The four sets of actions are actually not difficult,I can only say that it is awkward,Left hand and right foot respectively、Right hand and left foot、Left hand and left foot、Combination of right hand and right foot,And all swing forward,But the amplitude and direction are slightly different,But the most difficult thing to control is not the limbs,Scapula,Also known as on bamboo slips“Wing bone”。
There is no fixed sequence for this round of actions,But it must be the swing of the left and right hands alternately,And the alternation of movements should be linked with the shoulder blades,But can’t directly contact,Need to stay“A seam of life”,But there is no more detailed description of the specific length and width of a seam。
Zhao Feng has done two or three rounds before,But none of the so-called“Pulse sense”,Not even up to the standard of skin breath。
“It was because I didn’t exert any strength before、Force,I have been jogging for nearly a kilometer now,The body has started to heat up……Although the four sets of actions are not coherent,But as long as the action is fast enough,Before the body temperature is balanced,Do a few more sets,Pile up quality with quantity!Just succeed once,The latter is simple!”
Zhao Feng looks around,After making sure there are no people on either side of the road,On all fours,Hands bent、Upper body sinking,Chest is almost on the ground,He didn’t notice:On a balcony on the third floor of a residential area across the road,There is a girl in a middle school uniform who is holding a mobile phone while shooting street scenes,And at this moment,The camera of the phone has locked on Zhao Feng……
As Zhao Feng disappeared at the end of the road with a strange crawling action,The female student ended the recording,Her right hand is wrapped around her chest,Keep your left elbow on the back of your right hand,Controlling the phone screen with one hand,Played the screen just recorded,And with index finger、Thumbs apart,Zoom in video,Thumb quick click,Video paused,The picture clearly stays on Zhao Feng’s side face。
“interesting……Ha ha……”The female student chuckles meaningfully,Then index finger presses the lock screen button,On the blackened screen, there was a seven-point rustle、Three-pointed ruffian beautiful face,A tall figure of nearly 1.8 meters is also rare among girls of the same age,The middle pony tail tied with red rope is interspersed with a few red wigs,Although she is wearing school uniform,But there are obvious trimmings。
youth、Rebellious,It is vividly reflected in this female student,A trace of dominance in his eyebrows,Perfectly point out her as a little sister“Professional character”!
the other side,Zhao Feng didn’t know that he had been photographed,Totally immersed in“Practice”Among,but in fact,He never grasped the breath from beginning to end、Pulse sense,Just follow my own combination of the four sets of eight moves、understanding,Put into practice,Eventually become proficient,And the speed is getting faster,But I don’t feel tired at all。
Left hand、Right foot bent,With the left hand,The back shoulder blade is close to the limit,Leave a gap of about four or five centimeters,In this process,Chest is less than two centimeters from the ground,Then right hand、Stretch your left foot forward,Lift the upper body slightly,But soon it sinks with the linkage of the shoulder blades,At this moment,Zhao Feng’s body will exert an upward force once,And because of the unique action,So that 10% of the remaining force from the previous force is added to the next force。
So repeatedly,Zhao Feng’s speed is getting faster and faster,As the power stacks up again and again,The force when he lifted up started to make his body jump off the ground,Makes the already weird movements even more unpredictable,at a first look,A bit like the running action of a cheetah,But the overall fluency has not yet reached the cheetah standard。
“My current speed is not below the national sprinter,And the root cause of this situation is not my body or talent,Is purely the credit of those eight actions……”Zhao Feng doesn’t believe this is a coincidence,He believed that this beast-like running posture itself was《Bahuang Martial Arts》The hidden method of the first vein。
No mention on the bamboo slips,Zhao Feng named this method“Beast body”。