Super League brotherhood!Wuhan Zall thanks Guoan for looking forward to seeing you soon
Guoan soldiers have “Wuhan come on” printed on their chests.Figure / Osports Beijing News News The second round of the AFC Champions League last night, Beijing Guoan defeated Thailand’s Chiang Rai United 1-0.People warmed up in the early game, Guoan removed the jersey advertisement on the chest, and temporarily printed the slogan “Wuhan refueling.After the match, the Super League team Wuhan Zhuoer thanked Guoan and looked forward to seeing them soon.”Congratulations to Guoan!Thank you Beijing!Wuhan must come on!Looking forward to the spring blossoms, we will see you in the Super League soon!Welcome Beijing fans to watch the game in Han!Wuhan Zhuoer said on social media.”We are all Chinese, and you must all survive.I look forward to your coming to work, China to cheer, Wuhan to cheer!”Guoan fans leave a message under the page.Wuhan Zall thanks Beijing Guoan.According to the social media screenshots, Guoan and Zall will meet for the first time in the 12th round.However, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese Football Association announced that various domestic football matches have been postponed.It is understood that after Guoan came to Thailand to prepare for the war, he repeatedly communicated with the AFC, hoping to do some exciting things for domestic compatriots in this AFC Champions League.In the end, with the help of local Thai Chinese friends in Chiang Rai, Guoan replaced the re-established Sino-Hertz Group advertisement with the pure public welfare “Wuhan Refueling”.Editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Liu Jun