Had breakfast,Xia Jianyi rushed to the company,Just entered the office,Wang Lin walked in,She smiled and said:Mr. Xia is really lucky,Bucheon tosThere are just two tickets left for the city,Was booked by us“
“Oh!What time is the ticket,ArrivedsWill the city be too late“For Xia Jian,Mysterious is like heaven,He listened to others,Where is the best place to make money,And very messy,As the so-called troubled times, heroes,Many people are also riding chaos,Made a lot of money。
Who can say this,Xia Jian didn’t think,How much money did they make。
Wang Lin thought for a while and said:“The departure from Bucheon seems to be around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, right!TosThe city will be less than six o’clock,Current weather,Not too late,It shouldn’t be too late to stay and eat“
“Six o’clock,Okay,After i go,You have to worry a lot,I’m out this time,Obviously,Secret is actually learning from others,I might be back in three to five,It’s also possible that you won’t be back for ten and a half months“Xia Jian said,So I tried to wipe my laptop,You must bring this stuff with you,It has many uses。
Wang Lin whispered:“It takes so long,What you said earlier,I want to go too“
Xia Jian glanced at Wang Lin,Smiled slightly:“How does this work,One of us must sit down,Otherwise this company will be messy“
“you think too much,In fact, this company can lack anyone,Just can’t lack you,ArrivedsPay more attention to the city,I heard that it’s hot,Never heatstroke,I have notified Chen Lu,Let her pick you up at the airport“Xia Jian said,Glancing at Xia Jian with both eyes affectionately。
Sometimes this woman is as soft as water,Really makes Xia Jian feel comfortable。
Fang Fang heard that Xia Jian was going with herscity,The girl jumped up excitedly in Xia Jian’s office。Wang Lin on the side said coldly:“Don’t just play by yourself,President Xia’s food, clothing, housing and transportation,You have to consider,Don’t make any mistakes,Things are back,I can ask you to settle accounts“
Fang Fang was quiet now,She smiled and said:“I know Mr. Xia,I will look good on him“
I simply packed up and gave a gift,Fang Fang ran home,Said to return some clothes,This woman is different from a man,Which side is hot,Don’t bring too many clothes,But she ran back。
time flies,It’s lunch time in a blink of an eye,After eating,Wang Lin ran in,Talk to Xia Jian:“You should be able to go,Afraid of traffic jams,Second, come here by plane,To board early,Don’t make yourself too nervous“