Blue Xinyi, the brothers and sisters, the more fierce,She warn:“You two give me a mouth,How to quarrel again?”
Blue sorrow, crying, looking at a mother,In the heart of belly:Mother,This is not the result of the bottom。
Blue silently closed mouth。
He looked at the sister.,That looks like it,proceed if you can!Blue Qiqi knows the meaning of the second brother,She is slightly lip,Gay to him for a while,Then close your eyes ready to sleep。
Blue and blue“hehe”Smile,This will be,His mother is very gentle,But launch fire is definitely terrible。
Kiki does not dare to challenge the anger of his mother.。
Blue son looked at the father in the rearview of the mirror,A face is contempt,Fear of his wife,No role in critical,Is this Dad??
In front of her mother,Abdominal black president of seconds,His can’t afford to dad is not,That is his mother,Must be pet。
Lu Haocheng saw the son’s desirable attention from the rearview mirror,The heart shaking it。
He is not unbelieving,Standing on his wife’s perspective,He feels that he should stand on his wife.,Else no pet,I have to pet to my wife.。
Go home all the way,Several people are not talking,Four children are really fell asleep.。
Blue Xin listened to Xiao Jun’s words,Not asked,After all, she is a tribute to Xiaojun.。
Mu Qing is ready for dinner,Lu Si and Le Yu are at home,Everyone has eaten dinner,Both returned to the house。
Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin took three children to the third floor.,A family sits in the room in Blue Xin。
Blue Lu Jun looked at your brother sister,“You will go back to rest first.。”
Blue sorrow, I heard this.,Respond quickly:“elder brother,I have been handsome, I can’t sleep every day.,Sleep in the car,Not sleeping now,Do you say something?,I guarantee that the left ear is in the right ear.,Never put it in your heart。”
He knows that brother is also some fur.,My brother talks, I’m very rigorous.,More don’t say,Do not,More words will not say,This thing he has long been curious.。
Lan Qi also laughed:“Big brother,Handsome people can’t sleep,That is more beautiful, I can’t sleep.,Big brother, you slowly say,After I heard it, I also left my ear.,Never put it on the heart。”
Blue sorrow is not happy:“Blue Qiqi,Why do you grab me??”
Today, I don’t look at this little girl all day.,I look at her is even more eye-catching.,Because of this little girl,His inner heart is almost collapsed.。
Blue Qiqi ridiculously:“Two brother,I have less reading,Do not lie to me,This is your line?”
Blue and blue:“”He is absolutely can’t be careful with Kiki,If you seriously, he will lose.。
Blue sneakers like her:“Don’t talk to me,I just want to be quiet to be a beautiful man.。”
Silk always has counterattack days,One day, he will raise his eyebrows in front of this little girl.。
effort,effort,come on!He is angry with yourself.。
Blue 梓 嗤 嗤,What is quiet to be a beautiful man?
Ugly man is still almost。
Second brothers can’t be used to him,The more habits。
Lu Haocheng looked at the three children in front of him,Suddenly I feel that it is not easy for blue and mothers.,Since he lives in this time,He found a big problem,Of course and Kiki,Often like this,Although it is not quarreled,But this atmosphere is dead, it is uncomfortable.。
“Ran Ran,Kiki”“dad,Don’t say anything,This is nothing to do with you.,Our brothers and sisters will solve it privately.,Let’s talk about the big brother now。”
Blue sneak interrupts Dad’s words,Packed eyebrows,“Don’t care too much about these details,These are the trivial things in life.。”
Lu Hao Cheng,This is a good reason,He actually wate。
“Good,As long as you can solve yourself。”
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,Seeing that she is sitting in a light。
Blue Xin is slight,Pink,The eyes swept from Blue Qi and Blue Dejection。