Wu Lei came off the bench without highlights, the Spaniard Europa League out
Carelli finished the hat trick.Figure / Sports Beijing time this morning, the second round of the UEFA Europa League 1/16 finals started the competition.The Spaniard made a comeback at the El Prat Stadium. Although they defeated the Wolves 3-2, they were eliminated by a total score of 3-6 and missed the top 16 in the UEFA Cup.Wu Lei came off the bench for this campaign, but did nothing.The Spaniards, who were trapped in the relegation zone of La Liga, gave up in the first leg of the UEFA Cup 1/16 finals to fill the bench and they lost 0 to 4 away.Before the second round, “Parrot Legion” coach Avila said that the team will still struggle for promotion.Wu Lei, who attended the press conference with the coach, said: “The gap between the four balls in the first round is indeed relatively large, but we have not given up.We can stand on the stage of the Europa League from the efforts of last season, so everyone cherishes this opportunity very much and will come up with their best form.”But the reality in front of the Spaniards is very cruel. They have only achieved 1 draw and 1 loss in the last two rounds of the league. This Sunday they will again face Atletico Madrid, the third-ranked league.Avila re-dispatched all the main players in this campaign, but Carelli was in excellent condition and completed a hat-trick in the game. The Wolves were pulled back by Traore and Doherty.Wu Lei, who started three games in the Air Force, sat on the bench today. The Chinese striker was replaced in the 67th minute, but only got two chances to touch the ball.Wu Lei’s play after the game ranked second to last in the team.The Spanish media believes: “On the court, he failed to create opportunities, and he could hardly see him in the limited playing time.”After the UEFA Cup is out, the Spaniard will concentrate all the proceeds on the league and work hard for the relegation of La Liga.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Wei Zhuo