Li Tianzhen looked up,The pattern above the arch has a sense of deja vu,I just glanced at it casually and didn’t think so,At this time, the more I look, the more my heartbeat,A fierce lightning on a platform,It’s like that place of punishment。
“It’s not early,Let me go in。”Dayan said,Take the lead in waving robe sleeves。
Strange,When I was three feet away from the arch,The massive stone gate opened slowly,A forcing golden light rushes toward your face,The palace is magnificent,Dayan is unmoved,Still flamboyantly,Stride,Li Tianzhen had to follow。
Enter the temple gate,The golden light has disappeared,Replaced by a crystal clear and round milky white,Reflecting the whole hall is transparent,A wide gray curtain wall lay across the hall,Only left and right gaps like a tunnel are left,Besides,There are no other furnishings within the visible range of the main hall,Clean and clean,Spotless。
Take a closer look at this curtain wall,Li Tianzhen was taken aback,The wall is made of square boxes of the same size.,Each square box has a nameplate,It is engraved with the divine text he is familiar with,Like a urn,Densely packed,Could this be a real tomb wall?
To be fixed and take a closer look,Li Tianzhen’s scalp tingling,He looked directly at the nameplate in the center,It turned out to be the name of Luo Tiandang, the sixth emperor,On the nameplate of the next grid is the ninth emperor alone Yingxue,He also saw the names of many palace owners in the 36th Heavenly Palace,I even found Yuwen from the Huoyan Temple。
Li Tianzhi sweats like rain,The chaos in my mind is like the sky turned over,All the fragments of memory began to surge wildly,The world of God hidden in clouds,Stormy,The ups and downs of those memory fragments are spliced,Then broken,Stitch again afterwards,Finally a relatively complete fragment,Li Tianzhen tried to stabilize this segment,But after a strong wind broke again。
“Fellow,This is the former God Realm。”Dayan’s faint voice came from my ear。
Li Tianchou’s eyes are red,Suddenly turned around and grabbed Dayan by the collar,Viciously,“What is your intention to make up such a fantasy?”
“This is the sealed land of the Temple God Realm,How i made it up?”
“You talk nonsense,Which one of the above is not a prominent supernatural power?What power can turn the capital into a casket?”
“Who told you these are urns?”
“There is no ashes in the box behind the nameplate?”
“Is not。”Dayan shook his head slowly,“There is only a trace of divinity,Daoists can step forward and feel。”
“What’s the difference between that and ashes?”
“Naturally there is a difference。”Dayan looked down,Increased volume,“Actually, neither the ashes nor the divinity tells much。The ashes represent the demise of the ontology,Putting it in a small box focuses more on a sense of ritual,On behalf of death,Completely annihilated in this universe。
“And divinity is only imprisoned and sealed in this box,You know the mighty ones in the gods better than I do,As long as there are certain conditions,Even a trace of divinity can restore the body、godhead、Golden body and even all cultivation base,Fellow Daoists are in a hurry,Lost memory?”
Li Tianchou slumped away,Turning to look at the wall again,Every nameplate is particularly dazzling,There are more than a thousand boxes and nameplates densely packed here?Almost all the guys in the God Realm who used to have a high level of cultivation are here,Sure enough,What a terrifying force this is caused?Is it the lonely nameless power in Dayan’s mouth??