The two ice tentacles whipped up from the bottom of the body with full force,Convergence of the law of fire and water,Every stroke contains the power of water, fire and strangulation。
A stream of water,One flame rotates with each other,Covering Li Ming’s body,However, Li Ming’s body was blurred,Two attacks went straight through。
“Sure enough!”Li Ming’s eyes lit up,The expected effect achieved by the secret method of the body law derived from the law of the origin of space。
“Autumn wind!”Li Ming gave a soft drink,The spear in hand twisted,The power of the world that seems to contain the power of killing is like a hurricane gathering on the tip of a gun,Form a field,But the domain is centered on the tip of the gun,Instead, it can exert the power of close combat。
One shot directly!
“Click、Click!”Cracks appeared on the head of Yanbing Beast,Destructive energy seeps through the cracks。
“Wailing!”Infiltrated and destroyed by this destructive force,Yanbing Beast’s true divine body was directly injured!
“really,All aspects of strength have only improved a little,But it just happened to hurt him!”
Li Ming’s body method flashes,Attack the Yanbing Beast from all directions。
of course,Yan Bing Beast will naturally not wait to die,Invisible roar attack,And crazy beats with eight tentacles,Water and fire fields with hundreds of miles of facies。
“Strong in the field of water and fire,But can’t hit me!”Li Ming’s figure dodges in the eight tentacles thousands of swings,But as leisurely as strolling in the courtyard。
“It’s a pity that the Yanbing Beast is essentially an energy life,Like most energy beings, there is no soul,Soul attack means nothing。”
“Can only use complete domain methods!”
“Autumn wind!”
Li Ming’s body surface was swept by golden wind,The storm that turned into the source of gold surged toward the Yanbing Beast。