Li Hui Feng every question,Will cut one leg or arm,Li Hui’s snack is also let Li Kaishan once again see。
But Li Kaishan knows clearly,This time Li Hui’s shots are obviously different from previous。
In the past, Li Hui Feng although it is also a broken arm arm.,It is obvious that you can cure,But this time he feels that there is no possibility of cure.,It will also fall disability.。
Lu Changsheng saw Li Hui’s actions,The brow is not frightened。
He didn’t expect that Li Hui’s state is different from the status of the situation.。
He has reached upstairs,Li Hui has been abolished for 13 people.,He naturally does not allow such things to continue,It is directly called the elevator to move down.。
At the same time, I called a call to the four major King Kong of the strongest fighting power under his hand.。
The phone of the child war is also a glimpse.,You must know that Lu Changsheng does not have to give him a call in one year.,After all, it is now the rule of law society.,The opportunity to do it is less and less.,He is now also a boss,The boss of the security company。
I heard the content of Lu Changsheng,He is also a bit surprised,But it is also a bit of hot blood.。
“Landlord,do not worry,Five minutes must。”
“Um,hurry up,That kid is a bit spicy。”
The child war hangs up the phone directly to the past。
When he is on the spot,Also a glimpse。
A person,A mourning,Even this time no one is alarm,In an instant, he feels not simple.。
At the same time, I also know that there is one after another.,If there is no one, the other party will be taken away by the police.。
“This brother,Your means is not too cruel.?”
Li Hui Feng also didn’t expect these people so hard.,He is even a bit an emergency,After all, I don’t know who is behind the boss.,He feels that it is always the same as a boulder on the heart.。
You are their boss?”
“hehe,It’s just,However, I want to know that the brother, you will find some things that you don’t follow the rivers and lake rules.。”
When the child war said this,It is also prepared for fighting.。
“Hey-hey,Rivers and lake rules?
I am here to open a restaurant.,This blend of small mixed three days and five days come to find me trouble,I have a loss now.,Come with me to talk about the rules of rivers and lakes?
Is your brain and a brain into the water??”
For Li Hui Feng,He has no patience and the other party will continue to consume.。
The child war is also a glimpse of Li Hui’s words.,After all, he is not very understanding.。
But the command of the Changsheng’s order, he must listen.,After all, he knows the powerful,I also know that the other party is powerful.,Even if he can become a boss of the security company from one party, it is arranged for each other.。
“brother,Some of you say this is too much.,For so many years, you still dare to tell me so much.。”
“Hey-hey,Just now, the guy is also the same tone with you.,You look at him now.?
I have only one purpose today.,Found your scenes of the boss,Otherwise let me know where he lives.,I will personally go to visit.。”
Li Hui said this,The land that is not far away is also clear.,His mouth is also a smile smile.。
“hehe,interesting,Waiting for you to hate these difficulties。”
Say this,Lu Changsheng disappeared directly in the night。
Children’s War is also the back of Lu Changsheng,His eyes have some doubts,But didn’t ask。
Instead, staring tightly Li Hui,Because this moment he felt pressure on Li Hui Feng.。
I can even feel the kind of attack desire of Li Hui Feng.。