Daqing Oilfield 1205 Drilling Team Captain Zhang Jing. Zhang Jing said that we always adhere to the traditional education does not lose root, do not turn off the line, always put the mission in the heart, put the responsibility on the shoulders, where to fight, the team history room, as long as there is new employee to enter the team, The new team is going on, and there must be team history to study, and the first lesson of traditional education.

The newly created "Iron and Steel is this" the theme team history room. Team Iron Man Spiritual Education Base Role, let everyone who come to visit and learn can feel the spirit of the ironman, iron people culture.

In the industry, the lead in the industry, vigorously implement digital, information, lean drilling, further shortening the construction period and enhances construction efficiency.

In 2020, it has been difficult to overcome the gradual tightening of production tasks and gradually increase the difficulty. It realizes the "four-day championship", the quality of the wellness, and the quality of the well-quality quality are always maintained at a high level of industry. .

Starting from the team, take the lead in commitment to practice. Party members and cadres took the lead in promised and practiced "five iron": well team materials, one riveting, canteen accounts must be open, bonuses allocate one minute, full transparency, employee interests, do not occupy, talk Doing things a row of positive energy, doing no discipline in a lifetime, there is no violation in his life.

Take the first painstry. In 2020, the 05 team resolutely took the lead in the main battlefield, the pressure on the lack of drilling rig and deep well drilling technology, overcoming the length of the drilling cycle, high cost, and the complexity of the underground, create a new day of the drilling cycle Record, becoming a drilling team within 20 days of oilfield, which speeds up the experience and template for the overall speed of the platform well.

"Just entered the shale oil block, we have encountered difficulties.

"Zhang Jing said, first, just exposed to 7000 m automated drilling rig and deep well construction field, whether it is equipment or technology, it is not familiar; the second is the main oil layer of shale oil – Qingshan port group, collapse, leak, extremely unstable, If you are careful, you will be easy to kick.

Zhang Jing said, in turn, we keep three key links to promote shale oil drilling speeds, and update 30 rigs into a 70 fully automated drilling machine that is more advanced.

It has been developed for 35 days, 30 days and 25 days of "three steps" targets for 35 days, 30 days and 25 days in a year.

During the Spring Festival, the whole team gave up with family reunion and fought continuously. Active and North America, Western Drilling, Bohai Drilling, Daqing Guilong Page Rock Construction Optimal Curve, Developed Learning Curves, using lean drilling platforms, one ratio, a little deduction, and in the station expert Under the guidance, each speed measurement of each process is refined to achieve real-time follow-up of the job progress, and the various processes seamlessly.

Established a party member commando, using the existing time to organize everyone to study, joint research, and innovate five personalized technical measures under the guidance of experts at all levels, and explore the implementation of 3 key speeds.

Next, we also have to innovate breakthrough technology, process, organization and work method, explore new paths for industry sustainable development, create a new model, let 1205 drilling team winning the banner of victory in the main peak, for oil field high quality development, Longjiang Comprehensive revitalization contributes steel forces.

The picture was taken by Shi Qi Li.