Lin Yuna looked at these manuscripts,It should be a new batch of clothing launched by the company recently.,The style is European and American。
Lin Yuner said to Bai Qi:“Sister Bai,Your design is still top-notch,Every design draft has a different charm。”
Baiqi said:“Don’t praise me so much。too exaggerated。”
“I am exaggerating。It was originally,Haven’t seen you for so long,Your design technique has really improved a lot,Is the height I can’t reach。”
Baiqi said:“How can you not reach the height?Damn,You worked hard and you achieved it,What’s this。Sister Bai covers you。”
“In the future,Let’s learn design with Sister Bai。Sister Bai teaches you。”
Lin Yuner’s eyes lit up,“Really, sister Bai,You are not kidding。You say this,But responsible,If I depend on you,You can’t get rid of it。”
Bai Qi said with a smile:“As long as you are not annoying,You come to my office all day,I teach you。”
“At that time, remember to ask Mr. Xiao to pay me extra salary,And money for apprentices。”
Lin Yoona was really impressed by Bai Qi,This is just a little money fan,Then he said to Bai Qi:
“Sister Bai,Can the relationship between us always withdraw money??Money is something outside。Money is like dirt。Why do you always use money for things??”
Baiqi said:“Brothers clearly settle accounts,Sisters must also settle accounts,And this salary is not yours,Let your manager Xiao pay me a salary。”
“You said I stayed in this company all day。Busy with the design in the company and busy with an apprentice like you,Can i not charge more,Otherwise, how can I be worthy of the force I exerted?。”
“What do you call an apprentice like me?,Sister Bai, what’s wrong with me?
Although my design is not as good as yours,But anyhow, I am also a top student,You can’t say that to me。”Lin Yuner coquettishly said to Bai Qi。
Bai Qi is also joking with her,Then White said:“Good good,I know you are a top student,But you haven’t written a pen in years, right?,”