On November 10th, the Spanish "National News" website issued November 7th, the article of Cristina Laffei, Northwestern University, pointed out that the article pointed out that it is necessary to recognize that there is no shortcut that wants to achieve good results. The full text is as follows: the so-called democratic system in the West is in a crisis, there is a defect, and the democracy of Mei Europe seems to be destined to turn to the technical bureaucracy or populism.

Western democracy is in the crisis.

Although the reason is multifaceted, all points to a fact that citizens lose political influence, because there are too many shortcuts to make people with political decisions outside the public. Although all formal political rights such as voting, freedom of speech continues to have political rights in democratic society, these rights are no longer guaranteed to have real power to affect political decisions. With this standard, political scientists Ben Jie Page and Martin Jars have evident in experience, pointed out that the United States is no longer a democracy. Technically, the United States is oligarchic, most citizens’ preferences and opinions have an effective impact on political decisions.

There is not much difference in the situation in Europe. The EU has never been a democratic project. It is born as an economic integration project. It does not achieve political integration, and its democratic deficits are criticized for decades. But the current crisis is that the EU countries are no longer a democracy because of this democratic deficit.