Angry him,I just found a card seat in the moon worship bar to sit down and drink。
Even though the bar is not open yet,But he is indeed half the boss,So no one would say what he ordered。
But he can’t think of it,Half an hour later,Shen Nan, who had left, rushed back one after another。
But behind him is leading a few gangsters。
Shen Nan gave tens of thousands of yuan to these people“Big brother”,Let them help teach the ignorant。
A few bastards think that this money can be made,Who doesn’t knowaThe city has long been unified,Those who don’t want to be in the hands of Fengmeng basically go to other cities。And stayed,But there is not so much oil to fish。At least in some areas,Qin Feng doesn’t allow my brother to touch it。
Catch one will deal with the family law,Many people are afraid of the people above。
Originally they thought that Situ Baiyue would be confused for a while after he died,But after I heard that a faceless elder brother directly cut down more than 100 elite gangsters。The rest are honest,Or was frightened,Dare not mess around。
Originally, these bastards felt strange when they were taken into the moon worship bar。
When they found out that the person Shen Nan had taught them was Qin Fengshi,They are even more stunned。
“Hey,Few of you,Do things for me when you receive the money。This guy pretends to be a big boss all day,I look very upset。Ha ha,Are there any problems that cannot be solved with money these days??”
After listening to this, the leader also reacted,Pointing at Shen Nan Dao,“Cut him for me!”
“Hey,Did you make a mistake??I’m the one who gave the money!”Shen Nan shouted,But the gangsters behind don’t care about so many,Put Shen Nan down,Then there is a fist wait。
At this moment, the leader said in front of Qin Feng, sweating profusely,“Faceless brother,Sorry,We didn’t mean it。Can we just let this matter go?”
Qin Feng drank and didn’t look at the bully leader,“Just drag people out for a lesson。Don’t go too far!”
Shen Nan, who was taught at this time, finally understood,Qin Feng is a bastard,And he dared to yell at the bastard,Really ask for trouble。