“It is a pity that it is,Mr. Liao’s talent,Winning the gambling king contest。”
“Hey-hey,Your person,I am a good heart to help you.,You want to pull me into the pit,Also want me to block the eye,This is a bit not going.。”
Liao Wenjie:“Gambling is impossible to gamble,Most and friends fight two laps,And you have also seen it.,I am ready to open a company,No time to enrich your own spare time。”
“About this company,Can I have a lucky??”
“Can be,But you want to clearly,This is a ghost company,Uncertain future,Be careful of money。”
“Can end with Mr. Liao,How much is worth it?。”
“That line,I will tell you simple.……”
Liao Wenji has made three bosses,He and Lyon didn’t say it.,High-income,I said it alone.,Summary:“High humanity,Not under me。”
“The world is so much like this!”
Gaojin emotion,Decide,There is also a white name,I have a fate with him.。
“Ms. I am next to this soup,20,000 bought a shares of shares,I will not give you the shares.。”
“Can,I have 20 million,Buy Mr. Mr. One of the shares。”
Tang Judi:“……”
This gambling,tootWill do business。
Liao Wenjie wrote,Give too much,He can’t refuse,Noddion:“Since Mr. Gao is so cool,Then I will help you again.。”
“Also please Mr. Liao。”
“Can’t talk,Counting you are not you,Yes you apprentice。”
Liao Wenjie turned into the head:“This little brother,I will see that you are not single.,I didn’t guess the wrong words,You have a girlfriend of Qingmei bamboo horse。”
Chen Xiaojie pointed to himself,No reason,How did the topic suddenly go to him??
“Your girlfriend wants to marry,But groom is not you。”
Chapter 118 I will see that you are not single.
Thirty-sixth floor,meeting room。
Five people,Four sits standing,The one standing is a high-income apprentice Chen Xiao Knife,As for four sitting……
Liao Wenjie is speechless to see Tang Judi,This woman has an elevator and does not leave,Go directly into the office,I don’t know what is polite at all.,It seems that this is her home.。
Although it is indeed,But this is not a focus,The focus is a bit of eye,Adult,What is the child blending?。
“嘿嘿 嘿……”
Welcome the eyes of Liao Wenjie,Tang Judi‘Honest’Smile,Get up and leave the seat,Changed to standing behind him。
Liao Wenjie:“……”
Face skin is really thick!
“Jude sister,Can you bother you to help me with a glass of water??”
Tang Judi nodded,Walk to the door of the conference room,Let Cheng Wen booked a pot of tea,Guan You also stood back to Liao Wenji。
Face thickness eat enough,Face skin is thin。
A businessman,Tang Judi is deeply known to the importance of business opportunities,Although I don’t do business,But the identity of the gambling decided everything,His words are extremely influential。
Take this god battle,The whole Southeast Asia is moving,It’s like a whirlpool generally involves a huge interest relationship.,Real example,The day of the peak of public opinion,The warehouse of the playing card factory is robbed.。
What is a business opportunity?,First step,Just go with her.,Some children know bad,something……Humming,Children know that they will be a nightmare。
“Mr. Gao,See your spring breeze,I want to have a big hatred.。”
“Mr. Liao said,My brother is highly tragic.‘Gamble’Mr. Chen,I am sad, I still have time.,How can I be happy??”