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Sweeter, push your luck. That’s the kind of person.

Well, I don’t want to. Well, let’s get married.
No, no,no. I’ll talk. I’ll talk.
Looking at her eager to stop her appearance, the young master couldn’t help laughing, but he was so happy to tease her.
Okay, I’m listening.
The voice is a little thin, but the young master frowned. What is this noise? He wants to be sweeter, not Li Lianying.
I think the bridal chamber is better.
That male character is going from the east to the west. Although it is a little stiff, this child is three times bigger than Zhiling’s sister.
All right this time?
Well, the last sentence has changed back, so the happy moment is short, so that the young master will not be intoxicated
No, you’re just perfunctory.
I depend on Liao Dongcheng your ya push nose face, right? You are a gentleman who doesn’t talk and doesn’t keep his word, so you can sit back when you pull out shit.
Looking at master Xiao Ni’s hair thoroughly, she is in no hurry, not afraid or angry. It is more fun to look at her with anger and smile.
I told you that you must pull you over with your small mouth.
The words have fallen on her delicate lips. He has long wanted to do this, young master. It’s like wagging his tail and watching his claws struggle for mercy alone. The bigtailed wolf gives hope to his prey, but he just wants to enjoy playing with it.
It’s so dark and windy today that if you don’t get rid of Ginny, he’s really worse than an animal.
Kiss out of control, young master, ready to attack the city.
You little man
Who says Nell won’t be gentle? At this moment, she is soft like a dough. When she says it, it is soft, like a feather scratching the tip of the young master’s heart. It’s crisp, itchy and numb.
I am your husband to do these things for granted.
Her voice was hoarse, and her smile rolled in her throat, causing her to stare at him angrily. In this case, she should give him a fatal blow, which is the right thing to do. This way, the white rose herself can’t help but vomit. It’s such a hopeless situation. Nell is really afraid of breaking through the defense line. Although her body is ready, her heart still has a defense line that can’t break through, so she can’t help but soften her mouth.
Honey, I’m wrong, can’t I? Please give me a break.
The word Rao made the young master stop. Although the military song was loud and clear, he charged at any time and place. Is it because he looked at her pathetic little appearance that his heart was still soft?
Is this torture? At this juncture, if he releases this delicious duck, Xiao Dongcheng will have to suppress his illness.
S: I saw a lot of children talking about fighting 50 thousand in high spirits. What do you mean, don’t bubble?
It turns out that young master can’t
If I spare you, who will spare me?
These words want to squeeze out from the throat, and the sweat dripping from the young master’s forehead hits her collarbone ice, which makes her want to back off. It really doesn’t feel good
Ni watched his eyes burn like fire, and she was even more at a loss. Don’t you know that the young master is also an embroidered pillow and needs to be honed? Today, the young master is going to fight to the end, but alas, life is always a bit tricky. Just learn to face it.
Two minutes later.
Young master frustrated the idea of casually putting on shower gel in the bathroom. It was just now that he had finished seconds. Before he could fit in, he surrendered his gun. It was such a shame that he wanted to tear down his apartment and vent his anger. Especially Ni was stupid and ignorant. Her eyes were worse than pity. Isn’t it the first time that he should behave well? How did this happen?
Looking at the little East Master with his head bent down, he was in a mess, and Chopin couldn’t play the cow force. He was sad, and a man couldn’t accept the fact that he couldn’t do it. Is it true that those young masters who watched the island love movies and hit the plane day after day couldn’t come to a conclusion? Finally, when they came out of the bathroom, they couldn’t stand to open the pen and check all kinds of information?
Finally, I came to the conclusion that many men will be so surprised when they charge for the first time. This answer has finally comforted the young master a lot, but what’s the point of comforting himself? She won’t recognize him as a capable person because she was driven away by Ni. She thought about her man’s dignity and master planned to be Zheng Chongyi.
I came to the guest room and knocked on several doors, but every movement in it made me think that I was not asleep, but I didn’t know that some Ni was hiding under the covers and didn’t dare to show that the scene was really embarrassing to death. The young master looked like a king, green, bit, Shrek and Shrek. In this case, she was easily covered up by criminals. Who would have thought that such a big man was in his aspect?
Oh, my God, my God, no, the young master is still a pure little virgin. Ni this fellow has been through many battles. After that, whether she always plays two men can’t do it, she will feel B, and then all kinds of wife abuse. After that, she won the first prize this time. If I had known this, I would not get married. Now I am afraid that the goods will get out of control at any time, and then I can’t help but get excited at the thought of those pictures. It’s terrible.
Are you asleep?
The sound is not very loud, but I can hear it clearly. Ni can’t help but swallow her saliva and continue to stand still. The young master doesn’t know that the goods are sleeping well and turned back to the big bedroom. Both of them have insomnia this night. One is thinking about how to save the face and explain it well. The other is thinking about finding a way to get out of the misery early and have a good wedding night. It will be more interesting in the future.
The next morning, Ni was too angry to take a breath and pretend to be calm and drink soy milk.
Cough that
Master, this sentence makes Ni’s hand with fried dough sticks tremble slightly. What should I do? This product needs B.
S: All right, SiShao, welcome everyone to say what they want, and then, uh, come on, the atmosphere is good, you know.
This misunderstanding has been greatly enlarged.
Ah, I’m in a hurry. I’ll go first. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
桑拿  title=I’m afraid that the young master will do something that will make the gods cry, and Ni will interrupt him. I will sneak into the living room and pick up the bag. When I put on my shoes, I won’t even bend my waist and step into it, and then I will disappear.
It took a long time to recover. Master wait for a while looked at the security door and felt depressed. What do you mean? Let go of the fried dough sticks. It’s really impossible to eat at all. Ni went downstairs to see if the master had followed me until she made sure that the goods didn’t come out. Then she lifted her shoes and took a long breath.
Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay. I almost scared her to death just now, but after she came out, she was upset. Now she’s on vacation. Where can I go? Looking at the flowing street, I’m at a loss where to go. I’m not sure where to go. I’m being patted on the shoulder
What a coincidence, Bai Meiren. How did you do this?
Rose looked back and saw that it was Jojo’s smiling face. Well, now she’s a sisterinlaw
What a coincidence that you are shopping.
No, I’m going to my brother’s, uh, Bai Meiren. You didn’t just come out of my brother’s, did you?

Once hit hard, I’m likely to turn back my hopesYuan Shao of Jizhou will never miss this great opportunity to expand his power.

I turned to look at the uncle Cheng Yu, who pursed her lips and seemed to laugh.
There has been a great chaos for a long time, and the people have suffered from the disaster of war. Now it has to be decided. I plagiarized Zhao Yun’s original words without blushing. Once dispatch troops is bound to die, I can’t bear to start fighting again! Can the brothers understand?
Zhang Liao said, Who can achieve great things …
I cut him off. Can I ruin the lives of thousands of people because of my own selfishness? !”
His expression tells me that he is not interested in this reason.
I waved my hand and said to the crowd, After this, don’t let Ma Chao never dominate the country, but let the brothers try their best to have peace and the people. That’s why we fight today! I righteously said this sentence without feeling hot in my face.
My Lord’s forgiveness is a tribute! Chen to a face moved respectfully kneel gift a worship.
Master, big public and private! Seibel take a step back and kneel again.
Zhao Yun took a deep breath and knelt down with everyone. Your master is very lucky to have the people!
Taishi Ci lifted his robe and put Zhao Yun on his knees side by side. Fu Jun’s benevolence and righteousness should lead the contemporary heroes!
Pang Gan looked at Wu Shi. When two people were preparing to prostrate themselves, I held one hand directly and shouted, Get old! Our army has already ordered a military salute. Don’t kneel down easily!
品茶See others nothing happened I added, you can’t afford to kneel don’t want me to pick up one by one? !”
Then get up. Cheng Yu, who has been standing for a long time, said lightly, Don’t embarrass the master.
Zhang Liao sighed heavily and sat back at the table directly.
Seibel patted his trouser leg and gave me a fist.
Two battalion commanders led other brigadelevel cadres to climb from the ground one after another.
Let’s agree on the meritorious military service. I clapped my hands as a sign to continue my previous work.
Every one of them returned to their places, and the sound of cable gradually sounded again.
Today, Master … it’s really chilling! Qin array a butt to sit down.
I looked at him deeply. I can’t see through the Qin array today!
He hey hey smiled eyes wandering to both sides of the mouth but insisted, I’m telling the truth to master Qin array must be the first person to rush into Luoyang city. This time he was not tall.
I cock my mouth and gently shake my head.
Cheng Yu suddenly sighed.
Mr. Zhong, I turned to him and asked with a smile, What do you mean?
Yes, he admitted frankly.
meaning? I frowned slightly.
Let you see the morale.
The morale of the army … I hesitated and asked, Does Mr. Yi also want to be in dispatch troops, Liaodong?
No, he said, stroking his beard, Liaodong is not the origin of the uprising … Zhao is a good choice, but the timing is too bad.
That’s true. Zhao has fertile land and strategic resources. Iron miners have a large population of 200 thousand, but it’s not as scattered as Liaodong, not to mention the alien intrusion. If you want to destroy Lombardi, you can do it once and for all
Strange to say, I don’t have any psychological pressure to kill Yuan Shao, and I’m not as worried as I am about Wu Huan …
I want to show the master what the soldiers in the army really care about, he added. In fact, the big man’s court is like a facetoface … who will care? He said this sentence very lightly, and I’m afraid Pang Gan couldn’t hear it clearly behind me.
I’m in a hurry. I just buckled the case a few times. You’re simply forcing me to make a statement.
Cheng Yu explained, I’m sorry, but … I’m afraid your master’s ambition will gradually disappear!
I’m a little silent
He said that there was nothing wrong with me. Since I was a child, I clamored for the liberation of mankind and the reunification of China. After the elimination of Han Sui and the removal of Dong Zhuo, this idea was even stronger to cover up, otherwise I would not have been taught a lesson by Martenyi in Luoyang.
Of course, at that time, I didn’t think it was a big mistake to dominate the sky. The idea that we rescued the Han court with our own hands in the past two years has revived, and this idea has become something that should not be there.
Now … But Cheng Yu clearly told me …
This ambition should be kept up! He said with a thud, I followed my master because I saw his confidence at that time!
I held my chin in my hand and recalled the scene at that time … I advised Cheng Yu three times, but tears crossed my eyes. How could I be confident? !
eh? I also noticed that all the brigadelevel cadres present were holding their breath and pretending to be writing. In fact, they pricked up their ears and listened to the dialogue here and immediately shouted, Write well!
A bunch of young people rushed to the table, but they were all smirked and scared.
Zhao Yun’s face is getting more and more ugly. He can’t help but bow his hand. The general is here to discuss something important. He immediately pushed the case and strode out of the main hall.
The atmosphere at the scene was cold, and Qin Zhen was angry and cursed, What the hell is his mother!
Master, calm down, brothers! Chu Yan hurried out that Zhao Brigadier’s mother died in a bad mood, and then he lost his mind before the court. Don’t care about him!
Mother died …
When this reason comes out, everyone looks a little relieved.
Although I have doubts in my heart, I can’t ask again at this time. I nodded, You continue to agree that Mr. Zhong and Brother Chu should go to the side room for a cup of tea first.
Cheng Yu and Chu Yan came to the side room with me, and I asked directly, What is Zhao Yun?
I dare not hide it. Chu Yan bowed to the ground. Zhao Yun’s mother has just passed away.
really? I frowned and said
September 10th, he nodded. But he … did intend to leave.
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Ye helped the disease to rest and ran to the front of the soldiers to tell her the method of the disease. After listening to it, the soldiers frowned. "Is this ok?"

Ye Xuezu said with a wry smile, "I don’t know!"
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
夜网论坛Chapter 19 Alternative Battlefield (16)
The soldiers chose more than 500 players who were bold, blindfolded and pointed in the direction of the soldiers. As before, 500 players entered the "Tiantai" of the Ghost Warrior, and the soldiers and others stared at the players without blinking. At the beginning, the first player entered the "Tiantai", but there was nothing to reflect. At the beginning, the first two groups of players reacted for ten minutes. Because they were blindfolded, they could not see the way and could not find the Ghost Warrior. Although they saw him outside, they were completely inside.
After observing for a while, the soldiers immediately found that the machine was played through the players’ eyes, but it was impossible for the players to go in with blindfolds. What should I do? Crowd tactics? This may not be a very good way to win or lose, but it is not a temporary matter. It is not very big to enter in batches. What should we do?
Qin Yong was heartbroken when he saw the soldiers struggling. "Brother, don’t we gods have a skill called [sacred light]?"
Qin Yong immediately reflected another skill of the god officer [light hunting]. Although this skill is to find invisible creatures, the other one is to shine more than the wizard [fire hunting], but there is much more light. "With brothers, all the waiters come out to prepare."
Almost 300,000 waiters, priests and divine officials joined together, and all the waiters entered the’ Tiantai’ together, and together they made the skill [light hunting] Tiantai suddenly stunned everyone’s eyes and shouted "Brothers!"
Millions of players rushed into the’ Tiantai’ together. Although the’ Tiantai’ was very big, it was impossible to say that it was so big that millions of people rushed in. Because of being stung by white light, the Ghost Warrior couldn’t open his eyes and opened the’ Tiantai’, he suddenly became a demon flying all over amityville horror. Many girls and players screamed and everything was in a mess. Players were also injured by accident. Now they can point to the direction and go straight ahead. After entering the’ Tiantai’, it was impossible to tell the number of players before and after. Quantity occupies every area. It took a while for the Ghost Warrior to open his eyes, but it was too late. Because the Ghost Warrior was surrounded by players, although the players could not see him, according to the speed at which players poured into the’ rooftop’, players would soon find out that the Ghost Warrior was drowned by one person with a mouthful of saliva.
At the thought of this demon warrior, some of them started to shrink back. Two of them died in front, and one of them ran away, so he must die. After the demon warrior figured it out, he changed the illusion’ Tiantai’ and turned it back into a piece of clear resentment, but the martial arts scholar was gone.
The players froze in the face of a sudden sunny day, and then they kept cheering, and the soldiers took a deep breath. Qin Yong smiled and pulled the soldiers with a look of excitement. Yes, there is only that gate left. I believe that is the place leading to the last mouth.
The Ghost Warrior fled to the back and thought to himself, where did such a bunch of desperate guys almost make him breathless? After walking for a while, he saw a very huge green vine wrapped around the object at a glance.
"What is this? Huh? How can there be a feeling of life inside? " The hand of the Ghost Warrior presses the edge of the object to beat like a heartbeat, and the beating frequency is the same as that of the human heart. What is this? Just as the Ghost Warrior wanted to see what was going on again, the green object suddenly stretched out several vines and wrapped the Ghost Warrior in it. The Ghost Warrior cut off a dozen vines with one knife, but more and more vines were entangled. Soon, the Ghost Warrior was wrapped in the green object and it became quiet again.
"Adoptive father, shall we act now?" Mu Haoer saw everything through the telescope and saw it at the last mouth. He was anxious to ask his father at the other end of the com
"Wait, you take the virus knight ambush and seize the opportunity to destroy the player department in front, and then the fruitful fruit will be when we admire the family alone. Who else can not listen to our call? Ok, what do you want then? It’s not enough. "
"Father, you are so kind to me. Don’t worry, I will do everything well."
"Good son, I will let you inherit the family business after you do things."
"It’s father," Mu Haoer turned to the housekeeper and said, "Get ready to go. By the way, let’s not move the green object in front for the time being. What’s going on now?"
Haoer pointed to a virtual map and said, "Let’s wait in ambush until they break through and launch a sneak attack at the last moment. How many virus knights are there now?"
The housekeeper replied, "Miss, there are more than 7 million people, and they are organized to act at any time."
"Okay, you let them sneak to the designated location and wait for my instructions."
"yes, miss"
Mu Haoer went to see the housekeeper and raised his telescope to look at the huge green object. What is this thing? There is also the elegant president of the elegant guild not far away. Why does he sleep there alone? If it is dead, it should disappear, but I have never heard of sleeping in fairyland. Strange!
The dark fire took a dozen people to the place where they were sent at first. This is the place where the most people stayed when they were just sent from the rose garden. Now the dark fire was about to pick up several important people. A white light flashed and several figures appeared in front of the dark fire.
Dark fire happily hugged the bearer and said, "Brother, you’re just in time."
Several girls behind him laughed and asked, "Where’s Yi?"
"Come with me in front of him. The situation at the front is very tense now."
"Okay, let’s go!"
The soldiers gathered all the people, such as Iron Man, Death, Disease Method, Qin Yong, Rain and Rain, Wu Bing, Ye, Xi Xi, Assassination, First, Last, God Wish, etc.
"In front of us is the last battle of this battlefield. I believe you can also see the huge Diablo king who is seven meters tall and the psychedelic king behind him. Every psychedelic king is better than the BOSS of Queen Bee and Tiger King. According to the data, Diablo king can call psychedelic kings internationally, and now there are hundreds of psychedelic kings there. Everyone can guess that we can’t compete with them in terms of individual strength and attack power. So do you have any good ideas?"
Everyone is lost in thinking. Is there really any way to solve this dark king?
————–reading recommendation: to worship the true self of the romantic empire.
Chapter 20 Prelude to Final Battlefield
The Snow Queen of Xuefu City looks at Jade Emperor’s creation. Everything here is made according to the angel blue in the world of human mythology, while the fairyland is made according to the blue of human body. Although the two worlds are different, the sky, the earth and the trees are the same. Since our people have such powerful abilities, why do we need to carry out life trials and constantly pursue exhausted strength? My predecessor also thought about it, but there is no answer, and there can be no answer. Some people are much better than themselves. Some people can create a star in the universe, and their people are dominated by tyrants and emperors! What universe wants to produce such a creature of its own?
In the real world, the Shuishi enterprise building looks cold and cold. Looking at her daughter Shuisilei lying in bed in a coma, is it worthwhile for her daughter to marry that person?
"Silly, you are our family. I hope I am proud of what you will meet him. If I had known, I would not have let you investigate Lan Fengyun and what happened in his game, otherwise you wouldn’t have met such a dangerous thing."
The water is light and heavy, and then I took a look at my daughter and turned out of the door. All the elders and layer personnel of Shuishi Enterprise gathered together.
"I believe all of you know what is happening now. Now the world is changing. Do we need our own family or the world? You decide!"
There was a lot of discussion. One of the oldest elders in the family expressed his opinion and said, "The clan world is facing a crisis. We all know that it will take 20 years for our space program to be implemented, and we still need enough energy in these 20 years, but it has been proved that it is impossible for us to continue to develop our roots unless the population of the human world is reduced by four fifths."
A researcher in charge of scientific research and development got up and said, "Chief, I think we need the world to do its part. This is not only for ourselves, but also for the continuation of our humanity. Maybe this is a bit serious, but that’s what I think."
"Chief, we have the same idea. Now the world has experienced a catastrophe a hundred years ago, but thousands of years of resources have almost turned into waste that we don’t know. Now the only energy available is nuclear energy and a few unchanged oil. Its renewable energy roots can’t support such a great loss in the world, so what must we do?"
Looking at the water, almost everyone wants the world to do their part, and they have made up their minds to say to them, "Now I can tell you that if our world does something, our enterprise and our family will probably face the result of dissolution. Is it worth it?"
Everyone is silent. Is it worthwhile to sacrifice the whole family world for a hope that may not be realized?
The water is light and harsh. Seeing that all the people turned and left the meeting room, they came to Shuisilei’s room. The daughter was still in a coma for more than ten hours and kept wasting her spirit. Now I don’t know if she can wake up. Even a strong person like her daughter is like this. What about its players? It’s also a player in the game. What will the world face? We can already guess that it will be a terrible fact that hundreds of millions of people in the world will suddenly become paralyzed like their own daughters, and many people may not wake up. This bet is too big, and what our company can do is to help this group of people and help hundreds of millions of people. How much does it cost? This is astronomical. Is it worth it?
The same worries include Lan Fengyun and Locke, who used to be bystanders, but they found it difficult and terrible to compete with each other. These tens of thousands of people are not the same thing, and they can’t fight for the final interests. Then what is there now?
"Lan Fengyun, what are you going to do?" Locke asked.
"President, I think you should like me, we continue to go and there’s nothing wrong. The only way now is …"
"Well, it seems that we can do the same, otherwise we can’t even get the peel."
"Are you going back or should I?"
"Let’s go back together. Our agent is here anyway, right?"
"I don’t trust each other for you. Let’s go home together. There are still many things to do later."
After a flash of light, the two gangs attacked Lan Fengyun and Locke respectively, and then they left the remaining troops, but their small leaders led and followed the brigade to support the agents at any time.

How is it possible! He laughed. If Huang Zu dares to come, I will cut his head off and give you wine!

Be careful. After all, we have never robbed other people’s camps, and we haven’t experienced letting others rob them. I patted him on the shoulder. This little brother was very close to me from the beginning. I can’t let him have an accident.
Yes, he readily promised.
Han Sheng? I strolled to the front of Huang Zhong’s account and smiled at him. Have you eaten?
Is eaten Huang Zhong quickly saluted me.
If I remember correctly, Hansheng seems to be from Nanyang, right? I remember Chen arrived, too
Yes, he nodded. Loyalty is a new wild man.
Xinye? I smiled and heard a very familiar place name.
I’m afraid the local master has never heard of it, he said modestly.
Suddenly there was a piercing sharp ring in the middle of the class.
It’s the sound of cymbals and arrows! Huang Zhong immediately came to the spirit.
It’s an enemy attack! I laughed and walked back just in time to sleep after killing!
Mad! I heard Dian Wei swearing not far away, Dare not let the old people eat and always kill you! Then I heard him smash his rice bowl with a bang.
My foot suddenly fell. Why haven’t you finished eating? !
45 a catch a vertical to set up a game.
In China history, there has always been no shortage of battles to win more with less.
桑拿会所Guandu, Chibi and Yiling are not so.
You must have heard of Zhang Liao’s 70000 breaking 10000, Gan Ning’s 100 riding breaking Cao Ying, Coss’ 300 sudden Zhou Yu, Lu Bu’s 10 riding stepping on Zhang Yan, and Wen Yang’s singlehandedly picking thousands of exciting stories and being deeply impressed by these heroes.
I thought I would be the protagonist of this kind of story, but … I never thought I would be the villain!
The ground shook, saying that it was a group of cavalry, but the magnitude was not great, saying that there were not many enemy troops.
Jingzhou soldiers don’t have cavalry. Even the cavalry raised by Nanyang County, the Central Plains County, will not exceed 5,000. Although there were not many enemies in the first two battles, a considerable number of horses were captured. I can imagine that the cavalry in this camp robbery will not exceed 3,000.
And three thousand people … What can you do?
After Huang Zhong led 6,000 men without Ma Shibing to form a battle, the fire outside the camp fired two waves of arrows at the enemy’s 3,000 cavalry.
By the time the heavy casualties of the enemy broke through the arrow, the infantry had retreated to both sides after the rain, and Lu Bu led four thousand fighters to rush straight out of the road!
Audience, I watched lyu3 bu4 topple the front three cavalry of the enemy with a halberd …
And then … and then there was no more.
I can’t say that the enemy is stupid, but I am wellplanned and mentally calculating.
The fact is that at the moment I decided to launch a water attack, Huang Zu was forced to leave the city.
He set up a big net and almost locked me up, but … Although I once underestimated my enemy, it’s a good thing that I have two uncles, Jia Xu and Cheng Yu, in Luoyang, more than 500 miles away. I strategized and sent nearly 10,000 elite cavalry at once, which directly led to the reversal of forces between the enemy and the enemy.
After a pot of wine, Lu Bu released a butcher’s knife and reported the results to me. A total of more than 2,000 soldiers and horses were killed and attacked, and there were no casualties.
Good. I nodded gently and asked Wu Shi, Lu Ren, Zhang Ben, Chu Fang, etc. There will be no casualties here, right?
Uh … ChuFang scratched his head a little embarrassed and said, It belongs to this side … and hurt a few people …
Are you kidding me? I was surprised. You just shot two arrows. Will you shoot one of your own?
It didn’t … He explained. Several soldiers stepped on other soldiers when they retreated outward … too fast and too fiercely …
… I hesitated for a moment and sighed, It’s probably too good for these people to fly …
This man … may be a small leader. I think there may be some places where he is not heavyhanded. Lyu3 bu4 commanded to throw a general to the ground.
The man lying on the ground was covered in blood and struggled for two or three times, but he didn’t even straighten his waist. Obviously, Lu Bu’s socalled no heavy hands is what he said.
I shook my head and said to the person lying on the ground, I will make you feel better if you cooperate with some.
Who are you? He can gasped and asked.
Open your eyes and watch carefully. This is the great and mighty king sitting in front of you. Liang Cong angered and kissed up.
You … are Ma Chao? He asked incredulously
I sighed. You don’t even know who the enemy commander is. No wonder this surprise attack will have no effect.
I … didn’t expect you to be so young. He said a line that I was already familiar with.
You … are very young, too. I didn’t notice that he was also young on his bloody face. How old are you?

Lan Jingyi’s eyes fell, and the two men almost stuck together. The eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. Just listen to Jiang Junyue’s way, "It’s good that the child is me. You are a guest. Let’s go to dinner."

His voice was faint and he couldn’t hear the waves, but his refusal was so obvious
Lan Jingyi’s heart began to thump. He doesn’t seem to be particularly enthusiastic about Yin Qingrou, on the contrary, he is a little alienated. But why did he come here with Yin Qingrou?
Jiang Junyue picked up the small iron bowl, took the broom and swept up the carpet. Seeing that his clumsy sample had never done such a job, Lan Jingyi couldn’t help laughing. Lan Qing over there had already put down his job. "LaCrosse, you go to eat and I’ll do it."
"I’ll come," but the man was stubborn and insisted on putting everything away. Although clumsy, it was put away. Then he took Lan Qing and handed him a rag to wipe the carpet. The water was almost dry. Only then did he get up and sit in the position to continue eating. Yin Qing was soft and had eaten well. She always ate less. At this time, she sat quietly opposite Jiang Junyue and looked at the faces of the two little guys with admiration.
"Jing Yi Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang are so cute. Can I have a hug?"
"After dinner," Lan Jingyi didn’t speak, but Jiang Junyue spoke before her.
"Yeah, that’s right. Otherwise, the little thing is dirty. Don’t dirty your skirt." It’s a beautiful pink dress. Yin Qingrou seems to like pink things very much, but the bright powder also matches her skin. Men like women with good skin. This is also a highlight of her attraction to Jiang Junyue.
"Okay, just let me hug you when the two of them have finished eating. I love children."
Finally, I ate two little things and knocked on the small desktop of the children’s chair. Their bodies were still wriggling. They didn’t like to sit in the inner cage. They preferred the carpet to crawl around or push the walking cart to learn to walk. It was almost one year old. The original Xiao Qinqin never meant to walk, but she was guided by Xiao Zhuangzhuang to learn to walk like her brother. At every step, the little body was crooked as if it were about to fall, and she always wanted to help her. But you haven’t come to her side yet, and she has stabilized and then giggled at you.
Chapter 2 Cold Rejection
Yin Qing was more than I could bear. When she walked beside Xiaozhuangzhuang, she was going to hug something, but as soon as her hand fell, she started to cry. "Wow," and she twisted her body to one side, just not letting Yin Qing hug Lan Jingyi. Zheng seems to remember that this child has always been familiar with everyone and never looked unfamiliar with anyone, but he just didn’t want to hug Yin Qing softly.
Yin Qing was in a hurry and was at a loss when Jiang Junyue picked up a deformed diamond and threw it to her. "Give this to him and he will know that you are friendly with him and let you hold it."
Yin Qing soft took it and shook the beautiful deformed gold steel in front of her. When she was interested, she reached out and grabbed Yin Qing soft. She teased him for three or four times. Seeing that the little thing was in a hurry to cry again, she gave up and gave it to the little thing. When she got it, the little thing was happy. While the little thing was paying attention to the deformed gold steel, Yin Qing soft picked up the little strong one and stuck it in her arms as she wished. It seemed that she liked to be tight.
Looking at the picture, somehow Lan Jingyi felt particularly twisted, as if Xiao Zhuangzhuang was being held by her stepmother, and made a wink at Lan Qing. "Miss Yin, please give it to me. This child always vomits in the past two days, so he can eat and don’t spit all over you for a while."
Lan Jingyi really wants to give her mother a thumbs up. Well, that’s an absolutely good reason.
"Jingyi, shall I be the godmother of the children?"
"Bad" LanJingYi want to also don’t want to cold refused.
That’s just as cold as that. If someone else were to get up and leave, Lan Jingyi’s meaning is already very obvious. She doesn’t welcome outsiders here.
But partial this person is Yin Qing soft slightly embarrassed smile "JingYi you trust is dopted mother not stepmother"
Jiang Junyue’s coffee fell slightly, and her eyes fell slightly. Yin Qing softened. He knew what this woman was thinking. She waited for his car when he appeared in class. She jumped out of his car and clamored to come with him to see his two children. This is actually a dopted mother, not a stepmother. She is not interested in herself?
No, he doesn’t.
So there’s something in what she said. She’s going to have her own baby, right?
A woman who has never given birth is not a real woman.
Isn’t it enough for him to show her?
Even if he and Lan Jingyi can’t be together, he can’t accept another woman so quickly, and it’s only these two days that Lan Jingyi separated that he realized that his child’s mother had unconsciously entered his heart.
"Fine, just be a dopted mother. Yiyi will get four gifts another day. This ceremony is indispensable."
Lan Jingyi gave him a white look. He promised her that she wouldn’t promise. "I’ve promised to be michel platini, the children of Fei Li. Here comes another dopted mother. Don’t let people suspect that I’m trying to make a pair of Miss Yin and Fei Li."
"Is that Mr. Jane who took Jingyi to the seaside last night?" Suddenly Yin Qing soft suddenly asked
"Well, you know?" Lan Jingyi is confused.
"Ha ha a lot of people know" Yin Qing soft low smile.
"A lot of people know? What do you mean? "
"Evening News, the headline of entertainment is" A childhood friend meets a childhood friend ".I can’t believe that Gao Fushuai was popular when Jingyi’s first boyfriend was so handsome.
"Where is the evening paper?"
"Here it is" Yin Qing soft hand refers to a pile of newspapers and periodicals on the tea table.
Lan Jingyi ran over. She booked an evening paper here to open it. Sure enough, she and Jane were entertained. The photos were enlarged and posted in the newspaper. Obviously, the photos were taken secretly, but the direction and location of capture were particularly perfect. The micro-side orientation was exactly that she and Jane were separated from each other, riding a bicycle picture, and the scenery around the island was lined with two people. It was absolutely beautiful to the extreme.
Lan Jing Yi Wei was embarrassed. She was accidentally drunk. Jane spent the night together but didn’t want to be photographed by Gua Entertainment, so the subtitle of childhood friends changed its taste.
President Jiang’s fiancee cheated on her first lover.
What do you think of the word cheating? Why don’t you say that Jiang Junyue cheated on Yin Qingrou? She and Jane Fei didn’t do anything. "Hehe, is this paparazzi capable of taking me and Fei Li so beautifully? Mom, come and see if you have ever ridden such a bike with your father before?"
LanQing leaned over to "gee, we didn’t have such a bike at that time. Where is this? Huandao Road? " Lan Qing asked Lan Jingyi, but his eyes glanced at Jiang Junyue’s body report. They all said that Lan Jingyi and Jane had no reaction when they left his child’s father. If not, then he and his daughter have another big problem. I really don’t understand why these two children always have problems, just like two older children, which makes her worry.
Jiang Junyue didn’t say anything, but he asked someone to board him. How could he react?
Is unexpectedly Yin Qing soft also know.
No response, no response, but Lan Jingyi’s own reaction is big. "What nonsense newspaper blather is making things up? It is better to just say that Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang are separated from children." She became angry more and more angry than swearing.
Yin Qing’s softness was slightly surprised. When Lan Jingyi roared out the word "shit", her eyes fell on Jiang Junyue’s face. That man didn’t even have any adverse reactions. Can a woman really explode like this? Especially in front of his favorite man, Yin Qingrou feels incredible.
"Enough with the child, is it me? Don’t talk after I know this." Jiang Junyue growled. He wanted her to be separated from Jane, but Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang are his children. This is an unchangeable fact. After that, he got up and left. "I went back."
Lan Jingyi’s wait for a while newspaper reported that she was having an affair with Jane Fei, and he was not angry. She said whether the child was divorced from Jane Fei or figuratively, and he was actually angry. She stared at his back and felt dizzy, and her thinking began to crash again.
"Jingyi, I’ll leave first, so I won’t bother you, your aunt and the children to rest." Yin Qing watched Jiang Junyue go quickly and got up as he said, walking towards the door and chasing Jiang Junyue.
Two people figure soon disappeared in front of the door.
桑拿会所The door is tight.
Hehe, they went next door together?
Section 121
For a moment, Lan Jingyi really wanted to rush to the door to see if the two men really entered the small apartment next door, but she still held back abruptly.
Everything is going well, but she must find a way to find out what caused him to suddenly be cold and indifferent to her. The thought of that male killer who walked out of Jiang LaCrosse’s office yesterday morning looks as cold as if Jiang LaCrosse had changed since that man left.
Did that man send the spam message?
If so, she should start with that person.
I’m still hungry, but I can’t eat half a bite. I gave two little things a delicious bath with Lan Qing, and the four of them slept together.
Breathe evenly, low echo, the little things in the bedroom sleep soundly, and Lan Qing also sleeps heavily because of a tired day. Lan Jingyi can’t sleep by tossing and turning alone.
The more I think about Jiang Junyue’s abnormal behavior, the more I really want to find someone to show myself what he really is.
The more I can’t think of it, the more she wants to think about it.
Good little girl has been with her all the time, barking gently from time to time to keep her from being lonely.
"Goo goo ….." Cried her stomach unwillingly. She remembered that she didn’t eat dinner last night. She was really hungry. It was early in the morning when she took a look. It was normal for her to be hungry. She was hungry all night, but she really wanted something to eat at the moment.
When I got out of bed carefully and stretched out my hand to push open the bedroom door, the room was quiet. Two little things have always slept soundly since they stopped eating milk. They often sleep until dawn. Mom said that she was lucky to have never seen such a good child.
In the dark, she went to the kitchen and touched the light. As soon as the light came on, she pulled out a bag of instant noodles from the locker to eat instant noodles. It was quick and easy. She hadn’t eaten it for a long time.
The small pot was filled with water and seasoning, and then the noodles were put in. Soon the kitchen was full of incense.
"Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woo

"Car" Just as Lan Jingyi was about to take the bus, Jiang Junyue’s cool black BMW just drove up and shook the man’s deep eyes in the window and squinted at her.

Lan Jingyi doesn’t like the color of this car at all, and she doesn’t like the license plate. As soon as she sees this car, she reminds her of Liu Wentao’s "surname Jiang, please invite me to another car". Then she crossed the BMW and went straight to the hospital gate.
"Tick-tock …" The black BMW was not discouraged at all, and followed her closely. She was fast, she was fast, she was slow, and she was slow.
Section 22
Chapter 49 Where are you going?
"Tick-tock …" The black BMW was not discouraged at all, and followed her closely. She was fast, she was fast, she was slow, and she was slow.
Soon there was a string of car horns behind Lan Jingyi.
Traffic jam
Can the slow speed of that black BMW stop the traffic jam? A long queue has been blocked at the hospital gate.
Soon shouting was accompanied by a horn ringing through Lan Jingyi’s ear.
"Car" next to Jiang Junyue, if someone drives the car into a turtle speed, it seems that those cars behind them, those speakers and those curses are just like him and Lan Jingyi.
Lan Jingyi glanced back at the long queue of cars that had already formed and gave Jiang Junyue a hard white look. This just jumped him. She had already opened the car door and sat quietly "I went back to the dormitory."
The car drove to her dormitory at a constant speed, but Jiang Junyue was honest and didn’t talk about driving, so she didn’t talk about driving.
It’s almost there, and I can see it far away. Li Xuefeng is waiting for the roadside. Before the car arrives, she can’t stop waving in her direction. Lan Jingyi blinked. Did Li Xuefeng see her through the car glass?
Holding the steering wheel, Jiang Junyue’s hands are sweaty. If that silly girl is a goof, he won’t pay her 100 yuan an hour anymore, will he?
Fortunately, Lan Jingyi was so intent on making money. Before the car stopped, he pushed open the door and asked Jiang Junyue for the side of the car body. "Where are you going?"
In response, he is not Lan Jingyi, but Li Xuefeng’s "going to be fascinated, hey hey, winning money". To be exact, making money to win money doesn’t belong to her. She has 100 yuan an hour, but Lan Jingyi will win it. I haven’t gone yet and I already know the result.
"Fantian?" Jiang Junyue smiled thoughtfully, "I’ll go with the car."
"Jiang Junyue, are you going to gamble?" Gambling is not a good thing. Gambling will kill people and ruin them. She wouldn’t gamble unless she needed money to treat her mother.
"Anyway, I have nothing to do in the company today, so I will accompany you to play whatever you play."
Jiang Junyue downplayed a word, and Lan Jingyi suddenly spoke. She just went to gamble, so why should she care about him?
"Yi Yi’s car is also on the way anyway. We need the gas money whether we take it or not." As soon as Li Xuefeng pulls Lan Jingyi, she jumps out of the car. Is there a private car to take them to the back seat or a smart BMW? She doesn’t want to be stupid to squeeze the bus.
Lan Jingyi was awkward, but Li Xuefeng held hands tightly. If she objected again, she would be melodramatic. Would it be bad to sit in Jiang Junyue’s car one more time?
Three people went into the fan day and continued to play yesterday. Today, Stud’s playmate was replaced by Jiang Junyue. After playing a few games, Jiang Junyue threw a card in his hand and said angrily, "I don’t play anymore. You find someone else to play. This has lost several hands." I glanced at the small pile of gold chips in front of Lan Jingyi and gnashed my teeth. "You are a casino expert." Say that finish, your lips were sent to her ear. "Are you a cheat? How come you always win? "
"Hey, hey, I’m lucky. I’ll continue to play with you. Let’s go, or I’ll play with you again. Jiang’s property has been defeated by you."
"Are you distressed?" His breath spit her thick and full earlobe, and the evil spirit asked sadly
Lan Jingyi gave him a cold white look. "I don’t know how to roll." Then I gave a hard push to the stalwart man’s body and never looked at him again.
"Ha ha ….." With a chuckle, Jiang Junyue lit a cigarette, and then walked slowly to the door behind Fan Tianda. Li Xuefeng poked Lan Jingyi’s hand and whispered excitedly, "Lan Jingyi really listened to you. Haha, hurry up and confess whether you two have a rape?"
LanJingYi face a red that moment heart skip a beat.
After playing for two hours and winning money, Lan Jingyi managed to leave again. Her backpack was full of money, and she won a lot more. She was surprisingly lucky these two days, even if she caught a bad hand, which made her feel suspicious.
But I’m always happy when I win money, so I can cope with my mother’s medicine for a few days.
It’s good to have a mother and a patient in the hospital ward.
I had dinner with my mother, and then I cut my fingernails for my mother. After talking for a while, I went to sleep after five years of separate experiences.
Lan Jingyi couldn’t sleep. She was lying in bed staring at the ceiling in a daze. There was Jiang Junyue last night, but he didn’t come tonight. She felt like she was breathing with Lan Qing in this ward.
An indescribable sense of los swept over that whole atrium.
The money was enough for the time being, so Lan Jingyi went to the supermarket every night to accompany her mother to take care of her. It was very dutiful, and the money was not much, plus Lan Qingyi could take care of herself. Lan Jingyi was also at ease.
She is very pleased that she can win money every time when she goes to gambling in a few days.
In a blink of an eye, more than a week passed. That night, Lan Jingyi went to the hospital to work in the supermarket after work, but she asked the supermarket owner for leave to work an hour before every night to look after her mother.
When I got to the ladder, I walked to my mother’s ward. I just heard the nurse and two nurses talking in a low voice. "The female patient named blue occupies a whole ward. If she has money, why not go directly to the vip ward?" Do you have to occupy three beds? You see, my aunt’s relatives have to stay in the hospital and live in the corridor. What is the reason why our hospital nurses can’t say anything to their own families? "
"When you were younger, the patient paid a high price for the three beds as soon as he moved in. I heard that it was not only a high price but also shocked the dean. You are just a little nurse in a hospital. Can you go higher than the dean? Just say a few words. "
"It’s irritating to sleep for one night. Two people actually occupy three beds."
Another nurse just looked up and caught a glimpse of Lan Jingyi, who was complaining that the nurse signaled her to stop. But the nurse didn’t see Lan Jingyi’s opposing continued, "Why are you stabbing me? My aunt and relatives, I also want to call my grandmother, who is in her sixties, and still lives in the corridor. Do you think my heart can be sour?"
Lan Jingyi walked slowly over and whispered, "My mother asked for a bed. Who wants the other two?"
As soon as the nurse turned her head and saw it was her, she knew that she had heard it, and she didn’t hide it. "That Jiang, who took your mother to the hospital, asked for three beds because he was rich and powerful. Why didn’t he just send your mother to the vip ward?"
品茶  title=Lan Jingyi blushed deeply. She really didn’t know anything recently. She was too busy except taking care of her mother at work and gambling in a crazy day. She was a little embarrassed and pulled over the complaining nurse’s hand and said, "Push your grandmother to my mother’s ward. I’m idle every day. I haven’t had a patient yet. It turned out to be …"
"You agree?" The nurse’s face was pleased. Some people didn’t expect Lan Jingyi to open like this.
"Well, go ahead."
There’s another patient in the ward, but she doesn’t feel crowded. That’s why Lan Qing slept. Lan Jingyi took it to the public balcony in the corner of the corridor for ten days. Jiang Junyue hasn’t been to the hospital again, but she really can’t do this after she has to explain to him about this ward. It’s a life-saving bed. She didn’t know how many people are waiting in line until today. She and her mother have been living for so long.
"Miss me?" As soon as I got through to the man, I asked him gently.

"Lan Jingyi, are you going to the small supermarket?" Lan Jingyi said that it took five seconds for Li Xuefeng to react. What did she mean?

"Well, it’s almost two minutes at the most." It is estimated that she can’t let the driver wait for her for a while. This world has always been so realistic. If you don’t have money, you have to pay for the bus.
"Okay, I’ll get out."
Li Xuefeng’s happy standing code agreed.
Lanjingyi hung up, but it was quiet all the time, but it rang. She looked down to see if it was Lanqing.
I don’t want to pick her up. This mother has become Jiang Junyue’s own mother. Everything helps Jiang Junyue hang up the phone directly. She doesn’t even want her son this night. Anyway, Jiang Junyue doesn’t want to bring her. She has taken it all out of Jiang’s house and now she’s robbed him. What is this?
Lanjingyi hate to tooth itch, wish a knife stabbed Jiang Junyue.
The car stopped Li Xuefeng and so on paid the fare at the gate of the small supermarket to meet Lan Jingyi. "What’s the matter? Did the young couple quarrel? "
"Well, I don’t want to see him. You’d better not tip him off or I won’t talk to you for the rest of my life." I said angrily that Lan Jingyi was in a very bad mood. "Where do you live? I want to live with you tonight. "
"Ok, I’ll take you to the right child. What do you need? I go to the supermarket to get whatever I want. "Li Xuefeng is very kind. Anyway, this small supermarket is not her. She just took care of it on behalf of Jiang Junyue. When Lan Jingyi left Jiang Junyue and came back covered in injuries, she bought this small supermarket and even asked her to take care of it. She is really beautiful. Since then, she has become a manager from a young age, and she is as powerful as she can be. From the bottom of her heart, she is grateful to Lan Jingyi. If she has not met Lan Jingyi, she is still a salesgirl who has been managed and squeezed.
People should know how to be grateful and content with Changle, and the object of her gratitude is Lan Jingyi. Without Lan Jingyi, she would not be today.
"Ok, I’ll make a list. You can bring it to your account for me later. I’ll pay you back when I have the money." Lan Jingyi was so calm at this moment that she knew that she would have money for a while, just like she was penniless after divorcing Liu Wentao, but hasn’t she survived for so long?
It’s a day when people can always drip through if they want to work hard, but she can’t bear to let Xiao Qinqin suffer with her.
Stubborn strength came to Lan Jingyi’s mind, and I thought of everything. Anyway, I just don’t want to talk to Jiang Junyue anymore, and I don’t want to associate with him again.
Li Xuefeng’s residence is no longer the former dormitory, just next to the office, but the sparrow is small and has all five zang-organs.
But there is a bed. Either Li Xuefeng shares a bed with her and her children, or Li Xuefeng goes to the office to sleep first. After glancing at Lan Jingyi, it is not a long-term solution to know that she lives here.
Xiao Qin Qin brought all the things she wanted in a short time, and they were all the most expensive in the small supermarket. However, Lan Jingyi didn’t look carefully, thinking about getting some rice paste for the little thing to eat and coaxing the little thing to sleep. "Remember how much it is and I’ll give it to you when I have money."
"Don’t worry about you, though." Anyway, it’s natural that Jiang Junyue spent flowers on his daughter. It’s just that Jiang Junyue said he wouldn’t let her tell Lan Jingyi. Well, then she won’t tell me. I don’t know what the couple quarreled about. It’s really awkward to put her in the middle. Lan Jingyi won’t let her tell Jiang Junyue. Jiang Junyue won’t let her tell Lan Jingyi that the supermarket is his business.
But if Lan Jingyi knows, it’s certain that this small supermarket won’t live.
Li Xuefeng pushed to go to the office to build a simple bed to sleep in the end or leave the one-meter-five bed in the room to Lan Jingyi. It’s a little small to squeeze three people.
The main reason is that Xiao Qin Qin takes up a place that she dare not touch. Li Xuefeng is determined to go to the office, which makes Lan Jingyi really embarrassed, but there is no other way.
When the light was turned off, it was quiet around. Xiaoqinqin slept soundly. She listened to the little thing and really admired her. She also wanted to sleep, but she couldn’t sleep.
Quietly opened it, except Lan Qing, who didn’t answer the phone. There was no more it. The man didn’t call a word. It seems that he didn’t want her or even his daughter.
Tossing and turning, I can’t sleep.
It’s still raining outside, and it’s raining very little. God seems to know that she is in a bad mood and has been crying.
What else can she do with Qinqin? Nothing can she do.
But let her take the initiative to call LanQing she also don’t want to.
Lan Qing was brainwashed by Jiang Junyue.
But it’s not the way to live here like this.
spa会所"Do you need help in Xuefeng Supermarket?"
"Do you think I can do it?"
"What about Qinqin?"
A question LanJingYi stuttered "or I carry QinQin class? It won’t affect the quality of the class. I will tie the child. "
"LanJingYi are you a child mother? Can you tie it for a day without it for a while? "
Lan Jingyi thinks about it, too. She really can’t tie her daughter for a day.
It seems that the small supermarket class has to be done
However, without a source of income, her heart is in a panic, and she has nothing for the most basic needs of human life.
One day passed, and Lan Jingyi borrowed some money from Li Xuefeng and took a taxi. Before she went there, she often went there to do wholesale and sell night markets. The rain had stopped, and everyone walked with Qin Qin for more than an hour. Finally, she decided that she wanted to do Taobao, which can also work with children.
Just sell children’s clothes so that you can wear them for Qin Qin.
Jiang Junyue, don’t leave him. She is nothing.
No, she can take care of herself and her daughter
I really want to, really want to.
But at the moment, she just doesn’t want to see Jiang Junyue. If she wants to see him, she has to get his approval, but she just doesn’t see him.
"Snow Phoenix, lend me two thousand dollars." Borrow a little less money, spread out the goods bit by bit, and go to the night to temporarily replenish the goods. She has no money to take her time like this.
"I want to buy some clothes for my child and add something to it." She deliberately said this. She still doesn’t believe Li Xuefeng. After all, if Li Xuefeng has a criminal record with Jiang Junyue, if she really has contacts with Jiang Junyue now, Jiang Junyue will not let Li Xuefeng lend her money if she knows that she wants to do Taobao.
He wished she had no financial resources and everything depended on him.
But she just doesn’t want to lean on him.
If he doesn’t come to her, she will never come to him. It’s really bitter to see who consumes energy in the end.

"You can’t take away this is our shop account. How can you take it away at will?" One of the guys stretched his neck and looked at Shuiyunjin in panic.

"I can’t keep my life. It’s really loyal to think about the account. I want to go back to Hou Fu on the account day, and I will naturally give it back to you." Shuiyun Hibiscus light laughed.
That guy a listen to immediately eyes shrink Hou Fu how did she know that she is not?
Shuiyunjin looked at him and changed his face. He no longer spoke, turned around and walked out of the drugstore.
When people around saw that there was nothing lively to see, they all dispersed.
Gu Yan in situ twisted his brow, and he glanced at those guys with some trepidation. The Lord was not afraid that they would run to tell on them.
For a moment, he strode after Shuiyunjin and saw that she was pale and didn’t seem to worry at all. He thought about the main intelligence and there should be no problem, right?
Shuiyunjin really doesn’t worry about her. Well, those timid guys dare not go to Hou Fu and report that they have lost their accounts. It will be even worse if even the shops are demolished and Hou Fu can’t get a good show.
Now they can put all the blame on the shopkeeper. Anyway, he hasn’t been out of bed for a year and a half. Even if they are stupid enough to inform Su Qian, it’s not her who should be worried. Her hand holds a powerful handle.
I didn’t go far when I heard a loud angry voice behind me. Shuiyun Park frowned slightly, and she didn’t look back as if she hadn’t heard it.
"You give little ye live played little ye, you just want to go so this world which have so cheap things" HuangFuYun angrily ran to the whole people before a mountain of water clouds.
Shui Yunjin looked at his childish performance and smiled gently. "What do you want?"
品茶论坛  title=HuangFuYun look at her so-called appearance, I was so angry that I couldn’t wait to talk about the real sword. Who was he afraid of? But he was really afraid that she wouldn’t hurt me, but he really couldn’t take this stupid woman at the moment.
"Anyway, I can’t let you go like this. I can’t get a few stitches for nothing."
"Then come back to me for revenge when you think about it." Shuiyun Park raised an eyebrow and smiled and went straight away over him.
"Don’t go. What did you just do to help that damn thing?" Huangfu Kun asked if it was so good to send him back or not to die.
Shuiyunjin ignored him and looked at himself without blinking. This impulsive emperor is still a lai. "Why don’t you go back now and make up a few feet to ensure that he will die?"
HuangFuYun one leng a long time he reacted angrily tunnel a sentence "little ye what to listen to you, you let little ye go to little ye won’t go"
Shuiyun gave him a white look. "What do you want? Do you want to go home with me?"
"Bah bah, who wants to go home with you?" Huangfu Kailian bah several times.
"Men and women shoushoubuqin you so hot pursuit isn’t it ulterior motives?" Shuiyunjin looked at his ugly face and felt funny in his heart. His feet suddenly stopped and smiled at Huangfuyun shallowly.
Huangfuyun’s face is already dark and reflective, and the corners of his mouth twitch hard, which is wonderful. He thinks about how there is such a little woman in this world who has no sense of shame.
"Are you a woman or not?"
"Can’t you see if I’m a woman?" Shuiyunjin raised his eyebrows and leisurely tunnel.
"You, you stupid woman" Huangfu Yun has spoken angrily.
Shuiyunjin looked at him and said something. If she didn’t get rid of him, she really couldn’t go back to Wangfu to see him beaten. She lifted her feet and left without any pause.
A long time later, Huangfu Kun chased him to Shuiyun Park again to see him, chasing herself like a shadow. She was very strong and said, "What do you want?"
"If you break the little master’s business, you must help the little master to do one thing." Huangfu Yang’s handsome face doesn’t mean anything to force people.
"Let’s hear it." Shuiyun’s feet kept on.
"You help little ye save people today, even if it turns over," said Huangfu Kun, bullying and inducements.
"The doctors in this capital are mostly saving lives. Should they find me?"
"Needle acupuncture points dare to say that you can’t learn medicine" Huangfu Yun vowed tunnel
Shuiyunjin smiled. "Then you will. I will help you save lives."
"You are not the same as those mercenary profiteers, aren’t you also from ruin?" Although Huangfu Yun thinks this stupid woman is not generally bold and hateful, she always feels that she doesn’t look like the kind of person with a heart of stone who is bad to from ruin.
Shuiyunjin looked at him for a moment and she smiled. "It seems that I have to help you. Who do you want to save?"
Huangfu Kun saw that she agreed with a smug smile on her lips and "go with Xiao Ye"
After a long time out of the busy street, I don’t know how many corners, the three of them finally came to the front of a dilapidated small courtyard. The scenery here is bustling, and the city is almost everywhere. The air is filled with sour and rotten smells, and there are no people around. If there is no Huangfu who leads the way, Shuiyunjin still doesn’t know that there is such a place on the edge of Beijing.
"How did you come here?"
"It’s not the time to chase the little thief, but the last person didn’t catch up with him, which made the little master lose a lot of silver." Huangfu-yun now thinks that he still gnashed his teeth and caught a lad and was finally surrounded by a group of beggars, which made him angry and didn’t scatter it.
"It’s the time when you chased the child in the downtown area." Shuiyun Park looked at Huangfu Yun’s face and guessed seven points.
"Yes" words fall HuangFuYun suddenly raised an eyebrow "that day you also"
Shuiyunjin smiled and didn’t say anything. She didn’t get it wrong. Although Huangfuyun was a little violent and rude, her heart was not bad. For a moment, she looked at the sky and lifted her feet and walked straight into the courtyard.
The decoration in the college is a lot of dry wood. Look at the water clouds and hibiscus. You should just go into the room and feel the thick rotten smell coming. It’s unbearable. Behind you, Huangfu Kun repeatedly cursed the right and wrong, or scolded those from ruin doctors. Gu Yan was much calmer.