right now,Master Wu Hao personally shot,Solved the monster army outside the city,Make it a mess,It seems that the number is still quite large,But the threat is reduced by more than ten times。
And with this battle,The real potential crisis of Sandstorm City is also solved,The death of the giant commander,All the brains are pushed on those alien monsters,And Sandstorm City held the line of defense,Anti-soil,Once the big people in Ye Korea feel that Sandstorm City is valuable,Their chance is here。
Master Wu Hao pointed out this is a clear road!And the entire sandstorm city,Including the future of Heishui City and surrounding cities!
But Zhong Ming is back to the headquarters,Reopened the connection between Sandstorm City and the South Korean military headquarters,And under careful consideration,Wrote a battle report with eloquence,Write the victory of Sandstorm City clearly,All the problems and needs facing Sandstorm City are clearly written。
Not only that,Zhong Ming is also very close to the battle damage statistics,And the monster corpses under the wall are all photographed,And sent it to the night Korean military。
The rest,Just wait to see how the South Korean military will react at night。
One thousand two hundred and fifteen chapters Investigation Mission
Early next morning,When the South Korean military received this report from the outer hunting ring,The whole army is boiling。
Since those terrifying alien monsters appeared,The seven countries in the circle of chaos are all in despair,The line of defense they laid broke again and again,Almost driven by the monster army commander,Defeated,Groaning。
If it weren’t for Tie Qin, the most powerful of the seven countries, with the support of the core circle,Implemented a cruel scorched earth policy,Use weapons of mass destruction,Wipe several cities captured by the monster army directly from the map,I’m afraid I can’t stop the monster army’s soldiers from pointing.。
Since then,Those monsters from different planes adjusted their war strategies in time,They start to break into pieces,Turn a huge army into dozens of small units,From all angles,Infiltrate the seven powers。
obviously,This is to prevent the monsters from being cleaned by weapons of mass destruction,Although the number of individual troops has decreased,But the combat effectiveness is still strong,Multi-line parallel,in three days,Won six cities in a row,Shocked the whole circle of chaos。
Human race in this world,Never met such a rival,Although they have no powerful high-tech weapons,But there is not enough manpower to refute,Only let those monsters wreak havoc on their own territory,Constantly eaten away。