According to the Jilin Provincial Civil Affairs Department on further good quality of the relationship between rural left-behind children and the protection of children, in order to better do a good job of staying in children, the Dunhua Civil Affairs Bureau has developed the implementation of the relationship between the children’s care service project. Program and actively put into implementation. After adjusting research, June 10, 2021, the first child home project in Dunhua officially started in Fuyuan Village, Da Puchaihe Town.

"Children’s Home" is to address the location and construction of a relatively concentrated region of children, which is a child service site that relies on rural schools, townships (communities) or relatively independent, comprehensive functions. The Dunhua Civil Affairs Bureau examined the residual children in rural areas in the city’s 303 natural stings in the city, and finally determined that Fuyuan Village, Daguihe Town, was the first "Children’s Home" pilot, and investing in construction funds 220,000 yuan.

The completed "Children’s Home" is fully equipped with computer, projector, TV, sporting goods, computer table, bookcase, desk, educational toys, etc., will conduct extracurricular activities, mental development Counseling and other services. (Zhang Wei) (Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Long).