Gender roles don’t have to be prematurely stereotyped

“Boys need to be boy-like, girls need to be girl-like” are teachers. Parents typically educate their children on “gender role stereotypes”. Do children really need gender role stereotypes?

The answer is no.

  Foreign experts believe that in the early stages of children’s physical development, it is necessary to avoid sex discrimination because emotions and inner feelings are neutral. When children have certain personality behaviors, they should avoid wearing gender role glasses.

  For example, when a son is crying, it is not necessary to say “boys will not cry”, but to guide them to say the reasons and feelings of crying, otherwise the boy will have too much psychological pressure; on the contrary, when the girl is attached to the parent and coquettishlyParents should not be too accommodating. Otherwise, it will be difficult for girls to develop an independent character.

The shortcomings of their personality will have a decisive influence on their future career success and life happiness.

Therefore, prematurely stereotyping children’s gender roles is not good for children who are growing.

  Boys and girls are born with their own advantages and disadvantages. Gender role stereotyped education should strengthen their respective strengths to a certain extent, which will definitely help children’s growth; but at the same time, gender role stereotypes also strengthen children’s shortcomings.

For example, boys are generally careless. Boys are naughty and ca n’t sit still, they will also be forgiven.

And girls generally cry, expecting strong, and will not be restrained because they are taken for granted by adults.

In fact, being strong, attentive, and independent is the quality of both men and women. There should be no gender differences. The correct way to educate children is that both men and women are equally important, and men and women should complement each other. This can make children grow up against the opposite sex.Value.
  Some sociologists abroad believe that the ideal society in the future is suitable for both men and women, and it is best to be androgynous, that is, men should have the advantages of women, and women should have the advantages of men.

Society is built on the basis of complete equality between the sexes. Only in this way can humanity shine the brightest, society can get the most development, and the value of people can be fully reflected.