6th NBA Live Bulls vs Pacers Video Watch Address George PK Butler
Beijing time on the 6th at 7 am NBA regular season Bulls away to challenge the Pacers, Wade and Butler will join forces against George.In the first matchup between the two teams this season, the Pacers swallowed a disastrous defeat, this time they want to take advantage of home advantage to revenge.The game will be broadcast live on the video, so stay tuned.Bulls vs. Walkers Video Watch Address Video Live Room QQ Live (without plug-in) Interactive Graphic Live Score Live Score George faces Butler game Highlights: Bulls want to end losing streak Bulls start a new season with 3 straight wins, but the last two games, They lost to the Celtics and Knicks, respectively, the state has fluctuated.This time away from the Pacers, the Bulls hope to return to the victory track, and strive to avoid the embarrassment of a three-game losing streak.And the Pacers, they also desire a victory.In the first five games of the new season, the Pacers have only 2 wins and 3 losses. This performance is difficult to satisfy.Star showdown: Wade VS George Wade played in the Heat, and met George in the playoffs many times.But the difference is that Wade has joined the Bulls, and his helpers have been replaced by Butler and Rondo.In the game against the Knicks, Wade was in excellent form, making 12 of 20 shots and scoring 35 points on 5 of 7 3-pointers.Butler also has an excellent performance, he scored 26 points and 5 rebounds.  George has averaged 24 points and 5 points per game so far this season.8 rebounds, but one has to deal with Butler and Wade.Other Pacers outside players, such as Ellis and C-J-Myers, need to provide him with more support.The recent situation of the two teams: the Pacers won the home game with the Bulls back to back. The Bulls defeated the Pacers 118-101 at home last time. In addition to their excellent performance, they also have a certain relationship with the back-to-back combat.This time, it was the Bulls’ turn to play back-to-back, and the Pacers were waiting at home.In addition, the Pacers have won two home games so far this season, and the combat effectiveness is still quite good.Pre-game voice: Both teams focus on defense. From the past, the two teams will not be too high in the final score.Before the game, the players of both teams have to defend well in Dublin.We are not yet a particularly good team.George article, we have the ability to defend players, but just did not play the desired effect.Defense is something we should worry about.  The Bulls coach Hoiberg was dissatisfied with how hard the players played in the game.We should have played harder.In the article of Hoiberg, many times, we did not withdraw in time, which is unforgivable.Expected starting time for the two teams: Bulls: Rondo, Wade, Butler, Gibson and Robin Lopez Pacers: Teague, Ellis, George, Cedis Young and Turner.