their defense is pitifully weak. Praise-style gods have also played a little silly, and once again realized that Goblin is no ordinary magic.
More than 5,000 cross assassins waved their hands and rushed into the Goblin group invisibly. Goblin was assassinated at the price that none of the more than 5,000 cross assassins ever came back.
On the other hand, the knight lords and the Crusaders all rode toucans, and the knight pike charged at the position of Goblin with heavy steps. The two forces collided and killed each other. On the battlefield, Gebuling, the hammer, and Gebuling, the hammer, turned their weapons to attack Toubuling’s feet. The ethnic group of Gebuling belongs to dwarves, so they just played their strengths in attacking Toubuling’s feet. Except that the first wave of impact caused heavy casualties to Gobuling, the players behind it were called contact warfare. Although the knight pike had strong attack power, it was often difficult to stab Gobuling, who was short. On the other hand, Gebuling played their own advantages, constantly interspersed with knight lords and the Temple Crusader, and Gebuling, the axe and the chain hammer
Asked a congregation around him, "Why hasn’t the assassination come yet?"
"The assassination of the head of the Ministry has led the troops. We left half an hour earlier, but it will take time to bypass the mountain peak. It is estimated that it will take about half an hour to arrive."
"There’s still half an hour left, brothers." With a wave of his hand, the soldiers rushed into the battle with a team of fighting gods [fierce chop] [visual attack] [speed excitation], which greatly improved the fighting capacity of the front knights, lords and the Templar Crusaders [visual attack], which can make players ignore the shape of magic objects and calculate them according to the attack of medium-sized magic objects. Just now, the phenomenon of missed stab no longer happened, and the situation gradually improved, while [speed excitation] was almost equivalent to a stimulant. Only the front players almost killed the enemy, but their own
It’s another scream. Goblin leaves throw a lot of unknown things from it. When it touches the landlord, it immediately bursts into clouds of green smoke. As soon as the player touches it, it immediately shows a state of poisoning, and the poison is reduced by hundreds of health points per second. As a result, the front gods will not be able to add the health points of knights and knights to the Crusaders because of their own health points.
At this time, the soldiers gritted their teeth and ordered them to go to the Temple. As soon as they received the order, the Crusaders rushed to the place where Goblin had the most casualties, and then a [Holy Cross Trial] disappeared with the white light and a large group of Goblin. This kind of play stunned Goblin for a while and opened a big gap for the striker Goblin. The soldiers immediately ordered the second wave of hunters to start hunting their prey. Tens of thousands of arrows attacked and killed a large number of Goblin positions together with the knight lords. At this time, 10,000 people rode and floated for three meters.
When the soldiers saw the steam coming, Goblin was the strongest fighting weapon.
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
Chapter 13 Alternative Battlefield (10)
Tens of thousands of laser weapons, like the beam, beat the enemy’s position in a panic. Three hundred thousand players actually reduced the attack by half. The enemy immediately ordered the troops to retreat and prayed that the assassination troops would come quickly, otherwise they would not come.
Fate often changes in an instant. The magic forest has always been downwind and the iron man has met with serious difficulties. The dead magic has gone deep and deep. Players and zombie-like low-level magic have opened up to each other, and now it has become a chaos in the magic forest. The roots can’t be organized and there are still many lore. The iron man behind the command is miserable. Before the charge, he was immediately disconnected from the follow-up troops and turned into a lonely team. The monsters went deep into the surrounding area as excited as they saw the prey. They desperately attacked these thousands of players who had just killed them.
Tianwu keeps receiving battle reports from the front, and her brows are almost spongy, which makes my heart ache.
"Tianwu, what makes you look so ugly?"
"You see the front met with serious obstacles. What should I do? Even if the surge didn’t mix with zombies, you couldn’t tell who was who. "
I thought for a moment, "a lot of zombies, that is to say, someone specializes in making zombies. Which of all BOSS will make so many zombies?"
Tianwu knowingly exclaimed, "Sir Fengyun"
"Right Cain, didn’t you say you didn’t come out for a long time? Now it’s your turn. "
Cain looked at us both with a yawn and said, "Master, you remember me. What is it?"
"I want to greet a magic object. It’s not that you can’t help it if it’s small in shape and strong in vitality."
桑拿"Let me see, according to your requirements, there are two kinds of vitality, blue mouse and beetle, but blue mouse is faster and beetle is more resistant to beating. Which one do you choose?"
I’ve thought about one or two things, and I need to summon 100 thousand. You should send this 100 thousand to the monster forest to find the source of zombie manufacturing
Cain was glad to hear that, but my account was reduced by half of RO coins, which I didn’t expect. Is the magic price expensive? You know, I have astronomical figures in RO coins now.