Zhou Chengyu smiled unkindly,Yang Liu gave him a hard look,Angrily pick up the beer and blow on the bottle,Gudong Gudong drink half a bottle,“Snapped”To the ground,Put on the table。
Zhou Chengyu handed her a bunch of potato chips very eye-catchingly,“You are now gold buried in the sand,Shining is a matter of time,Don’t reuse you,That is their loss。I’m ready,Our restaurant can’t always go on like this,I want to expand,Make a chain,Open a few more branches,How about you,Just come back to be the general manager,Let’s do it together,Be your own boss,Nobody’s angry。”
“Scale up?Need a lot of money?Do you have so much funds?”
“I did a budget,Not much difference,Now the country supports college students’ entrepreneurship,I am going to borrow some money from the bank,Should be fine。”
Zhou Chengyu has his own plan,If the bank doesn’t work,,Just let mom invest,Wait for his results,Everything will happen。
If it weren’t for Yangliu’s opinion on the rich,Have a deep-rooted unwelcome,He pretends to be,Make me miserable all day,Don’t even dare to start a business?。
If you let her know that she is the same as her cheap brother,A beating is light,I’m afraid she will stay away from me,That’s not wonderful。
Chengyu is no longer cynical,Motivated,Yangliu is very happy for him,Raise the bottle and touch him,“Good job Chengyu,You will be an entrepreneur after you do it,Don’t forget to give your sister a meal。”
The half-serious and half-ridiculous posture made Zhou Chengyu uncomfortable,That cheeky is rarely blushing,“Yiyi,Don’t shame me,This restaurant,We are all shareholders,Who works for whom?”
“The restaurant can have current results,It’s all your credit,Don’t be humble。”
Willow can’t drink enough,It’s okay to drink a little,But this big bottle goes down,My head is a little dizzy,Slender fingers stick out,Pointing at Zhao Zhennan,Asked with a smile:“South South,Sister is right?”
Zhao Zhennan is young but very stable,Rarely express opinions,Deep like an old man。
Looking at her drunk sister,Look at Anning and Shen Hongtao with a look of worship,Very speechless,How ugly a woman looks drunk,I really don’t understand what level of appreciation these two little kids are!