How to do?Do you want to believe this magic stick??
“Forget it,You don’t want to go out just stay here。Anyway,perhaps,should,You will be released?”Talking,Qin Feng stood up and prepared to leave。
And at this moment,Qiao Shan can’t help it anymore,He pulled Qin Feng’s clothes corner,“Mr. Qin Feng,I believe you,Don’t you go,As long as you can get me out of here。I’ll go back to the ancients to find buddies to join you。”
“Ok,It’s not bad to let you go。But I’m afraid your family will embarrass you,Besides,Maybe because of seeing you return safely,The pharmacist will do it on you。For your safety,I think while letting you go,We also followed you to the ancients,how do you feel?”
“This.Ok!”Qiao Shan nodded,Anyway, it’s here,Could he still disagree?Besides,He really feels that Qin Feng is thinking about him。
As for Qin Feng,I’m already a little weak to complain。Because he feels that the flicker ability he uses is only an entry level,But they can make the kid in front of me lame,It seems that the IQ of the ancient people is not high!
But this is also good,Because after getting there,Maybe Qin Feng can try to use his three-inch tongue, no matter how many people come out of the mountain.。
With such an abacus,Qin Feng looked at Qiao Shan and found that the young man looked more pleasing to the eye。
“Ok,Not bad,Lad spirit。rest assured,I promise to let that little girl named Yao Xiaoqin fuck you!”
Hearing that Qiao Shan immediately took Qin Feng’s hand,“You are serious?Yes on?Instead of being forced to be with me?What should i do?”
Because of the previous flicker,Qin Feng saidbī)The pharmacist sent Yao Xiaoqin to him。But this is also a bad idea for him,Just ask who doesn’t want the people they like to like themselves?
“Ok,Try to get her on you while she stays with you。This onecāo)A little difficult to do,But don’t worry,As long as you help me with your heart,I will also help you with my heart。Let’s be mutually beneficial, right??
Besides me,You also have to know,Because I’m on the side of the chief,In the end we won here,The chief as the most powerful,Will you also use various forces to help you this hero?You will be blessed by various auras,Is very attractive!”
“really?When I was young, I had no strange relationship,Not even a girl who bullied me!”I heard Qin Feng’s words,Qiao Shan gets more excited。
Just the other way around,Qin Feng only felt that Qiao Shan was too pitiful.。